Elevations for Dutty's house

duttyApril 18, 2012

I was asked for the elevations for our home over in the kitchen forum so I figured I should post them here to stay on topic. We've made some changes since these elevation were done but they are close.

This was the general inspiration for the house.

I really like the Gothic style but because of the size of our home it was a bit difficult plus, we can't have the super high gables because of hurricane code. So, he sorta melded it with a larger old Florida style home.

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That is super pretty! Is it board and batten with a metal roof? I love the farmhouse details....like that little "chicken coop" on the roof (can't remember the proper term!) Looking forward to watching your progress.

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Thanks nini! Yep, it'll be wide white board & batten for most everything and then narrow vertical siding for the accent areas. The base will be brick.

My architect calls that chicken coop area a "clear story"... it'll be mostly glass that will let light into the foyer.

Hopefully our progress won't be too far off. If I could stop altering the plans I'd have broken ground already!! :)

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Love it! So pretty, and so is your inspiration picture.

I also love the little cupola (does your architect mean "clerestory", like clerestory windows?)

It's going to be beautiful!

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Oh, how gorgeous to have that glass open to the foyer! And yes, cupola was the word I was thinking of...thanks Chicagoans!

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@Chicagoans - Yep, he means clerestory... I was confused and wanted to be sure that's what he meant and in the dictionary, clearstory is another spelling of clerestory. I learn something new every day. :)

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Can't wait to see it built. I 've seen your inspiration house on SL.

Nice looking house.

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Sophie Wheeler

Too many gables and too much, much. Taking some of that sprawling square footage and creating a 3rd story instead of the more squat and broad two story would give much more of the vertical feel of the original and maintain the pleasing proportions of porch to central home. The porch now is like a tutu with bows on a 300 pound ballerina rather than the original slim bit of tulle on a 6' 110 pound prima ballerina. I would also eliminate the gable bumps (bows) in the porch and keep it one single hipped structure, as in the original inspiration. The bumps lend too much busyness. The cupolas also add too much busyness to the profile, considering the simplicity of the inspiration. More isn't more. Sometimes more is a whole lot less. Go for the liposuction here. Maybe create the garage as a separate structure linked by a breezeway in addition to getting rid of the overly ornate bits, but also seriously look at taking the space and creating three stories instead of two. The overall proportions will thank you.

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