Best way to clean couch

marie26December 20, 2007

I have a microfiber couch and the arms on it are dirty. What is the best method to get it clean? Must I hire a service or can I do it myself which I'd prefer since it would be much cheaper?

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Rent a Rug Doctor machine from the local hardware store, supermarket or tool rental store. Make sure it has the attachment for furniture and get the correct solution. It should run about 25-35 dollars a day plus chemicals.

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I have the Litte Green Machine. Will that work on the couch? What cleaner should I buy?

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I have a light colored microfiber couch (sectional, so it is big)--- Four kids, 3 big dogs and a husband... and I have absolutely no problem keeping mine clean and it is VERY EASY and CHEAP!!

I mixed a 1/2 scoop of oxygen cleaner in a bucket of very warm water. I then used clean rags and just wiped it down. As the rags get dirty, I use a new one. I can see the dirt come off on the rags! It looks fabulous when I get done! I make sure the rags are wrung out well. When it all dries, I take a soft brush and brush the material. You may want to check for colorfastness by trying a little on the back but there shouldn't be any trouble at all. Microfiber is meant to be used and to be easy to care for!!

If it were me, I sure wouldn't go through the trouble of doing it with a machine. It is way too easy to do it this way-- and FAST!

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Thank you, iasheff, for the information. I will definitely try it!

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I have one more question. I have a brown couch which is sectional and large. Do I have to worry that an oxygen cleaner (oxy clean?) would bleach it?

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Iasheff, your method sounds perfect for me. I have a dirty couch (thanks to kids and dog), lots of rags and a big box of Oxyclean!

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Oxygen cleaner is basically hydrogen peroxide. I have never had it bleach anything... just gets the dirt out. If you are worried about it, try it in a hidden area... maybe some of the fabric that is on the bottom or something.

You may laugh at this but what I use for the soft brush is the brush they give you at the hospital when you have a baby to scrub their hair :)

This method works wonders for kid and dog slobbers too!

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Thank you for responding, iasheff. I should have thought of it myself to try it out on a hidden spot. I won't be able to get to this for a few weeks but I'll report back when I do.

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