Any trouble with GE Refrigerator Noise?

williamb2000May 10, 2009

I just bought a SxS GE HS5KGX 25.4 refrigerator that makes a lot of noise - a very annoying high-pitched wavering and grating noise a bit like a cricket. I called GE service, and the GE repairman who visited said that the noise was completely normal and that the refrigerator could also make a lot of other, worse noises (is it a ruminant?). He told me bluntly, "GE doesn't make a quiet refrigerator".

I assume that GE tries to avoid fixing anything short of a frozen compressor and hopes that I will just accept that I must endure the equivalent of someone running their fingers down a chalkboard in my kitchen. That's not going to happen, and Home Depot has begrudgingly agreed to do what GE wouldn't and allow me to exchange it for another from their store.

So the question is whether the noise is isolated to this model, or is it present in other GE refrigerators. Does anyone else have any experience?

I would prefer not to buy another GE at all since their installation (another story) and service have been horrible, but Home Depot unfortunately is heavy with GE models.

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Ihave a GE CDFD--it's quiet.

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We have the GE Profile - CDFD. It was ridiculously loud and I had the service guy out 3 times. !#$#@ - they kept sending the same guy and after the last time I refused to let him back in my home. He even scratched the new wood floor...but that is another issue. Anyways, after calling and calling the place we got it - they did speak with the GE rep and replaced the fridge with a new one. Ends up at swapping time they found the first one did have a leak and was thus causing the loud noise. Our new one is fine. The energy efficient ones are "louder" than others but we were amazed with the plane-like sound the faulty one had. We called our kitchen the tarmac because it felt as if we were going to take off. Keep hounding GE... they should def. do something.

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Mine is a GE Profile Arctica and it lately has been making a prolongewd "whining" noise. Only on the refrig side, not the freezer side. Very annoying. I'll see what the service folk say but it didn't make that noise when it was new two years ago. Have cleaned what I can when removing the bottom rear panel. Was actually pretty clean.

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I just bought a GE 25.8 FD refrigerator -- very simple model -- not all the bells and whistles -- capability for internal ice and filtered water, but we are not hooking them up. Very quiet -- occasionally hear a bit of a hum when the compressor is cooling things down -- otherwise, nothing. This replaced a 24-year old model that was so loud I could hear it on the upstairs floor. We bought at Best Buy -- the floor models were all plugged in so we could hear what they sounded like before we purchased. Had our refrigerator been louder than the floor model, I would have known it was a problem. Luckily for us, ours is very quiet.

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