i think i lost my mind....bought a kirby sentria

jiggreenDecember 19, 2007

ok...i'm getting ready for work this afternoon and i hear a knock at the door. i answer it, and am caught off guard by the kirby salespeople. long story short...i bought the kirby. i don't know how or why, because when i woke up this morning i certainly never thought that i'd pay 1750.00 by 3pm for a VACUUM cleaner.

anybody else out there have this thing? i'm a bit scared of it, but also amazed by it. i haven't watched the dvd yet, but glancing through the manual i'm thinking i might have to take a course on how to hook up all the different attachments.

i am hoping that this lives up to the hype and my expectations. i am sick of buying new vacuums every year or so and hoping this will be the last vacuum i ever buy.

did i lose my mind this afternoon or will i love this thing?


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If you can afford it without sacrifices because you're well enough off to afford it hooray. They are very good vacuum cleaners and it quite likely can be the last vacuum you will ever have to buy they are that well built. Are they over priced? Debateably yes and no. Personally I think the Dyson is overpriced for a plasti-vac that under normal usage will probably not last more than say 10 years tops before plastic friction fit hinges, buttons, etc begin to crack and break. What turns people off Kirbys is the sheer weight of them, alleviated though by yours which is self propelled but they're still heavy to lift when you need to. I would keep it and use it, polish it once in a while and it will last forever. Plus replaceable parts and service are readily available as it always has been just about anywhere in N.America.

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Having BEEN a Kirby salesgirl (the summer the Gen 3Âs came out, actually  ugly-ass machine, that thing was) I can tell you that youÂre making the holidays for an independent dealer MSRP is 3 times dealer cost on the things, and it sounds like you paid full retail for yours...

But there is a reason you rarely see KirbyÂs stacked up with the Hoovers at the flea market for ten cents on the dollar Â

Even the new one are built like 70Âs era Volvos  some of the plastic bits will crack over the years, but nothing that will interfere with is functioning, and you can more or less kick them down the stairs and not hurt them.

And if you LIKE to clean, they are quickly addicting, and you find out yes, they DO work as a leaf blower, in a limited sort of way, if they still come with the sanding pad, they really DO make a decent dust collection, they really WILL suck the dust mites out of your mattress, and the dander off your dogÂ

Ok, so will my Dyson, which is a bit quieter, several pounds lighter, and much prettier (though itÂs a toss up which hose configuration is more user-friendly)Âbut mine is nearly five now, and the canister doesnÂt always click back into place on the first time, so I can see that in another thousand uses, itÂll be something of a problemÂwheras your handle will be wrapped in duct tape, and youÂll have replaced the drive belt a dozen times, and that will be about it.

Your grandkids will laugh at the old thing, someday ;) but youÂll still be the one with the clean house.

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I am loving the power of this vacuum, but I'm still feeling a bit nauseous about the price. Hopefully I'll get over that, because I sure don't want to feel guilty every time I look at this monstrosity! I had a little bit of an issue this morning with it, I am not sure what I did, but somehow the belt slipped off (i'm sure it had to do with me not spending the time reading the manual, i was too excited to clean some more things!) Anyway, I spent about 20 minutes monkeying with the brush roller and finally figured out how to get the belt to engage the brush roller. I had that whole power head thing taken apart, and I must say, this vacuum is built like no other. The roller itself seems like it's made out of wood, that was a complete surprise to me. The roller was actually easy to pop out, but it took a few minutes to figure out that I had to have each end set to the same number for the bristle height (thank goodness for owner's manuals!) I admit I was getting frustrated at first and thinking about using my 3 day return option, but once I got it going again and was able to do more vacuuming, I bonded some more with it.

chinacat, it's funny what you said about the handle being wrapped in duct tape and my grandkids laughing at the vacuum. I can remember my mom's old vacuum when I was a kid. It was a Hoover from back when Hoover's were decent vacuums. I hated that thing! It was old fashioned, heavy and ugly as heck! And yes, my mom had duct tape wrapped around the hose!!!!! I think my mom used that vacuum for close to 40 years, and that's the kind of vacuum I want! One that my kids will be embarrassed to use, but I will swear is the best vacuum and force them to use it anyway!

