Ask me anything!!!

skyelarhDecember 13, 2009

I am a professional cleaner and would be happy to answer any questions and give out some insider tips!

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What product best cuts the soap scum on showers.

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Wet some fabric softener sheets and wipe down the shower. I don't know why it works, but it does. You should also switch to liquid soap instead of bars. Bar soap is what causes the scum.

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I am looking for an "easy" way to clean porous grout. What suggestions do you have?

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Jean Bo

I have a front load washer and my towels smell terrible after washing them, sour yuck! I put in quite a bit of vinegar and leave it over night every few months and that helps but what can I do to avoid this problem.

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Re: Front Loader/Sour smell. When I first bought my front loader a friend warned me to never close the door immediately after the last load was finished - wipe out the 'window' in the door and the gasket around the door and then leave the door ajar so it can dry out. I have never had any sour or musty smells in the 10 years I've owned it.
Also to help with fresh smelling clothing, (or I should say lack of any smells) try using Charlie's Soap. I think the website is I hate the strong smells from many detergents and Charlie's leaves my wash soft, clean and leaves NO odors behind. They recommend you run a couple of wash cycles with old towels or rags when you first start using the product to remove all the residue of old detergents in your equipment.

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So...what happened to the original poster? Good to know we don't have to depend on drive-by posting!

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jjaazzy--google and also check the garden forum. The musty smell from the front loaders is a big problem. We just cleaned the trap in the front that I found out about through my google search. It has taken care of the issue. It is suggested that you clean the trap, leave the door open and also use hot water and sufficient soap. I was a cold water washer but no more.

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I want to know what to use on my stainless steel vent above my stove. The stainless steel products have left a film.

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Jean Bo

I think I do leave the door open for the most part and I have started washing in warm to hot for some loads heavy towels DH wrk clothes. It's really not a musty but a sour smell. Like you ran the laundry forgot it and then dried it and it soured! It's really gross and seems to happen to my heavy towels the most. Regular shirts and stuff as long as I get em out of there quick and dry them are ok. I sometimes put vinegar in there over night and it helps for a while but the problem just returns. I will check and see if there is some filter in the front, that would be horrible as I have had this for years and know nothing of a filter. Gosh I might be in for a science project. Not for nothing but I hate the fact of having to clean something that's job it is to clean! How come it doesn't clean itself !

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Noodles, I have been able to do a good job of cleaning my black glass and metal hood/vent with a paper towel dampened with lighter fluid or mineral spirits.

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wow sheilajoyce--interesting and I will try it.
jjaazzy--really--you take of the lower front panel that has 3 screws. Get ready for about one gallon of water with towels or a bucket or a wet vac, as you simply turn the valve that is very obvious (unplug washer first, of course). You will find a filter and it will stink. Most people find all sorts of socks, pens, coins, etc. We did not find anything but smell. washed it well. closed it up. I also cleaned the back of the washer where the hoses go into the wall and H changed the hoses as they should be changed every 5 years and we were at 7 years. (says so right on the hoses). I had tried bleach and vinegar and all had helped for a few days only. Anyway, two weeks so far and smells fine. I did find all of this by just googling "musty smell in washer" --and sour and musty are the same here. Good luck. I understand that the repair is anywhere from $160-$300 to have it done for you and took H and I about 45 minutes working together.

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Jean Bo

Wow that's so cool I will get right on this and let you know.
Thanks again for the info!

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hey jjaazzy--looking forward to how this works for you. Also, remember to always leave the washer door open when not in use. I now wash with hotter water and a bit more soap as one of the causes of the smell is called a biofilm and hot soap helps stop it from forming.

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The filter location and access vary, so before you take apart your washing machine looking for that filter, do some research on your particular model. My LG filter is easy to drain and access.

A washing machine repairman told me that using too much detergent will cause draining problems. I was using the amount recommended on the Tide HE box, and it was 7 times more than the manufacturer advised.

Here is a link that might be useful: Whirlpool Duet and Kenmore Elite instructions

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Speaking of stainless steel, I have been using Mr. Clean Magic Eraser for my SS sink, it's terrific.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is my go to cleaner for most things. I recently found it effective in spot cleaning my carpet. I had a very old stain in the guest room that I had overlooked, worked like a charm getting it out.

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Magic erasers are great for cleaning bathrooms and shower doors. I put some bathroom cleaner in a bucket of hot water and dip the magic eraser in it and use it as I would a cleaning cloth. After I am finished washing everything down I just rinse and my glass door are clean and streak free. I love it.

I also use my eraser to clean my stainless sink and glass top stove.

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What can remove hard water stains from aluminum pans that were run through dishwasher? Either the Well water or the multi-function packets for the dishwasher--or both--have left dark stains on the finish. Do you know of anything to remove this? I've tried Cameo, baking soda, steel wool, and Brasso...nothing has worked. Help!!!

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Not the original poster but Barkeepers friend may do what you want. I use it to remove watermarks on my stainless steel cookware. I have also used it to remove black scratches on my plates and coffee cups.

Here is a link that might be useful: Barkeepers

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for aluminum pans that are dark from the dishwasher.... get serious with a soap filled sos pad...
Linda C

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Use Creme of Tatar mixed with water and boil to lighten the insides of the pans. On the outside I would make a paste of Creme of Tatar and Vinegar and put in a sealed, plastic bag to keep it moist. Let it sit for 1/2 an hour and see what happens. You can always shine it up with SOS afterward.

My grandmother purchased a complete set of Guardian Service cookware in the 30's. They darkened anytime you cooked a veggie with high alkaline. My mom used them when I was a kid. She used to do the COT/water thing to take the darkness out of the inside. I now have them and they have been packed away for 30 years or better. These were $$$ in the 30's as they would be $2,500 in todays dollars. If you type in Guardian Service Cookware in your search box it will give you all of the instructions as to how to care for AL cookware

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