Rubbing Alcohol for Carpet Stains

gam51December 1, 2011

Someone told me a long time ago to use rubbing alcohol to get up carpet stains. I've been doing it for years and really seems to work. Just a little on a cloth and rub on stain. Voila! Just thought I'd pass this one on.

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2 other cleaning solutions,
Folex or color safe bleach,
they've worked for me on doggie stains.

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gam51, do any of the stains come back after using alcohol? That has been a problem for me using various methods. The last method I tried was using oxiclean, thus far stain has not returned but it's been only a couple of weeks.

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Stains that keep coming back means the "carpet pad" has absorbed the stain and it is wicking back up into the carpet.

The only way to stop this is to replace the carpet pad, then have the carpet steam cleaned or replace the pad and carpet.

We had our stained carpet steam cleaned, but, the stain wicked back up from the stained carpet pad.

We are trying something other than replacing the carpet pad due to dirty roof water flooding the ceiling/carpet.We put down a 2 ml thick plastic (paint drop cloth) over the existing carpet pad wall to wall past the stained area (half the room). We will now have the carpet steam cleaned and see if it works. My husband has been cleaning the stained area with vinegar water off and on and the stain is now only faint. This has helped tremendously, however, the carpet backing still has some stain that wicks back up. I believe steam cleaning will clean the carpet backing and the plastic will be a barrier between stained carpet pad and carpet backing.

Our carpet is good, better than new carpet on the market these days (other than the stain!).

Will see if it works, better than spending boo-koodles of money for new poor quality carpet.

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When I was at Walmart the last time I spotted some small bottles of spot remover for various kinds of stains. Since we had a friend spill spots of coffee with cream and sugar on our whitish carpet I assumed the version for oily stains would work. It did. Now the spots are whitish against our dirtier off-white carpet That was a Karbona product and it really worked on the cream and the coffee stain.

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Why don't you use reg carpet cleaners. I keep a bottle of Resolve carpet cleaner for spots. They won't get a deep stain but will remove regular stains. Why take a chance with vinegar or alcohol. Carpets are very expensive to take a chance with.

Anytime you spill something you need to grab a towel, lay it on the liquid and step on the towel and do a little dance. LOL If you rub you are just rubbing it in. I had my house cleaner knock over a plant and it sent damp dirt all over the floor. I told him just to leave it I will take care of it when it dries. The loose stuff vacuumed up the light stains I got off with a wet rag.

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Rubbing Alcohol with white paper towels are quite useful . Stains disappear completely.

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