I think the only thing bothering me is the price. I know they can be picked up on ebay for a lot less, and I've seen quite a few on Craigslist. We are not wealthy by a long shot, but I do believe in paying for quality products. Wasting several hundred dollars yearly on a vacuum is getting old. Plus, after a few months when my other vacuums have started sucking less, vacuuming is something that I would dread, since it would become such a chore to vacuum and the floor never seemed clean afterwards anyway. Since the Kirby people left my house yesterday I had a chance to do some online researching, I read about how other people were able to negotiate the price down. I didn't even try to do that...I'm not a negotiator and my hubby is out of town on business so he wasn't here to slap sense into me and tell me I was nuts or dicker the price down himself. I guess I just need to decide now if this brand spanking new, way overpriced model is what I really want, or if I want to use my 3 day return option and try to pick one up for less. I do feel kind of strong-armed and almost violated by the sales tactics, but I don't hold that against the vacuum itself. I am 100% sure I want a Kirby, but I don't want to be a sucker.


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I just did an ebay search ( I was scared to do it yesterday, and I'm seeing that I can pick up this same model (brand new), with the same accessories for less than $800.00 (buy it now price) Now I'm really feeling like I got taken....I'm glad I was introduced to the fabulous-ness of the Kirby, and I appreciate the fact that the dealers need to make money, but throwing away an extra thousand dollars is almost sinful.

Dang, I wish my husband were home.....I feel really ooky about contacting these people to tell them I want out of the supposed "deal".

:( jiggreen

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I bought one too, at the demo. It's a nice machine but I like my Dyson and Rainbow E2 MUCH better.


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If the cost is obviously bothering you too much perhaps you probably should return it if it's not too late now because you can get one much cheaper. That's why I said in my first post if the cost wasn't a sacrifice.

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:) then screw them right back -

call them, tell them to pick it up, refund your money -

clean the machine, empty the bag (they have been known to rip the bag open and fling the dirt around) and have it ready for them...

and play pathetic, husband just lost his job, can't afford it...and see if he'll take $900 for the now used vacuum (they will take it back to the shop, clean it, and rebox it, don't let them kid you)

one good act deserves another.

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I always suggest that people purchase a slightly used Kirby from a local vac shop or from ebay. There is no need to pay full price for the Kirby. If you can return it, I would suggest that you do so and wait for a used one from one of the above places.

Kirbys are very good vacuum cleaners that will last a lifetime. Just maintain the vacuum and you will be happy with its performance. Regularly replace the disposable bag and belt. These are vacuums that you do not throw away when something goes wrong. You instead replace the part, which will be available for many years. Kirby parts can be found for cleaners from 50+ years ago.

Also, make sure that you read the manual thoroughly, so that you can get the best use of your new Kirby.

Lastly, remember that a vacuum from ebay most likely will not have the same warranty as the one you presently own. Make sure you understand everything before you buy.

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you lost some big money!!!
You could have bought two sebo vacuums which are better than kirbys and dyson!!!

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I know my post is too late but maybe this will help someone else.........In my state (Wisconsin) there is a law giving a 3 day "cooling off" period for any in-home sales. You have the right to cancel the sale contract of anything where the sales person *comes to your home to sell to you*. Many states have versions of a law like this. In-home sales persons are predetory and they trade "suckers lists" with other in-home sales people. After you make the mistake of buying something from someone who knocks on your door you will have a deluge of salespeople coming around to sell pots and pans, food processsors, cutlery, ect.

Never buy anything that expensive on the spur of the moment and NEVER let a smooth talker convince you to purchase something that you had never thought of buying ever before.

Kirbys are good machines. My mother has one from the 1940's still going strong. You will probably never use or need all the quirky things the machine can do (buff waxed floors, inceticide sprayer, leaf blower, paint sprayer) and will get annoyed at how heavy the darn thing is to carry up and down the stairs, but you won't be back here to complain that the thing broke after 6 months.

You paid waaaaaay too much.

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I used that 3 day return rule to rid myself of the guilt I felt paying that much for a vacuum. I was really worried about having to fight them to take the vacuum back, especially having read a lot of kirby sales horror stories here on the internet. I am extremely pleased to say that the return went very smoothly, nobody even tried to talk me into keeping the vacuum. I sure do miss the Kirby, but plan on purchasing one from either ebay or secondhand from a vac shop.

