Help with floor plan please!

JHesterApril 27, 2014

I would love to get some input on our house plan. This is the whole plan but I will post close ups.

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Middle of plan

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Left side of plan

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Alas, this is the entire plan.

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Is the shape of the house a response to the lot, or is it angled as a design element in and of itself?

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Overall there are many details I REALLY like about your plans!!

What is the room off the kitchen in the uppermost left of the whole plan?

I have a thing for windows being across from doors so if the door is open you see out a window instead of a wall. With some small adjustments on window or door placement you could get that in more areas.

Do the bathrooms attached to the secondary bedrooms have windows?

A coat closet or room for a bench or coatrack by the formal entry for guests.

The powder room toilet could be awkward with the toilet there and a window. Approaching guests could see a smiling face as they approach if a man is peeing standing. Or the back of a head if anyone is sitting. I am not a big fan of bathrooms with windows by the front door. A high window or curtain would fix that.

Skylights in the hall by the back bedrooms and mudroom hall or those areas may be dark even during the day.

What are you planning between the kitchen island and curved wall of windows? It seems small for a table, yet big for open space.

The master bath has some wasted space in the middle and the entry between bath and closet.

I prefer windows on 2 walls of bedrooms for light and breeze. I noticed the garage has a lot of exterior walls. I would adjust it somehow to give the bedrooms more windows. The middle one does have space on the wall that sticks out a bit. Even a small high up window has a huge effect on light.

I think it would be fine if nothing is changed. These are just my nitpicky observations.

Congratulations and have fun!

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Here's some additional info on the house. It will be built on a 10 acre lot that is flat and open. The shape of the house is just a design feature.
The room in the upper left is a den. It was originally a hearth room, but we took the fireplace out and put it on the covered porch instead of having an additional fireplace inside.
There are no windows in the kid's bathrooms. I'm really struggling with that. Should I add one in each bathroom? The only thing that is keeping me from it is the added expense.
The room across from the master is a playroom and future office (which is why there isn't a closet). There WAS a closet between the playroom and the master that would have been used as a guest coat closet, but we eliminated it to add the space to the master. Without doing that, the master was only 13'5"x15'5".
Totally agree with the comment about the powder room toilet. Will install a good blind.
Area between island and curved wall will be small table and 4 chairs. Architect says it will be big enough; crossing fingers.
lafdr - THANK YOU so much for all the comments. I really want to think about ALL the possibilities before we finalize.
A couple of other questions-
Should I center the sink in the kitchen island?
The mudroom (to the right coming in from garage) will have U shaped built-ins. It shows a door leading to front porch but will have a window instead.
We're thinking of putting a pocket door from laundry to kid's bedroom hallway.
We eliminated the tub from the master. Are we crazy? Had a huge garden tub in our last home and never used it.
Please keep the suggestions coming!

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*If* you center the sink on the island, will it be directly opposite the stovetop? You don't want that. Makes it difficult to have someone at the sink and someone at the stove without bumping rumps.

If it is almost in line with the stovetop, I don't think you want that either... then it looks out of line. As is, I think it seems intentional.

Though, you want to make sure you have enough landing space opposite the fridge, because I think that will be the most likely landing spot, not next to the fridge... What is the planned aisle width between fridge and island?

If cost is the only thing holding you up on bathroom windows, do them. It is much less now than it will be later to add.

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How about a door from the laundry to the kids' hall? Easy for coming home from school without traipsing through the middle of the kitchen (and they'd go right through the working aisle, not around the island), and for transporting laundry.

Is that the fridge on the LR wall, or a cabinet? There doesn't seem to be much workable counter space in the kitchen, despite the counters wrapping around to the pantry.

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kirkall- I didn't even think about the sink/stove issues that I would have if I centered the sink. And yes! landing space across from the fridge. I'll make it a point to really look at the size of the island and measure space between fridge and island.
bpathome- Exactly! We'll add a pocket door in the mudroom for easy access to the kid's hallway. And yes, it is the fridge on the LR wall. I need to get some measurements on that wall. Not sure what I'll do on either side of the fridge or if I should move it toward the right and try cabinets and a counter to the left of it. Thoughts?

