beverage center/icemaker for basement

renton123May 5, 2013

Looking for a beverage center for a basement bar area. Will use it basically for holding bottled beer, soda, juice, and wine. Would like it to be lockable, and ideally for it to have two sides so I can lock up the beer but keep the juice side open. Builder has put a U-line model in our initial appliance package. I've found a much cheaper model with everything we would like by a company called Danby, but can't find any reviews about them which may be a red flag. Anyone have experience with a Danby product or Uline or other brand for that matter?

Also if anyone has an idea for me of best way to have a minimal amount of ice available in the basement without a full-sized undercounted ice maker (seems like overkill for our needs), I'd love to hear it. Thanks!

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I have a 24" Liebherr beverage fridge and a 15" Uline undercounter ice maker and they're both awesome.

The fridge is great. It holds bottles cans etc and goes as low as a full size fridge (37 degrees). It's great for putting all our beverages in there which makes plenty of room for our full size Liebherr French door fridge.

The ice maker is terrific as well. It makes crystal clear restaurant quality ice. Old ice melts gradually and is continually replaced with fresh cubes. So we never have that cloudy off-tasting ice that you'd get from in-door fridges.

We have both these units in a bar area of the kitchen so we use them everyday. If it were in the basement, we probably wouldn't use it as often. So that's something to consider.

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Sophie Wheeler

Just put in a regular refrigerator with an ice maker in it if you want ice. Or one without and buy bagged ice. It'sll be cheaper in the long run and work better. And be quieter.

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