:) jiggreen

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You should be able to find a model G3 or G4 in good shape for anywheres near $50 to $200 with or without tools. It's basically the same machine as the Sentria just older models and they are self propelled. I got a G3 for $25 at a thrift shop in perfect working order and someone gave me a G4 with all the attachments also in perfect working order. Deals are out there... also try Craigslist.com often you'll see them on there in your local area and cheaper because you can just go pick it up

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jiggreen I am happy you were able to return the Kirby and feel better about the whole thing. It wasn't worth the guilt you were feeling and I think I would have reacted the same way.

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I just had them come through my house. (El Paso, TX). They got to my wife before they got to me. Very impressive young man, gave the whole spiel about how he's got to sell so many to get a trip to Vegas, etc. Demonstrated the vacuum and I was blown away. We have a Dyson that we thought did a nice job. We cleaned the carpets as best we could with the Dyson and then he went over with the Kirby and pulled up over twice the dirt we had already pulled. He also demonstrated the shampoo attachment and removed a stain that we were told by several professional carpet cleaners was permanent and needed to replace the carpet. I was sold. Then I saw the "price sheet". $2495 plus tax. Now, I'm not a moron (at least I hope I'm not) and I realize that this is all for shock value. I told the guy thanks for his time, but that's insane to spend that much on a vacuum. He agreed and called his boss. After the stain removal demonstration, they agreed to knock it back to $1700. I told them to go pound sand, that it was still too much. Then they put it at the "employee price" of $1400, including trading in my Dyson and a P.O.S. steam cleaner we had. Wife was sold at $1400. We paid for it (no financing), and immediately started using it. After about 30 minutes (vacuuming all the downstairs), something broke in the motor and it started making a racket. I called them back and they quickly came back (were still in the neighborhood at 10PM). They were very apologetic and immediately got a new one out for me. I told them i was less than thrilled about it breaking after half an hour and I just wanted my money back. I had a chance to check the internet and saw some "brand new" ones from vacuum outlets for $800-900. They said they'd give me a better deal and offered $1000. I told them no, I'd take it for $700, and both of my vacuums back. We settled at $850. Now, when we saw the demonstration, my wife and I agreed that it was worth $1000 (it saved that on the stain removal demonstration, now that I don't have to replace that carpet). So, we were happy with the $850, and we have the Dyson back to put up on Craigslist or eBay for some more cash.

Still have the 3 days. If I can break this new one they gave me, I'll just get it all back, but overall, I'm incredibly impressed with how my carpets look just after the first 30 minutes of use.

Hope this helps.

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Just wanted to add...I bought a Kirby ( G-4, I think ) about 10 yrs ago and I have never regretted it. They are great vac's. A little heavy, but built to last, and do a great job. We don't have much carpet any more but I still won't give up my kirby.


You can purchace vac bags on Ebay much cheaper than in the vac stores. But get the genuine Kirby bags.

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I recently purchased a new Kirby Sentria. I went through the normal sales pitch and truly believe that the Kirby is a very good vacuum. I did try reversing the demonstration that the sales did the night before and vacuum a spot on the floor with my Kirby and then went over the same spot with my other overpriced vacuum (Dyson). I was able to pick up quite a bit more dirt with the Dyson. I personally believe you could go over the same spot with another brand vacuum and still get more dirt.

Bottom line is we liked the Kirby and its well designed attachments but we told the sales we weren't interested. The rep called his supervisor and he showed up in about 10 minutes. I was promptly asked the normal questions of if I thought that my house, carpet and lungs deserved the Kirby and I said yes but declined purchase at this time. The supervisor promptly told me that he needed to sell one more in order to qualify for a Las Vegas vacation and that he was willing to cut a deal. His first offer was $1750.

While he was making his sales pitch, I actually went online to Ebay and priced some refurbs ranging from $800 - $1100. I told him that I did like the machine but I probably would buy a refurb at a much lower cost. The rep then asked me that if he could get me a NEW Kirby (no shampooer) for $800 "Would I buy it?" I said I really liked the shampooer and would consider the deal if I got everything for $800 tax included.

After making another call to the manager, the supervisor offered it all to me for $800 which I accepted. So I ended with a new Sentria, shampooer, some type of rotary brush that was demoed by the sales rep. The supervisor also threw in a set of three bags and a couple of belts. In addition, the supervisor said he forgot to ask about a vacuum to trade in and asked if I had "ANYTHING" I could trade. I told him that all I had was my Dyson and he wasn't getting it. The supervisor said not to worry about as he had something that could be turned in from another sale.

