Construction adhesive on skin

beenie130December 14, 2007

Does anyone know how to get construction adhesive off skin? I have it on my hands and it is taking days to peel off.


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Have you tried nail polish remover? Then apply lots of hand cream as soon as you get the adhesive off, otherwise your hands will be super dry...

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Were I to have this problem I would start by trying WD-40 then, as suggested for nail polish remover wash and apply a hand cream.

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My Dad used to swear by a product called DL Hand Cleaner. He learned of this product from an auto mechanic friend. It's main ingredient is lanolin. Has a nice smell. I don't know who makes it, this is not spam.

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Thanks for the tips. I did try nail polish remover and it didn't do a thing unfortunately. I also bought a heavy duty cleaner at the tool shop but that didn't work either. Basically after about 4 days of scrubbing with an olive oil, sugar mix, it eventually came off. I also had to use the scouring side of a sponge. This stuff does NOT come off. If you ever need to use it, definitely wear gloves!

Thanks again!

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The tube of Liquid Nails construction adhesive says:

Clean wet adhesive with mineral spirits or toluene.Remove dry adhesive by scraping.

Construction adhesive is very difficult to remove once it drys on your skin;now two of us have confirmed that ;)

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COnstruction adhesive is BAD stuff. My husband got some on his little finger several years ago. That patch of skin is still not right. It's like ti suffered a chemical burn.

So, make sure you get it off and don't leave it too long!

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I realize I'm almost 3 years late on this, but for anyone coming here in the future, WD-40 works magically for this! Guaranteed.

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ON the liquid nails site it said to rub the area (a lot) with mineral oil. I used baby oil and a pumice stone and then washed with liquid soap repeated 4 times and got it all!

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well, I must say, I've tried just about everything. The WD-40 doesn't work, I tried Oops! remover. nothing. gojo seemed to work the best, but don't think that it did the trick because it didn't. I guess I'll just lok like a slob for the next few days, until monday when I use the stuff again.

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Found the solution quite by accident. Construction adhesive PL from lowes. Big patch on both hands.
Wear nitrile glove/s overnight. Your hands sweat and it comes right off right down to the pores :)

Tried everything to dissolve it. Nothing worked. But the project also called for pouring concrete and I wore nitrile gloves under the work gloves. Took them off at lunch and it was falling off.

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