Welcoming Fall

nana2010_gwSeptember 18, 2012

We are in the midst of the storm that is coming up the East coast, bringing with it heavy thunder storms and possible tornadoes YAY!!

I guess summer is being washed away.

So I will welcome Fall by sharing a table I did last year and didn't get posted. From 2011-11-01

I found the wheat plates and sugar bowl and creamer at a TS, the green plates and leaf placemats in the middle of the table are from Big Lots.

The stems and sherbets were a wedding gift. They aren't quite antique, but vintage like me.

I found the chargers at a resale store

and the placemats at a co-op store.

The napkin rings came from CTS. From 2011-11-01 From 2011-11-01 From 2011-11-01



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Marlene Kindred

LOVE the wheat plates and stemware! And the chargers are beautiful too! Such a nice "welcome to Fall" table. TFS~

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I'm cuckoo for chargers and they are so expensive. Yours are gorgeous.

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So pretty! I think the soft autumn colors are very inviting and comfortable.

Is that stemware gold leaf (haha)!

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nana...it's amazing how quickly you 'shifted into gear' to Welcome in Fall
and I'm liking what you did!
First off, I like the color combination you chose...it really says 'Fall'.
Love the pretty sherberts and plates and also the place mats which bring a nice
texture to each place setting.
I too love those chargers and the
wheat CP is a perfect Fall statement!
Great job.
We're being clobbered by the storm like you too.
Let's keep our fingers crossed that no trees come down!

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Nana, I hope you and Jane both don't have any problems from that storm. It sounds awfully nasty!

Your table is lovely. And I think the soft colors are perfect for shifting from summer to fall. I am SO ready to see all the decorating start up again....summer sure can be a long dry spell for it. Tho thank goodness for those of you who do tablescapes to keep us going. And shopping...definitely shopping. I know we all love seeing the different 'treasures' found.

hugs, Karen

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Nana, love all the detail and colors on this ts from last year. You must be getting pretty filled up with dishes too, huh? I love seeing such a variety with all your ts. Don't know how we made it here w/o you!

I just seen my wheat dishes from DM and thought I should be setting a ts before all the grain is harvested this year. You may have inspired me to set another ts with these dishes.

Jane, I think it's time to load the bus and all of us head some where. I sure hope you and Nana don't get hit to hard with the storms. We have storm warnings too or I'd invite everyone here. Our beautiful mountains are trying to burn up and the smoke has been horrible. They are advising to stay indoors if you don't have to be outside due to the air.


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Thanks everyone. When I finally learned how to post pictures
it was hard to wait for the right time to share it.

Thank you Marlene I'm glad you enjoyed this table.

You are right Fun2BHere chargers can be very expensive, but I buy mostly at thrift stores etc. I've been known to borrow too.

emaly I don't think the stemware is gold leaf.

Thank you, Jane. We had tremendous storms, but not as much damage as there could have been. Thank goodness.

Karen, you are SOOO right about the shopping Yikes! I think the worst part is not being able to find something, so I buy another and then finding the original.

Punk, you are so right I'm starting to burst at the seams, right now I have things stacked up on the floor in the table room aka guest room.
I love being a part of this wonderful group. Image how silly I was to think I could just post pictures of family heirlooms.LOL
I'm looking forward to seeing another tc with your DM wheat dishes.
I'm sorry about the fires in your area.. Mother Nature has really been on a rampage this year.


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Nana, I love love love the wheat centerpiece. Brought back memories of my years living in Kansas, we even had a large vase full of wheat in the bank lobby where I worked.

Those chargers are so pretty, really love the scalloped edges. The leaf placemats are neat too, I must have missed them at our Big Lots last year.

You do have a nice selection of dishes,and what a lucky thing to find these plates AND the sugar bowl and creamer as well.

Very pretty and I'm so glad it was finally time to get to share it with us. ;o)


It sure is nice to see some new names posting here. I've been very lax lately but I sure hope they are feeling welcome and I'll look forward to seeing their posts. Welcome Fun2Bhere and Emaley.

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