Bottom line is I got everything I wanted for $800 and probably still overpaid somewhat as I believed that everyone involved still made some commission. What I've found out is the price is very negotiable and you can get a better deal by being persistent.

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I have the 8# Oreck -- bought it 11 years ago for $300 which included the hand-held. Yes, the bags are a little high, but non-allergenic and can be bought on-line at Christmas time with no shipping. (Don't buy the generic bags --- dust everywhere.) Anyway, it is light-weight, easy for stairs and I love it.

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We bought one today. We thought it was a lot of money but, over time it is definately a money saver. I think we both made a good decision. I know we are looking forward to truly clean furniture and carpet.
My thoughts - Well done!

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At least it will last a lot longer than the plastic garbage they sell in the discount stores theses days..Also the fact that it is not bagless will keep you family breathing good air..There is not a bagless model out there that doesnt put half the dirt right back in the air.

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I've had a Kirby Gsix for about 10 years now and I couldn't have been happier. I paid $1200 or so, and never had to replace another vacuum again.

It's a bit heavy, but with the canister handle attachment, you can even sit the vacuum on the steps and do stairs without any problem. The roller system takes getting used to, just make sure to lower the brush to the lowest setting where brush roller light stays solid.

The attachments are all great but you probably won't use most of them. For instance, the sprayer and pet groomer/scalp massager attachments are kinda gimmicky.

I don't use the carpet cleaner because I don't have carpets anymore. I have all hardwood floors... But, when I did have carpets, I found it wasn't really effective at deep cleaning. My Hoover SteamVac Widepath (about 14 years old now, and works great; only have had to replace the hand attachment hose) does a much better job, of course, at cleaning carpets because of the hot water and 6 brushes...

I've only had to change normal stuff like bags and belts. I changed the roller brush twice and I needed to buy a new plastic end for the hand attachement hose (the end that hooks to the vacuum itself; the prong which pushes a button on the front of the vacuum to let it know something is attached).

Of course, use all genuine Kirby parts! - totalvac.com is a good source for MicronMagic (HEPA) bags and any other part you can think of including attachments and motors and such) By the way, bags are SO much better for indoor air quality because, unlike a canister (many of which have a trap door at the bottom of the canister for emptying) it will never make clouds of dust and dirt in your kitchen when it's time to throw the bag out...

If you want to make the finish on your Kirby last, purchase a tin of Mothers MAG/Aluminum wheel polish at your local auto parts store. If you don't regularly polish the finish on your Kirby, it will quickly loose it's luster and start to look dull. I didn't polish mine for about 5 years or so, and I had to get the Porter Cable out to buff the finish to a shine. Looks like new, now.

You definitely made a good choice. People will say that it was WAY overpriced, but once you pass it down to your children years from now, you will know you made an excellent choice. Read the manual, get to know all of it's features, and take care of it. It will last forever and when it's 20 years old, it will still have more suction than any vacuum on the market.

Good Luck,

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We sold both Rainbow and Thermax Extractionaires for about 20 years, as a part time self employment income. Both of these units use water to collect the dust, when you get through vacuuming just empty the water and you are ready to go again. Also, they are a wet vacuum, meaning you can vacuum up water with them. Both come with steam cleaning abilities. Now to the point of the message, our best customers were people that owned Kirbys. The reason, they paid very much money for them and were not satisified. As for getting dust out of carpet where another unit had just worked - you can do that with any one. That also was our selling point. One problem that most people have is they move it too fast, and do not give the unit time to do the suction it should do. It has to have time to get the air to flow throught he carpet and into the machine. Happy Cleaning.

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I just purchased my Kirby Sentria, I am not sure about all the attachments. They showed me the price and I about fainted 3295.00. I told them no and they called the boss and he was going to deduct 1000. Still I said no. I finally said the most I woud pay was 1000. and she got back on the phone and he said yes. I am not sure how it is going to work, but I do have pets and old carpet. I was impressed with the demo, but totally embarrassed that the floor was that dirty and I thought it was clean. If it kepps the suction it will be a great vac. and maybe I will never have to buy another vac. I am still not sure what it means to turn it into a canister vac. if someone could explain that to me I think I would be alright

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I am first going to tell you what I said way back in 2007. I said, "Also, make sure that you read the manual thoroughly, so that you can get the best use of your new Kirby." Get yourself acquainted with the Kirby.

