granite on vanity - hard to keep clean?

mboston_gwMay 10, 2010

I am thinking about getting granite as my master bathroom countertop. I love my kitchen granite - light butterfly jade. Its not too bad to keep up , just the water marks around the fixtures.

However, I am concerned with the bathroom since my DH and I both use hairspray. I have to clean my laminate with a bathroom cleaner then use Windex to make it feel smooth and look shiny. I wonder if that would be too hard to keep clean in the bathroom. I probably would choose a light color granite, maybe something with a coral in it.

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Not a problem at all..My W uses a hairspray and i have no problem with cleaning the granite..

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No issue with my Costa Esmeralda.

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Not a problem with my Giallo Ornamentale. I mostly clean with a 50/50 mixture of water/alcohol and microfiber cloth. Every now and then I use a granite polish. I get hairspray overspray too. It wipes right off. If you're getting a temporary discoloration around your faucets in the kitchen, your granite isn't sealed properly or not sealed at all. If you choose a light color for the bathroom, you'll want to be sure to get it and keep it sealed.

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Its not a discoloration on my kitchen granite, its more of a hard water build up. I use the steel wool that is like really soft (0000_) and it removes it.

The overspray is from an aerosal can not the pump type. I wonder if that makes a difference. I know we shouldn't use aerosal cans but DH doesn't like the pump type.

Qdwag - love your comment that YOU don't have any problems cleaning the granite. So you do the cleaning? I think that's great!

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Don't know if it makes a difference either but my hairspray is an aerosol can as well.

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No problems with Crema Bordeaux.

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I have Black Galaxy in the kitchen and wouldn't do it in the bath. I clean the kitchen daily anyway, and it's very visible and very worthwhile to keep clean because I love seeing it.

I don't (sorry!) clean the bath counters daily. Spots would show build up and show.

I have a busy granite in the powder room and have no spots whatsoever to worry about, no hairspray problem either. I'm just bought another busy remnant for the master bath.

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