Blue Shoe - POOF - Witch Shoe!!

christmascandySeptember 14, 2012

I found this ceramic shoe at GdWl. At first I just walked by and thought it was cute and then I had a thought... "That would make a great witch shoe!" I couldn't turn my cart around fast enough.

Here it is b-4:

Added a spindle from a pile in the basement, some black boa-clearance after Halloween last year and a witch hat I already had. I used a different hat than the one here, but still from the basement.

And after:

I used some Mighty Putty to create the toe of the shoe, and then painted it, added stick on gems from HL, and an old buckle out of my button box.

I used silk flowers from a stash in the basement, ribbon I already had, made the lime green rosette from a fabric scrap, a tassel from a TS find, and bought some black tulle to make a ruffle under the hat brim.

I used a $1 foam pumpkin from DT and glittered it. Then I wrapped a piece of the black boa around the top of the pumpkin.

I cut the top off of the spindle and painted it. Then wedged it in the shoe with styrofoam. I cut holes in the top and bottom of the pumpkin and slipped it on the spindle. The pumpkin supports the hat.

Voila!! My new witch shoe Halloween decoration!!

I have a couple of other ideas for Halloween that I will also be starting soon.

Funny, I'm not ready for fall, but having a ball making Halloween decorations.



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That's impressive! I would have the foresight to do that!

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Candy, your new Blue Shoe - POOF - Witch Shoe is Spectacular!!! I love the colors you chose! Bright and Beautiful.

Love it when a project comes together so well. It was neat before but now it's just to stinkin' cute! This made me smile and smile some more.


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Candy, I don't know what you do for a living, but you really should have a blog on which you could share your wonderfully creative ideas. Of course, maybe you do and I just don't know about it.

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Amazing transformation Candy.
I wouldn't have the forsight to have that kind of creativity.

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Candy, that is awesome. I love it.

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Thanks Becky.

Punk, "but now it's just to stinkin' cute!"
Is that because the saying is "Trick or treat, SMELL my feet?" LOL

F2BH, I'm cluelsess about blogs. I can log onto some of them, but don't really know what they are vs a forum site. Serious question, why would a blog help me?

MM, sometimes I can be creative and other times, totally blank. I am a good at "borrowing" ideas from other people though, LOL.

Marylee, Thank you.

I love crafting and making my creations gives me a lot of pleasure.


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Good Grief, Candy, if I didn't love you I'd have to hate you! You are so darn talented with your art projects, and always find the neatest things when thrifting! Makes me GREEN as all get-out.
I keep going back to look at the "before 'n after" on the shoe, and just shaking my head in amazement! Then the final photo just blows me away!

Would you believe I have that same shoe, stored in a closet bin! Well, not same color as your blue find, mine is a pretty creme and rusty shade. Each Oct I look at it and tell myself it 'could' be a witch shoe, and each time I carefully wrap it back up and put it away. HELP. This was something my Mom bought (she died 11 yrs ago) and had on her coffee table. That's mainly why I haven't tried to paint it. Now seeing yours, I know I couldn't begin to be creative enough. Mine would end up just an old black witch boot. LOL.
Its doing no good stored all these years, I should do something with it, but....

hugs, Karen

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Candy, I totally love your witch's boot. You have to be the most talented person I have "met" . I have never seen any of your projects that I just didn't love. I was reading on Karen's inspiration board of quotes that she has in her albums and one said "I love my computer; my friends live there" I have to agree with that one. I have looked at your post three times or more, and just this morning, (I have to have at least 2 cups of coffee before I can face the day so I enjoy them at my computer before DH gets up). and I just realized that a witches shoe would be the perfect use for a ceramic shoe planter my sis gave me for Christmas several years ago. She loved it, but it was totally not my taste, so needless to say it is packed away. It's not as cute as yours, but I think it still might have possibilities. I"ll have to dig it out. I had totally forgotten about it. I haven't been posting much lately, been so busy babysitting my soon to be 3 yr old GS and canning,freezing and trying to cope with DH that I just haven't had the energy to post, but I do visit the forum every morning and then again at night when I am trying to unwind enough to go to bed. Thanks for all the inspiration. Love u all, Janet

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This should get FIRST PLACE somewhere !!!