The "canister" mode is the next common mode after "upright" mode. The height adjustment lever is used to raise the front. Next, the dial, on the front of the rug nozzle is turned to lift off the belt(inside and out of sight). Then the head is removed and the hose is attached in its place. You can also remove the long handle and replace it with the small, plastic carrying handle. Now, it is a "canister". There really is no need to switch out the handles, because it takes too much time. Years ago, when I had a Kirby, I never switched out the handles when I used the hose. When I vacuumed the mattress, I never put on the short handle. It is much easier to vacuum a mattress with the long upright handle, because you can reach farther with the long handle. Think large queen or king size bed.

Again, read the manual. Congrats on your new vacuum purchase. It is a vacuum cleaner which will last a very long time. This is no disposable cleaner. It is one that can be repaired, because parts will be readily available.

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The two most basic vacuum styles are upright and canister. A Kirby in it's normal configuration is an upright. Take off the beater bar, switch the handle (though it's rare i do that step either) and attach the hoses, and that's the canister vacuum set-up. (I hope that made sense).

If it helps any, I have a G4 that we bought in 1994, and it still works fine. I did have to spend $8 to have the plug replaced about 6 months ago. I pretty sure the only other repair was to replace the fan after I sucked up a rock. That was somewhere around 1996...

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I feel absolutely sick. I just paid $1800 for mine. I know I lost my mind. It was late last night and I can be very gullible. I have to return it tomorrow. I think I will be happier living in my dirt than thinking about how much I overpaid for it. And I just noticed in the fine print it says I have to pay a 10% re-stocking fee to to have it returned. This is ridiculous!

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If you buy used refurbished kirbys I can tell u they don't have a warranty nor can u take advantage of the rebuild plan (which if anything ever goes wrong with the machine u get the whole thing rebuilt inside and out for 175 bucks...) They don't use factory parts when they have been rebuilt so therefore they won't nearly last as long as they would if u just got one from a authorized dealer..so go the cheap route if u want u will regret it if it ever breaks....I know because I work for the Kirby company...

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i love it!! i love my kirby and yeh we may have to question the sales tactics behind the scenes but at the end of theday it is just marketed i an a different way because the philosophy behind the guy that invented it J.Kirby, was to explain the orice of a kirby once rather than apologise a thousand times which is what dyson, miele etc are doing!! buy one vaccuum in ur life and get a kirby... i have no regrets with my sentria and it doesnt take a brain surgeon to work out how to use them!! get one ppl but always barter down !!

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I was fooled last year i bought for 700 last years model and it hAD a warrenty too. NO NO NO. the motor burned out took it to a kirby dealer they said it was a 1995 version and it is not under warrenty .. it was going to cost 300 to repair and if the transmission went it would me more. keep in mind it was a 16 year old vaccuum. but my kirby dealer was willing to fix it. my husband and i decided we loved it so much but didnt want to fix it so be got a new one 2011 model with wARRENTY at a great cost by the dealer. i think he felt sorry for us. so if you buy door to door like we did. keep in mind those companies are fly by night companies. and call kirby to check the serial number. we are not stupid people .. the one from 1995 looked brand new on the outside.
CAUTION.. all in all this is going to be the last vacuum we buy it does not compare to anything else.

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We had 2 very professional, friendly, hardworking Kirby representatives in our home last night. My wife and I were amazed with the performance of this machine. The salespeople were very upfront with their commission structure, telling me that between the two of them they split everything above $1200. If I purchased the machine for $2695 they would make about $750 each. I had a nephew who tried to sell Kirbys years ago and I think he sold a few before quitting after about a months time, but he is not the type to put in the effort to attain the level of product knowledge and professionalism that these two people had. After about an hour and a half we realized that if we had a Kirby we would save over $10,000 in shampoo costs, carpet wear, vacuum replacement, etc.. in a period of 20 years, and in the meantime enjoy a beautiful clean home. (Their figure was $17,000 but it seemed a little extreme) Either way, I knew that I could have bargained a much lower price (We did get $300 off for our POS Dyson Ball that we wasted $700 on!), but I also wanted these two to earn their commission as it was a true pleasure to have them in our home. For some reason Proverbs 20:14 was in my heart last night. We are happy with our purchase and happy that the salespeople are earning an honest living. Also the fact that our friend has had a Kirby for 20 years that she loves helped our decision.

