keep couch smell refreshing???

chuehDecember 5, 2008

What do you recommend to keep a couch smell good and refreshing? OK, I mean, we laundry our clothes, sheets, and everything that's changeable. I don't like slip cover, so i cannot laundry the couch. Even if I put a slip cover over it, the entire couch still does not smell good, after so many sittings. Anything to keep the couch smell refreshing, preferably in organic ways??? I don't like the air refreshner, which makes me cough.....


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I like Febreeze, it doesn't go in the air so it shouldn't make you cough.

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Professional cleaning on a regular basis is the best way to combat odor in fabrics. Then there's the ounce of prevention thing...

If you regularly eat while sitting on the couch, or if your couch is exposed to cooking or pet odors, it will absorb those smells, as well as from the oils from your hands and bare feet. That's right, bare feet are oily and smells and bacteria attach to them and transfer to fabric. Fabrics and the materials upholstered furniture are stuffed with, can hold not only odors, but bacteria, which causes odors, as well. Then there's the all-time problem of dust mites!


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Thank you for the answers. I don't think that I can afford professional cleaning. Is there any way I can do that's close to professional cleaning? Our couch is ok clean, because we don't have kids eating on it, or pets sitting in it. I vacuum it, yet I know that it does not help getting rid of the smell. The problem is that my husband works at a restaurant. After time he comes home, I can smell a super strong odor of oil, smoke, and everything combined on him. Taking a shower does not get rid of the restaurant smell entirely. I can smell his flesh and bone with the restaurant odor......

Ok, so he sits in the couch, before taking a shower. Well, a lot of times, he lies in the couch, before a shower. The couch smell exactly the same as his cloth, although it is less strong.

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He needs to shower as soon as he comes home. Wash his clothes with vinegar and a bit of bleach to kill some of the odor, but you really need a professional cleaning on the couch and then he has to commit to showering before he sits to solve your problem.

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