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Karen, since your shoe is cream and rust, how about putting a pretty fall arrangement in it and incorporating it into a vignette? That way you would not have to paint it and could still use it. You could even include a picture of your Mom in the vignette. Just a thought.

Janet, glad you are enjoying the forum, even if you are too busy to join in. Sorry to hear you are low on energy, but a 3 yr old will do that to you even w/o canning, freezing, and taking care of DH. LOL The little ones are hard to keep up with, but sure are fun!!
Good luck finding your ceramic shoe. Make sure you take good care of yourself too!!

Minnie, thanks for the sweet comment.

I do agree that a lot of my dear friends are on this forum and I so appreciate all of your encouragement and sharing with everyone here.


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Well, beat me w/a broom stick! Your witch's shoe definitely has 'POOF-ED' from mundane to magic!!! Everyone has said it so well, Candy are a very energetic, creative person! Love, love, love the transformation! Now ...wave your magic wand & pass on some of that creativity! Love your idea for Purplemoon's shoe, too ...go for it, Karen...w/a pic of your Mom ...would be so sweet! Jeanne S.

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ahhh Candy, not only super talented but SMART too! I like your idea a LOT!!! I'll unpack the shoe and see about using it with fall florals, and a photo of Mom. Obviously I never thought of being able to use the shoe in decorating for Fall, I was hung up on witch boot thoughts.

Janet, your darling 3 yr old would wear me out in an hour, I don't know how you manage him and taking care of DH and all else you do...WITH Fibro kicking your butt too. You're pretty incredible in my book. By the way, that saying I have in the album is one of my very favorites and I definitely feel that way about my computer 'n friends who live there. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Candy, Your boot is marvelous!!
Your creativity is endless.
I gasped with delight when I saw it and I'm still smiling.

I don't dare let the 13 witches see these pictures.
they would fly off to claim it as their own.
Then they would fight over who would get to keep it.LOL
Oh, did I say I love it??


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Marlene Kindred

Whoa...that is QUITE the transformation Candy! Looks so amazing...what a great painting job!

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Wonderful transformation Candy!
You have such a knack for turning things into Spectular
Creations!! I always love seeing them too.

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Oops! That should have read "I would NOT have the foresight to do that!"

I do think think that's spectacular!

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Candy, that transformation turned out spectacular. You are a really great painter. So did you just think up all those neat colors on your own or did you find inspiration somewhere? Love the bright colors, dots and harlequin designs on it. Really love the black net and floral arrangement you added to the hat too. This makes a wonderful topiary. I agree with the others, you are very creative and talented. Luvs

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You really deserve some kind of award! I keep scrolling back to the "orignal" blue shoe and I know I would not have come up with half of the embellishments you did. Bravo.

P.S. I'd love to hear what the original owner of the shoe would think after seeing the transformation!

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Candy, I showed your photos to a professional artist friend of mine and she was blown away by what you did!
Actually I showed them to a number of my friends, LOL. I've really been bragging on you.

But....I can't find my mother's boot. Its been in a storage bin in the closet for years! Acckkkk, I can't believe I would have donated it. Noooooooo. I don't remember doing so, and pray its just one more thing I've MISplaced. I'm awfully good at losing things in the house, just ask Mr Oblivious. EACH holiday when I pull out decorations, he hears me say something is missing. I've checked all the places I could think for her boot, and no luck. Please cross your fingers its here in the house somewhere!!! I finally know how to decorate it and it goes missing. arrrggghhh.

hugs, Karen

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That is completely awesome!! âÂÂ¥

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Thanks again everybody.
Luvs, I looked at a lot of Halloween decor and incorporated different ideas of what I saw into the color choices and the different designs. I'm quite good at "borrowing" inspiration ideas, LOL!!

Neesie, I hope the original owner would have liked the transformation, but you never know.

Karen, any luck finding your Mom's shoe?? I know I "lose" things all the time and then find them in some place I totally didn't expect.

Anjabee, thank you.

I so appreciate everyone here and am so thankful Karen "found" me. Teehee.


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Wowsa! Beautiful, creative, adorable! Luv it!

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that is absolutely fabulous. the fact that you saw this shoe and saw enough to transform it the way you did....such talent. thanks for sharing!

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