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In our state you have 3 days to return an item, I am assuming it is because of high pressure sales people. I never liked the Kirby to heavy and my Hoovers have been good enough if not just as good.

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I have to say,My girlfriend and I were quite amazed by the Sentria this past Saturday night, when a pair of dealers/salespeople/BS artists talked us into allowing them to "clean and shampoo our carpet for FREE". "We'll only take a half hour to forty-five minutes to get it done. The whole thing was kind of bizarre seeing as though it was around 5:00 PM and we'd been in the process of moving into a home which needed to have the carpets cleaned anyway, then wallah!! Someone magically appeared to do it for FREE!!! Well after realizing what was going on, and truly being dazzled by what the Kirby did to our carpet, we were told that we were going to be offered a DEAL on this most expensive and impressive machine. For only $1950.00 we could be the new owners of a Kirby Sentria...Well seeing as though we were in the midst of moving out of one house and moving into another all within a weeks time, not only were we quite tired, we were a bit cranky as well. I said "FORGET ABOUT IT"!!! And as time went by and my girl and I went about our OWN business checking up on what was going on in the Living room periodically, we were alerted that if we bought one RIGHT NOW we could have it for an astonishingly low price of just $1790.00!!! I SAID WOW A whole 200 BUCKS OFF??? I can't afford THAT right now either!! But when I'm ready and ABLE to buy a top of the line Vacume cleaner, the Kirby will be my first choice. So I walked away and went back to what I was doing, when a few minutes later I heard the girl call out " how much would it have to be for you to consider buying this today"? I laughingly said " a thousand bucks"...She said " I wish I could sell it for that"...Then about 5 minutes later her partner/boss came back to the house and offered it to me for $1000.00, and told me to tell NO ONE about this, and that he was going to have to hear it from his boss on this one...So In retrospect, with what I've read on this forum and what I pulled off the other night, NEGOTIATE with these people!! this astronomical price they they put on these things ALL across the country and around the world, which I've noticed ranges anywhere from $1350.00 all the way up to $3950.00 is not nearly set in stone.....I NEVER would have bought this machine having to pay more than I did, but man am I glad I got it, it's truly awesome!....and REMEMBER, DRIVE A HARD BARGAIN!!! That was the last thing my demo girl said to me " Man you're tough ".....

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I find it amazing how many people sign up to GardenWeb and post one time . . . about the Kirby vacuum. "Icefishing" and "DLM37" and "cAT" and "nono5784" and "Hirschbar." At least "ddcdealer1" admits he is a Kirby dealer.

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So Graywings, what exactly is it your trying to say???

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I think what Graywings is trying to say is.... when you see a post being resurrected from the dead, the first thing you think is SPAM.

And seriously, if you own your home and are willing to spend that much money on a vac look into a home vac system. I have one that I put in in the nineties and would never go back to a canister/upright system again.

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I actually work for Kirby, and Ive had a few people buy them of of ebay, and realized that it didnt work the same. They also dont come with the life time warranty. They are worth the cost in the long run...You cant look at it as just "another vacuum" because most people have "just a vac" and it doesnt even compare to the kirby. If you feel the price is too high, then you obviously dont care about the investesments you already have made. Most of us spent over 1800 over 2 years just for a cell phone, with the kirby you only pay that once,and it last a lifetime. So just keep in mind how much money it will save you over your lifetime...and also remember all of the attachments go to the hose...the hose ither goes on the front,for suction...or the side for blowing air.

