Frosting a window for privacy

cloudbaseMay 7, 2012

So, we have a bathroom window that looks out on to the neighboring condos' bedroom windows. It's a square window with the four pane internal divider, so I was thinking maybe just frosting the bottom two "panes" instead of the whole thing. What's the best way to achieve a frosted finish? There a good peel'n'stick product? The only thing I've found is a Rustoleum rattle can product, but that seems dubious. Help please!

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If you google window film you'll get alot of good suggestions. I've used rice paper before and will use it again in my MB window.

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IâÂÂm trying to envision it and I donâÂÂt think that it would look good (though maybe if I saw it for myself, IâÂÂd change my mind)
Anyway, I got my Oz home windows done by professionals. ItâÂÂs way better than having to do it yourself with peel-n-stick products.

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I used a cling film called Solyx. I am very happy with it. You use a bit of water to appy. Not glued in place. I bought a very plan slightly textured frosted film.

Here is a link that might be useful: Solyx Film for Windows

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You can also take the window to a window place and they can do it professionally. I had a door done.

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I've used dozens of frost products and some are better than others. The Solyx looks good. Professional sandblast is best yet permanent. The 'rattle can' is the worst in my experience as it does not like to be around much moisture, (it changes with water splash and cannot be cleaned easily)...A housekeeper once tried to clean my bath entry door and made a mess of it. Solyx will send samples so you could actually see how it will work before committing. Also avoid the mirrored films. They only work with daylight.
The rice paper is actually really nice. And you don't need to purchase an entire roll.
I've not used this exact brand but most can be doubled up if not enough privacy is achieved with one layer.
Check Amazon for different options and maybe post back before you order if still unsure.

Here is a link that might be useful: rice paper film

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