Sanity check on new appliances and what sales people told me toda

MAchanteuseMay 15, 2014

We are going to be starting a major reno soon and part of that will include all new appliances. The laundry room is going to be moving upstairs. (We have a structural engineer advising us on reinforcing the floor, among other things. And we'll be looking for a washer that will minimize vibration.)

Of course, this week the motor on our washer (a Maytag from 2000) decided to kick the bucket. I thought I was going to replace it but DH convinced me that repairing it was the best option for now since I didn't know what I wanted to get and I was getting overwhelmed by the options.

I'm really confused based on what I heard from the sales people today. I'd love some opinions so I can try to sort out what I do want when the time comes.

First I went to Best Buy. Sales guy recommended LG and Samsung, since both have technology to reduce vibration. He recommended a top loader for upstairs.

Next stop Lowe's. Sales guy there said that LG, Samsung, Whirlpool and Maytag are all equally good and he recommends getting whatever is the best deal. He wasn't overly helpful and didn't say anything about front vs. top loader.

I went to Home Depot to check prices but didn't get any additional recommendations on specifics.

Last I went to the independent appliance store in our town. They've been around for decades, have a good reputation, and I've used them before for repair but have never purchased from them. He definitely wanted to sell me the Speed Queen, which I've read that people here seem to like. He said basically that LG and Samsung are crap. He didn't offer any opinions on other brands. (In my research, as far as Speed Queen, I couldn't find a lot about vibration, good or bad.) He also said no front loader in a second floor laundry room.

The other thing I asked about at the last store is counter-depth fridges. I'm pretty sure that's what we are going to want (without ice/water in the door), and I'd already looked there and I know they have a few on the floor. He said he recommends the Kitchen-Aid. I feel like from what I've read here, KA has gone downhill, so that surprised me. They have an Electrolux among others.

Thoughts? I've been researching this stuff for months and I still feel overwhelmed.

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No front loaders on the 2nd floor? I suppose that depends on the construction. But Bosch fls are made for apartments. I had a pair in my 12th floor apartment in a closet. So much for that myth.

The choice between a top-loader (Speed Queen is highly favored here if you're going that way) and front loader can be a multifaceted issue. In general, FLs take longer to wash, use less water and have a high spin rate so water is removed and clothes spend less time in the dryer. Some of the brands can produce very hot water -- mine goes to 165F -- as well. Size varies between Euro models (which I had) or jumbos like our DD has stacked, also in an apartment, which handles laundry for a family of 5.

Top loaders work by agitation vs tumbling, use higher water levels and generally take less time to wash per load. They aren't able to extract as much water so there's more dryer time.

No right or wrong, just what you prefer. I switched from top to front loader about 10 years ago. Love the options plus they fit under a countertop. We are a family of two. My sister has a Whirlpool fl pair in her apartment (2nd floor) and is very happy with them.

Counter depth fridges are tricky. There are those that fit flush, those that have doors that stick out, and those that sort of stick out. Most brands have freestanding and built ins plus the various configurations. Some have 1 compressor and others have 2 -- 1 for the fridge and 1 for the freezer.

I don't know how KA stacks up against the others pricewise. But I love, love, loved the Liebherr 30" bottom freezer model we had. It was a freestanding but it fit flush, even against a wall as the door had 0 clearance. I was able to have it look built in though it wasn't. Silent and excellent though do be sure the freezer drawers will suit. I didn't think so but ended up loving them since they could be taken out and put back in -- no bending over.

Others here like the brand in general. Sub Zero is more or less the gold standard. Many like the Thermador Freedom columns very much. A friend of mine who's a recipe chef for cookbooks has an LG French door and loves hers.

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There is a laundry room forum that has endless information on laundry appliances. This forum seems to be more for kitchen appliances.

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He also said no front loader in a second floor laundry room.

I had a front loading Kenmore (same as Whirlpool Duet sport) on the second floor of my 100-year old house with no floor reinforcement, and there was no vibration at all, other than the machine itself (the floors and walls didn't vibrate, and the machine didn't move). Had that pair for about 8 or 9 years (probably still there, but we moved :-) )

Then I had a front loading GE pair, full size, on the 7th floor of a modern apartment building. Nothing vibrated, at all.

Now I have a front loading Frigidaire pair, small, on the 2nd floor of an apartment building with concrete floors (former industrial building). No vibration whatsoever.

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IMO, Maytag is bad news. It's not like it used to be. We sent a new Maytag washer back because it didn't spin out. We had a new washer in our previous house that was Maytag. We had to call for service twice in one year after we bought it. I would never buy a Maytag again.

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If you are having your floors done to properly support a second story laundry then you should be fine with whatever you decide. My home was built with the laundry on the second floor and I hate it because it does shake my entire house. ( hence my user name) when the FL went I was determined to not get another FL but. Ended up comming home with the Elux set as it was supposed to cut down on vibrations. My house still shakes when I do the laundry but its going on 6 years now without issue. That being said my friend has the LG and LOVES it as does my sister. Hates all her other LG. appliances but said she would get the washer dryer again and again. You really just need to decide first what fits your needs and wants best.

As for the CD fridge I had the one rated # 1 by consumer reports and it was by Bosch. Well I could never have a working fridge something was always breaking on it or it couldn't keep an even temp so after it being replaced numerous times Bosch finally did a buy back. Now people still claim this is an amazing fridge I just can't understand it. KA did have some issues the past few years but another dealer told me they found the problem and fixed it. Electrolux has been known to have many issues with their counter depths as well. If you have the space I would look into a higher end fridge. I just had the KA SxS delivered today and I will post some follow ups once I have had it awhile.

Don't let yourself get too overwhelmed. As its easy to do and I have been there as have many of us. In my experience. Who and where you get your appliance from is a very important part of the process. So know the store and company well and get reccomendations! I had such a terrible experience with my first appliance store it was like I was dealing with crooks for 2 years. We didn't know weather to laugh or cry at the outrageous things they tried to pull. The new company came highly reccomended by friends and what a difference this experience was. The fact is 25% of all appliances will have to be serviced within the first year. So make sure you like And trust the place you decide to purchase from.

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go with electrolux for your laundry
stay away from the korean brands cause of service
and drink a double shot of whiskey before you listen to the
"genuises at the big box stores
support and listen to your local dealer

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MAchanteuse writes:

"Of course, this week the motor on our washer (a Maytag from 2000) decided to kick the bucket."


My advice is to consider repairing it and keep using it, as it's one of the good ones. The current Maytags are not as good as the old ones.

We have 2001 low end Maytags with NO COMPUTERS and just simple mechanical controls and they work flawlessly. Components are easy to replace. I bet you could replace the motor yourself if that was actually the problem.

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