Dog hair out of Blanket

splaisDecember 7, 2011

Does anyone know if you can get dog hair out of a fleese blanket by wasking it in the washing machine. I made the mmistake of letting my really hairy dog lie on a fleese blanket I had over the couch. The blanket is now covered in white dog hair.

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No, it just clumps up. At least it does with our washer and dryer. DH insists on cuddling with our American Eskimo every night- it's a sight to see, big tough guy curled up with a fluffy white dog. I have to vacuum the sheets and comforter before they go in the wash, and they're still never completely hair free.

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Machine washing and drying is a good way to start removing dog fur from the blanket. Or just stick it in the dryer on the no heat setting.

But to get all of it out, you may have to use a lint brush.

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Throw the clean blanket in the dryer on low or medium with 2-3 dryer sheets. If it's still hairy, give it to the dog as his personal blankie.

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