Sink Scratches

jinnufrDecember 3, 2004

My white (porcelain?) sink gets silvery scratch marks in it very easily. The first time I cleaned it I used soft scrub w/ bleach and they came off, but since then I haven't been able to remove them 100%. As it is I use so much of the stuff I have a hard time getting it all rinsed off. This sink seems high maintenance to me.

What causes these marks? Have any of you had any luck keeping them at bay or getting rid of them more easily?

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Buy an alunimum polish called Cameo,and use it with a bleach cleaner.The polish will help move the finish of the porcelin to cover the scratches.To keep them at bay,buy some rubber sink mats to avoid getting them in the first place.The Cameo is a powder in a white plastic shaker can with a blue and silver label.In some stores it's sold by the powdered cleansers,in some stores by the silver polish.

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the problem with vitreous china (porcelain) and enamel sinks is that the more you scrub, the more 'matte' the surface becomes, the more it invites stains, rub marks, and the like- trust me, I know, I've got a 70 year old enamel sink in my kitchen, and it SHOULD get bleached three times a week, if I wanted to dump that much poison into the system...

I'm solving it by ignoring the sink, and putting money away for a stainless steel sink.

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Metal pans cause the marks. I agree with the first response..go get one of those rubbermaid mats for the bottom of the sink.

And yeah, gimme stainless too!

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I use Cameo or Bon Ami and the scratches come up fairly easily.

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I found Barkeepers Friend works better than Bon Ami.

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I love porcelain sinks and you couldn't give me a ss sink! I guess it just depends on what you get used to having. I think Barkeepers Friend is probably one of my favorite cleaning solutions. I recently found it in the liquid, which is nice for quick jobs but my favorite is the powder form. It keep all of my porcelain sinks looking like new and I have 12 of them scattered throughout my home. I must admit we have only been in our new home 3 weeks, but I have always had porcelain and never a problem, once I discovered the Bar Keeper's Friend. Every time my MIL would come to visit she would always ask me if I had gotten a new kitchen sink, because it was so shiny and clean and every time I would tell her no, same kitchen sink she had been seeing for 15 years! ha

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where do you buy "Barkeepers Friend?"

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grocery store is where I buy mine. Walmart and Target probably have it too. It's good stuff. I even used it to clean the grout on my bathroom floor.

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I accidentally scratched my white sink with a hairbrush I was washing.....yes, little "pencil like" marks were looking back at me....first tried the magic eraser - no luck! THEN tried rubbing toothpaste on the scratches and WOW! no more scratches! So then I worked on the tub and it worked for those scratches as well!

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Wendy, What type of toothpaste did you use?

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I have "pencil like" marks on my new fireclay sink also. What is the "rubbing toothpaste?" I can't seem to find anything with that name?

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Pat, it isn't 'rubbing toothpaste', but rubbing with toothpaste. Any toothpaste that is not the gel-type product should produce about the same results, most have a very fine abrasive in them to aid in cleaning (teeth)

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