Strawberry Fields

nana2010_gwSeptember 18, 2011

I found these adorable dishes at a yard sale and had to have them. The name on the back is Strawberry Fields.

And since I'm not ready to see Summer leave I decided to use them on a table now.

It isn't a complete set so I had to mix and match.

The chargers are plastic picnic plates,I think they fit the bill.The green and white checked napkins are from a TS i love them with these dishes. The faeries came from DT in the Spring. I has something else in mind for them, but didn't get to I used them here. I think they like it.

Hope you like looking at summer a little longer.


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those are so very pretty - what a delightful table - TFS .....


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Marlene Kindred

WOW! Those are just lovely! So frilly looking! And your table is so pretty.

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I would have bought those, too, and I sure don't need any more fancy dishes. Great find.

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I don't think I've ever seen any dishes like those. They are very pretty and have so much texture too. I love pink/white and fairies too, so this table is right up my alley! ;o)

Lynnenc, good to see you back posting. Where have you been and what's been going on in your life?

Schoolhouse, welcome to the forum. We will sure look forward to seeing pics of some of your fancy dishes too. Even if you don't do a tablescape, we'd love to see some of your pretties. ;o)


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WOW...Ditto on what the others said. (That includes you, Lynne. We've missed you!)

Hello Schoolhouse!

Nana, you and Candy are really in a PINK mood, LOL. And this Sept table is PERFECT for my DGD's upcoming birthday!
She will be 9 on the 26th. I know she'd love to visit you
and sit at this table!
Those dishes are so unusual. And would be great for Spring decorating too.

hugs, Karen

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Well, aren't those just the CUTEST strawberry dishes! ...& the little fairies with them is a perfect combo! I also like how you used the green striped napkins! Now I think you need some "fairy dust" to sprinkle around the table w/those fairies! Love the candyshot & that's what made me think of fairy dust! (got any 'glitter!') LOL! TFS, it...& summer suits me fine, too! Jeanne S.

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Your dishes are so pretty -
I've never seen any like them before either.
I love the green checked napkins and how you placed the little fairies all around.
My DGD would love sitting at this table.. She'd feel like a Fairy Princess! Everything is so sweet.

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Karen and Luvs - what a wonderful welcome back :) - life has been very full and rewarding during my absence. Spring and summer finds gardening taking over our lives and decorating takes a back seat. Now that gardening is winding down I will be back here full force. I draw so much inspiration from all of you. Got my fall decorating stuff out today and will be decorating for the next few weeks. Thanks so much for even remembering me - means a lot :) .....


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Lynn, I had been missing you and wondering what had happened to you. Glad you are back. Nana, what a delightful table. It sure makes a statement. I have never seen those dishes before and yes, I would have bought them too. Is that a pedestal cake plate, too> It is just so inviting. You could use that anytime in spring or summer or anytime for birthdays.All you need to make it perfect is a piece of strawberry shortcake.
Welcome schoolhouse, glad you found us and looking forward to seeing more of you here, Sure is a great bunch of gals. Janet

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Nana, I think your new dishes are awesome!!! I would of bought them too. Sweet table with all the fairies and your checked napkins go great with all the other green on the table. I really like your pink candle holders too.

Lynne and schoolhouse it's great to have you here posting. Hope both of you will have more time to come and play now that fall is upon us.


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Oh my goodness! Those plates are adorable! Using the green checked napkins, green glasses and the DT fairies makes it all work together. I love love love those plates!


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Oh, nana...I didn't notice that the plate in the middle was a cake pedestal (til reading Janet's post)! Ohhhhh! Keep your eyes open for a glass cover for that & you could add some of your dancing beautiful fairies to that centerpc! LOL! Just throwing that idea out there! You gals get me going! Lovely, nana! Jeanne S.

****fairy dust!*****

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Thanks everyone.
Glad you're back Lynne.
Welcome schoolhouse, hope you'll be sharing some of your fancy dishes with us.
Karen and Jane, I didn't think of it, but you are right these dishes are perfect for a young lady's [of any age] tea party or BD party. I would LOVE to have you and your DGDs come for a visit and sit at this table!!!
Janet, I made chocolate covered strawberries for the table, but I didn't take the picture soon enough and they didn't hold up. So I just used the dishes.
Jeanne, Where were you when I needed you? LOL I had the hardest time getting the look I wanted for this table. fairy dust would be perfect. Yes I do have glitter!! I'll be on the lookout for a glass cover.
Gosh wouldn't be fun to get together and share ideas for TS and vignettes etc? Where is that darn bus anyway??

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I love those dishes, Nana! What fun you will have playing with them! Enjoy!
Such a pretty table!

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I think a scone would taste extra yummy on one of those plates.

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