Insides of car windows

aliceinmdDecember 7, 2008

Do any of you have a really good way to clean the insides of car windows? They seem to attract something that makes them very difficult to clean thoroughly.

We used to use Dripless Windex and Bounty paper towels, a combination that leaves a nasty residue that glares when bright sunlight or headlights shine on it. We have started using Invisible Glass and microfiber cloths with somewhat better results, but we're hoping for a better method. Any ideas?

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I have the same problem, as does most everyone with a car! The plastics and other materials in the vehicle's interior give off a compound that sticks to the inside of the window and causes that film.

I noticed that the car washes in my area have been using a foam window cleaner instead of a liquid, plus a terry towel. So, I switched to Zep brand foam window cleaner (available at Home Depot) and it works pretty good.

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I use white vinegar and newspaper on all windows - cars, house windows, mirrors. Because newsprint gets on one's hands, I always wear rubber gloves. Vinegar cuts through all the gunk and newspaper doesn't allow for lint.

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Patser is right, vinegar will cut the film, but you may have to clean it a few times before all the film is gone, especially if your windows are especially dirty. Rubbing alcohol is also a good grease cutter.

Don't use anything but newspaper to clean it, cloth or paper towels will leave a film or lint on the windows but newspaper won't leave either.

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Rubbing alcohol on a soft cloth cuts through the gook and doesn't leave streaks....but don't drip any on any wood trim...or if you do wipe it up quickly.
I always thought it was "people dirt" on the insides of car windows...breath and vaporized skin oils etc...
Sounds better to know that it's related to the upholstery etc.
Linda C

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My all purpose cleaner is a "homebrew" of 50/50 alcohol/water. Combined with a microfiber towel, it will do a great job on the inside of your car windows. Cleaned mine just last week.

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The absolute best "cloth" for cleaning windows,mirrors, glass of all kinds is plain white tissue paper. I stock up when I find it in those dollar stores, Newsprint is okay, but the ink comes off on my hands.

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Ikea wraps their items in blank newsprint, I always grab some extra when I check out for this purpose.

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What is "blank" "newsprint"? It seems like an oxymoron. Does it say 'blank' on it as a novelty?

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Blank newsprint is unprinted newspaper paper. You can buy it in bulk too, from moving suppliers. Oddly enough it is called newsprint even when it's blank.

DH is sold on cleaning windows with newspaper too, but whenever he does that they get totally smeared up.

I'm starting to wonder about those C-fold paper towels used in restrooms. You can buy them in bulk at Costco.

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The local newspaper in my old hometown sold "roll ends" of blank newsprint -- when it got too low on the roll, it wouldn't feed through the machinery so they sold it -- lots of moms bought it for kids' art projects. You might check local newspaper printers -- maybe those who publish the freebie local weeklies.

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They have this leather mop thingy that is great for wiping the film off windows and for in between cleanings. They have it at Walmart. It's a circle about 5 or 6 inches diameter and it is strung with a bunch of pieces of tan leather. It sells for a couple bucks I think. You just wipe the window with it and it removes any film or dirt that's there. It's good for wiping foggy windows too. I clean my car windows with alcohol also but the window mop is great for a quick swipe when I'm on the road. I keep it in my glove compartment.

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