More Fall displayed

maximavswifeSeptember 22, 2011

I've got some more Fall stuff displayed. Let me know what you think!


Here is a link that might be useful: Fall Hutch

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Kath they are all wonderful! It's hard to choose, sooo...
Today I vote for #1
Friday I will vote for #2
Saturday I will vote for #3...
Seriously, they are all lovely I really can't choose just one.
Let us know which one gets the most votes.

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I feel the same way Nana! I couldn't choose one either and I set them up LOL! I will let you know which one stays up :)


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Oh Good Grief, Charlie come you couldn't have done at least one bad display! LOL.
I think Nana has the right idea for challenge, so I'll just agree with her choices.

I thought I'd go right for the purple of course, but I kept looking at the others and then couldn't choose.
Normally I don't like a lot of white but yours was pretty.
Tho with all the orange on top, I think maybe I'd add more orange with the white...not that you asked. ;o)
BTW, I loved how you did the top!

hugs, Karen

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Decisions decisions - went back and looked again and will bite the bullet and say 2-1-3 in that order. The ONLY reason I put the all white 3rd is because it will look so pretty and calming as a winter display after all the vibrant colors of the holiday season. You did a beautiful job with all 3 - TFS .....


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First off, don't 'touch' the top of that cabinet! I am also 5'2" (stretching it l/2" even!) Love what you've put on the top! Autumn gorgeous!

And, like the others, I think all 3 are really pretty for Fall! The classic all-white one struck me as the most elegant ... but it could be used later on in the season...

so...I'll go for #1 your dishes...those pumpkin plates, the colors, the pumpkins, or everything! ....oh wait, I can't see the Rooster good enough...I think you should 'scooch' him over to one side & slide a stack of plates in his old spot....

oh wait again...maybe I'll choose #2 ...I love, love those stacked green plates with the green pumpkins ...& the pop of purple...oh the colors are so nice in this one...

Oh heck, I can't choose! Love 'em all! Sorry to be so difficult! TFS, maxi! Jeanne S.

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