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jhester-so my kitchen is similar to yours re the sink in the island and the stove behind. Mine is offset to avoid just what kirkhall described. I think I will love it, cabs just set today. The fridge is kind of out there a ways. Not sure where else you could put it but that looks like a great spot for a pantry. Try posting it with dimensions in kitchens, you'll get a lot of responses there. Be sure to add what you are looking for in your space (island seating, no seating, 1 cook, 7 cooks, etc.) and info. about your family as they do try to keep that in mind.

We don't have a window in my kids bathroom and I wish we did. It would have been super tiny so we left it out but had there been room for a 'normal' sized window I totally would have done it!

I'm not a floor plan creative genius so I'm sure others will chime in with suggestions. Those are just my thoughts when I look at where we are at now.

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So I'm looking at the kitchen, and if there's another way to arrange the counters, and I see that from the LR, entry, and MBR door, people have a great view of the working area. Not always the tidiest view! Could you change to a smaller door to the DR, moved down and around, behind the powder room, and maybe widen the doorway between breakfast nook and LR.
Clear as mud, I know, but then you could have more kitchen counter/fridge landing space, closer to the action. Play around with that.

One more thing...don't you need a front/guest closet where you live, for umbrellas, light jackets even? If not, can I come live with you LOL!

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Sorry guys but I've intentionally planned my new kitchen to have the sink directly opposite the stove-top with the anticipation of bumping rumps. I mean, what's the point of cooking together if you can't get a little bumping of rumps? Honestly, how much space does one need between sink and stove to avoid the bumping of rumps? I've read 4' is a good distance and I sincerely think that ought to do the trick. But if it doesn't, heck, I'm up for a little bumping of rumps.

Call me crazy, if you must.

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In the playroom, why not smooth out that exterior wall, at least as far as the master bath if not all the way to the end of the house? That little notch will actually cost more, and has no purpose, right? And, you'll win a little more space for ... More toys!

In the pantry, would it be a little more convenient if the door were hinged on the right side instead of the left? Just thinking that it's a straighter walk in that way.

In the master bath, is there room to hang your bath towels near the shower?

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I think I would consider making one of the kids' bathrooms accessible from the hall. The playroom could be used as a bedroom someday, even occasionally by guests? But where would someone staying there bathe? I also imagine times when the powder room is getting a lot of traffic (hosting parties, or when the family is coming in or getting ready to leave). It would be nice to have a backup nearby that doesn't involve cutting through a bedroom.

I would also take that kitchen to the kitchen forums and let them take a crack at it. I find there's so much space there that is not used, and your actual working components are crammed together. I'd probably want to rework the whole kitchen/mudroom/laundry area to get more straight lines and right angles. That would be cheaper to build, and so much more usable.

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francene-why yes a few bumping of rumps would not be so bad but I am concerned about the bumping turning with full pot of hot or cold water thing. I envision it being a little safer if someone else was at the sink or prepping something and I am at the stove. I do have a 4' aisle thought also and yes it so far looks really good!

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This is a version of the Nanthahala house plan, which crops up here regularly. A lot of people are strongly attracted to it for the unusual angles, while others see it as an expensive mess with odd details that wouldn't live as comfortably as a more simple plan. With a little search, you'll find several past threads on this plan.

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Autumn.4- Yes, the fridge does seem out there a bit. Just not sure where else to move it to. I will definitely post it to the kitchens forum.
bpathome- We had a coat closet by the front door at our last house and it stayed so full of our coats there was never room for guest's coats when they came. lol I'm hoping I don't miss it.
bpathome- I hadn't even thought to look at the way doors are hinged! Excellent idea.
I'm still not really happy with the design of the master bath, but I do think I'd rather have the extra space in my closet rather than my bath.
MrsPete- You are correct! The exterior of the home is beautiful! From what I can tell on the other forums about building the home, it is very expensive to build. As you can tell, we've straightened out many of the curves and angles of the exterior. We've made several modifications to suit our needs but hope to retain the beauty of the home.
Thanks again to all who are taking the time to post comments! It is greatly appreciated!

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My DH and I wouldn't mind bumping rumps, but I assure you, that is not a scenario with which my teenaged sons would be comfortable - and they do help out in the kitchen.

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Weighing in on the bumping-rumps topic: Although many people are against it, I kind of like the idea of these two items being "opposite" from one another. My husband and I both cook . . . but we don't cook together, so I value the convenience of the items more than the butt-space.

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