is the galley sink over-kill?

sleevendogMay 29, 2013

Yeah, well, probably. I do not have 20 ft for a sink, lol, but do want to make a change since i have a sink and
'sides'...the sides are a handsome wooden slat drain and the other side is nutty with a drying mat and that annoying salad spinner that is always needed...
I was looking at a split double bowl but think a larger single and making a solid surface that rests and uses an insert colander and solid bowl insert, option of nesting or not. We are handy and can make it DIY. Nice idea and now think a larger sink with options will work much better...
Here is the ling to the genormous option...

Here is a link that might be useful: galley sink enormous

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When I first saw this I was very intrigued by the idea and played with the idea of the smallest (44" I think) in my small kitchen. But the smallest one with all the accessories was still $4000 or something.

It will be cheaper for me to either do the largest Julien or Kohler sink (39 or 36), two faucets, and have the whole thing fabricated with a stainless counter.

If you were going even bigger you are getting into custom ranges anyway so you may find someone locally to do exactly what you want.

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I love it! I don't have that kind of prep room, but if I did.....???

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I love it every timeI see it! But it seems like one of those things where if you don't commit and get many accessories you lose some of the magic. I bet if you spend some time with it it's awesome, but might be frustrating for casual use.

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I saw it in Tulsa where the designer of the sink lives. $6000.00 plus accessories. For a sink????? Oven or stove yes.

I bought a Ruvati with colander, drain, and cutting board that sits on the ridge part.

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I am a new Galley owner, and I am IN LOVE with it! My previous home already had Kallista's "Multiere" sink, but it was not nearly as functional as the Galley. This time, with new construction, I got to design my dream kitchen. I was a bit hesitant about the price, as the Galley costs more than I had originally wanted to spend, but it turns out to be the best investment of my kitchen. I cook every day and we entertain often, and I can't imagine my kitchen without it now. My friends now say I'm a "Galley groupie"⦠;-)

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kkpetes55 - Could you please elaborate on your experiences with the Multiere and why you find the Galley preferable?

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Thanks! I see other options that will fit my needs. Dream kitchen indeed.
I would not hesitate if i had the room. When i prep i prep big and when the garden starts producing...

So glad i waited rather than settle for a double bowl without removable options.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ruvati

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You might also want to consider a Kohler Stages sink. I think it comes in 45 and 33 inch sizes. There are reviews of the 45 inch Stages sink over on the kitchen forum.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Stages sink

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Ott2: the Galley came with a sink-full of accessories (2 upper-tier cuttings boards, 1 lower-tier cutting board, 1 drain rack/trivet, 2 colanders, 2 bowls, and 2 lower-tier platforms with cutouts) when I purchased it, so when I use it, it's more like a work station that happens to have a sink under it. :-) The Multiere came with a couple of accessories, but they were much smaller and not as useful. I love that my Galley (66") is bigger than the Multiere (45") and can be completely covered with cutting boards to create additional countertop when I need it -- it's all about function. I also love using the Galley as a buffet, and with the divider accessory I can have part of the buffet chilled. The 5 1/2' Galley uses two faucets, so more than one person can work at the same time. It's just great. Let me know if you have any more questions⦠I'd be more than happy to answer! I've added a link below to one of my favorite videos⦠it's a little lengthy, but it really does show the true function:

Here is a link that might be useful: Video

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Thanks kkpetes55.

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That is way out of my budget but that is a very impressive set up. I entertain a lot and that little pasta serving routine would go over really well. I am quite jealous, thank you GW.

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kkpetes55. I am in love, and great video link! When we remodeled in 06 I had no knowledge of the Galley. I have the Franke Orca with the bottom grid, right hand shelf, solid wood board with mini colander, and the drain tray/colander. I rarely pull out the wood board, as it's big and difficult to store easily. So, it's a feature I get no benefit from. Oh to dream this is not my last kitchen and to envision that galley set up in our home! Thanks for sharing!

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MFatt16: We thought it was out of our budget too, but we were able to switch out some appliances we initially wanted to fit our budget since we wanted the Galley to be the focus of our kitchen, rather than a cook-top or refrigerator. So I would agree it's pretty pricey, but there are easy ways to work it into a remodel budget!

redoingit: I'm glad there's another Galley fan out there!!! Well, don't feel too bad because the Galley just came out a couple years ago. For your sake Cris, I hope you DO remodel again so you can experience the Galley. :-) It's most definitely a dream. My husband and I can't imagine moving out of our kitchen now... Glad you stumbled upon this!

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I loved the Galley when I saw it on GW in 2011, unfortunately after my kitchen plans were final - not that I could have afforded it! And I enjoyed that video. But in fact, my galley-style kitchen functions closer to The Galley than to the non-Galley they showed. Just better design (and induction) would have improved the efficiency of the non-Galley kitchen. And such a long sink would have eaten up precious storage space in my small kitchen. Still, I think it's a great concept.

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