Does anyone have a ThermaTru Patio Door (French Door)?

nepoolApril 22, 2014

Hi Everyone,

My Andersen Frenchwood (400 series) door came in really expensive and I was looking at other options. We've had great luck with our fiberglass Thermatru front door, and got a reasonable price (1/2 the price of Frenchwood) for the Smooth Star ThermaTru 5 ft French Door. Has anyone used them before? Is it a good quality door?

This door will be in Southern/Western sun and be a main access to our deck- so it needs to be good. I don't see negative reviews on it so far, but not rave reviews either. Just wondering if I'll get double the quality for double the price with the Andersen 400 Frenchwood.

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My GC really likes Thermatru if you are going fiberglass. I looked at them but I haven't firmed up French door orders yet. I doubt you will get double the quality but the Andersen door may be better to some extent. Have you seen and felt both in person?

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I had the same issue, and did the thermatru. They look fine.

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TT is a good door but the Andersen for a French Door is much better (yes dbl in my opinion) especially for a deck or patio without much of a cover.

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We're going to do the exact same thing. We had three sets of Anderson french doors in the rear of the house. We decided to change two of them to Therma Tru to trim our budget.

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Did them come in yet Dreamer? What do you think?

I've seen both (I own a Therma Tru entry door, but not the Andersen), but its hard to say without comparing them side by side.

The Andersen Frenchwood is actually 3 times as expensive as the thermatru for a 5ft French door.

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No we haven't started construction yet but they are in the contract. We just couldn't afford to have all three sets be Andersen. So we opted for a set of Andersen exiting the great room because it will also have many other Andersen 400 windows around them. The other two french door sets are separated from the first and from each other. So we're certainly hoping that will help to make them more indistinguishable.

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Are they a true french door system or entrance doors hung as a double door ? What type of sill (a patio door will have a much higher sill not an entrance door sill this making it a tighter seal)?

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Its a smooth star double entry door- link below. I was planning on adding the multipoint locking system.

Note- this is for a deck entrance from the kitchen and not onto the patio...not sure if that make a difference with sill height you mentioned?

Smooth Star 60"x80" Double Door
Product Category: Exterior Doors
Product Type: Exterior
Region: East
Product Material: Smooth Fiberglass
Brand: ThermaâÂÂTru
Material Type: Smooth Star
Conï¬Âguraon (Units viewed from Exterior): Double Door Factory Finish Opon: No
Frame Material: Primed
Astragal Type: ThermaâÂÂTru Astragal
Astragal Material: White Aluminum Slab
Width: 60" Slab Height: 80"
Product Style: French
Glass Type: Clear Glass
Style: GBG Insulation: Insulated Glass
Grille Type: White Contour Bar
Model: S108WC
Handing: Left Hand Inswing
Casing/Brickmould Pattern: Standard Brickmould Casing/Brickmould Type: Primed
Ship Brickmold Loose: No
Hinge Type: Radius x Square (Self Aligning)
Hinge Finish: Brushed Nickel
Jamb Depth: 6 9/16"
Sill: Composite Adjustable
Sill Finish: Mill
MulâÂÂPoint Lock: None
Bore: Double Lock Bore 2âÂÂ3/8" Backset
Strike Jamb Prep: No
Weatherstrip Type: Compression
Weatherstrip Color: Bronze
Custom Height Opon: No
Sill Cover: Yes
Rough Opening Width: 63 1/4"
Rough Opening Height: 82 1/2"
Total Unit Width(Includes Exterior Casing): 65 3/16" Total Unit Height(Includes Exterior Casing): 83 3/8"

Here is a link that might be useful: ThermaTru Smooth Star French Door

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Make sure you check the price difference after adding the multi point system--it's a HUGE upcharge. We planned for TT with multi point lock, but it cost less to get a Neuma with the multi point than the TT with multi point.

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Excellent point. Didn't realize that the French wood 400 by Andersen already included the multipoint AND hardware, and the Thermatru did not. Now the price difference is "only" $1000. I may go with Anderesen.

Frenchwood is all wood.... should I be concerned about the elements (snow) as this door will not be protected. It doesn't say "fiberglass clad", but mentions coatings and "will never flake, peel, etc".

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It is a (if memory serves me) a factory applied finish (a heavy type paint) that should not really ever need to be re painted. I forget did you ever look into Integrity by Marvin?

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