Why is it so hard to find reviews for a good double wall oven???

jennifer11203May 30, 2013

I have been trying to find reviews on wall ovens and everywhere I look there are mixed reviews. I wish I could just find one oven and find good reviews everywhere I look - Does anyone have any recommendations??? - Thank you so much :)

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I have to say that will never happen with anything, not just kitchen appliances. You can't please everyone with a product, someone will always have an issue with something or a problem.

So, do you research and find what works best for you and your family and know that you made the best decision possible at the time.


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Thank you Phil... You have a good point there.. :) I never knew how difficult it was to find appliances.

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I just went through the same decision and finally pulled the trigger and ordered an Electrolux Wave Touch wall oven yesterday. I know some people have had trouble with theirs, but I really like the look, feel, & features of it and none of the other brands have perfect track records either. After research overload, I figured I might as well go with what I liked.

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I actually put a Kitchenaid wall oven on layaway and then searched and didnt really find any reviews for the model number i got but found terrible reviews for Kitchenaid in general. I looked at the Electrolux and heard mixed reviews about that one as way but it seems that more people favor Electrolux. How do you like yours?

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I can't say yet how the Electrolux has worked out because I just ordered it yesterday. We're doing a major remodel, so it won't be installed for a couple of months. Hoping to be able to report back with positive comments!

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I've had my Electrolux Wave Touch non-Icon double wall oven for 20 months. Love it. No problems. Self cleaned a few times. Great features: Perfect Turkey, Bread Proofing, Keep Warm, Convection Roast... More racks than I need, and they glide like a dream. Only wish it had french doors or side swing door. (See, no one is ever completely satisfied!)

You'll always find bad reviews because people are more likely to post reviews if they are dissatisfied. Lots of positive Elux reviews on here - that's why I chose it. Often considered the best of the midrange ovens.

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American Range double hybrid. Gas oven works well. Electric is still not working. Repairman is supposed to be coming.

I love the gas oven and its amazing boiler. It is like a mini flame thrower. Garlic bread toasts perfectly due to the long shape of the broiler.

It is also easy to clean. I can't remember what spilled, but it continued to bake on the two racks and bottom of the oven for 2 hours. It wiped off with a damp cloth a couple of days later. (I had forgotten about it.)

Maybe one day I can tell you about the electric oven. The store where I ordered it from ordered the double gas so they had to reorder it. They didn't want to. I think they didn't order on purpose so I would have to take the wrong one. (they offered $1000.00 if I took it.) so after waiting 8 weeks for the wrong oven, I waited 14weeks for the second. I Called American. They did not have any orders for hybrids. When I told American what had happened
They rushed my hybrid. I got it one week later. So maybe because it was a rush order something didn't get checked.

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Look at the Gaggenau cnvection units. Ours works a treat, highly efficient, heats up very fast and does everything from low temps to high. Don't think I've seen a negative comment but plenty of positives on here. No problem with the coatings either.

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I'll have had my E'lux wave touch ovens three years at the end of this summer. Love 'em, no problems, great features that work well. I like the glide racks..a LOT. I've posted a number of times with details, but feel free to contact me if you want to ask anything specific.


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Thank you everyone for your advice and comments. I think at this point i will stick with my original choice, the Kitchenaid double oven.. I will just hope for the best. lol but this was my first choice in wall ovens, I love the look and all the different cooking settings. Thanks :)

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