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The Kirby folks came to my home. All of the previous posts, about how they call their bosses and get them to knock down the price, are true. They hooked me up with a $3000 Sentria for $1800. When I woke the next morning I went ahead and tried it out and you know what I realized? It�s a vacuum cleaner. That�s it! , I read the fine print and told them to come get it, as I had 3 business days to back out of the deal. They said they would be by the next day to pick it up. When they came back, the district manager of Kirby (or something like that) came and tried to give me a great deal of $900 for the thing, with a shampooer and a bunch of other stuff. I asked him why it went from 1800 to 900. He said that no one is trying to make a profit and that he doesn�t make any money off of it (but that was not what I asked). I said $600. He said that�s way too low. I said its sitting right over there and I will help him load it up. After about 5 more minutes of him telling me that he holds the world record in Kirby sales, I asked him to leave with his vacuum cleaner. I think if they were honest with me and gave me a fair price�I would have bought the thing. But if it goes from $3000, to $1800 to $900, Its probably worth $600 or $700 (with all of the attachments). Oh yeah, the lifetime warranty is bogus too. It�s a 3 year limited warranty. They swore up and down that it was a lifetime warranty but I told them to check out craftsman tools to see what a real lifetime warranty means.

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i purchased a kirby sentria last year and i wouldnt trade it in for any other vacuum in the world!! i mean come on guys its AMERICAN MADE! why would u think a dyson from mexico is better its plastic! i mean its common sence guys plastic is desighned to break eventually, metal is not! i hear some of these comments and im just so surprised how ppl can be so nieve. like i said before its common sence

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The salesman intially said the demonstration would take an hour.
3 hours later they were still at my house, convincing me to purchase this vaccuum.
Dont get me wrong this was an amazing Vacuum!!!

However the salesman had no concerns that i most likely couldnt afford this vaccuum.
He had all these different priced plans, advising the price would normally be 3000.00, however he would bring it down to 2500.00 with fewer payments.
He could see that i was still struggling to figure out how i was going to finance this vaccuum, He appeared to be making phone calls to head office to bring the price down
and at the last minute bought it down to 2000.00
After calcluating the interest, it ended up costing 3000.00 anyway.

My main problem with this is that it felt rushed.
I couldnt find 3 forms of ID and desperately wanted him to leave after 3 hours and done a stupid thing like sign the forms just so they could leave.
He didnt care that i didnt have ANY form of ID, he didnt care that i didnt know my bank account number, he advised as long as i purchased and signed on the dotted line, then everything else would fall into place.
He advised he couldnt come back again as this needed to be done asap. They also took my old vaccuum with them.

Everything seemed dodgy, and i had my kids running around hungry so i felt extremely pressured.

After they left i sat down looking at this machine thinking what the hell have i purchased??!!!
I looked around on websites like trademe (nz) and found other types of machines at the price of 500.00.
By this time i was pissed!
I immediately called headoffice and cancelled the order and they advised someone would call me to inform me of cancellation procedures.
The next day after work these two guys came over again. (no call or notification to say they were coming)

They were standing asking me why i wanted to cancel the machine STILL trying to convince me that there is no other like this.
They even had the nerve to sit inside and say they called head office and they would lower the price another 200.00.

I ended up telling them to take their vacuum and leave my house. I asked them where my original vaccuum was and they asked me what colour it was?
I told them to leave and advised them to bring back my original vaccum or else i would make a complaint and slammed the door.

5 days later i still havent recieved my old vaccuum.
This whole ordeal was a horrible experience for me and these salesmen were dodgy as!!!
Never again

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I bought one of these in January of 2012 for $2200.00. Yeah, I am a sucker. The salesman was great. I immediately had buyer's remorse, but I kept trying to find reasons to like it. Well...here it is 10 months later, and I really hate it. The suction is poor, changing the power nozzles is a pain in the neck, and the carpet shampooer is nothing special. I especially don't like that the cleaning solution tank is very small. It has to be refilled constantly. Is it too late to get my money back?

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I'm trying to figure out why you all had to pay so much. I have a new one, and I love it. Only paid !$1150. I live in southwest Ks.

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Well, I just paid $1500 for mine last night....wish I had of read this post before I bought! I'm usually pretty good about researching things before I buy. I was amazed at the power and ability and have had good luck with them in the past(the ex wife owned one) I think if you pay $1250 or less you made a pretty good deal and should just enjoy it! It is an American made product that will last for generations unlike the other cheap plastic junk out there not to mention actually getting the dirt out! I might as well have been pushing my Dirt Devil around with the stupid thing unplugged!

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I am a Kirby CSR. If there is anything you need to know I can help. I'm not asking for any fees or anything. I just want to make sure you enjoy your vacuum! If I didn't believe in them I'd never choose to be in business for them. =)

I want to make sure you know I am not offering anything other than my knowledge. In no way do I want to try to sell you anything or convince you to do so.

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