Troubleshooting old Maytag washer - bearings vs pump

catherinetMay 6, 2012

My Maytag washer is about 33 years old and was going strong.

Recently, I washed some heavy rugs and work clothes. Afterwards I found a couple pieces of wire that I forgot to take out of the clothes pockets.

Then a horrible loud whine started up in the spin cycle.

We've taken apart the pump and it looks okay. We've replaced the 2 belts. We looked between the 2 tubs and couldn't see anything big in there. There's nothing obvious stuck in any of the inner tub holes.

I'm hoping its not bearings. Could it still be the pump, even though there doesn't appear to be anything stuck in there and its draining okay?

DH insists the noise is coming from the pump, but in that echo chamber inside the washer, its really hard to tell for sure.

What a drag........we've spent about 4 hours on it to no avail. Guess its time for a professional.......but sometimes they don't know a whole lot more.

What do you think.......could it still be the pump? That would cost less than $30 to replace.


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It really does sound like the bearings... at least to my limited experience with front load washers.

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Try taking the pump belt off and letting it agitate. If it still makes the noise--if the noise is in fact during agitate--you will know it isn't the pump. I know a guy that his Maytag had pump problems and he couldnt figure it out cause he couldnt see anything in there. Then he took the pump off and there was a needle in there stuck through the impeller and that was the trouble. Got that out and it is still running.

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Had a similar problem with my older Maytag which happened shortly after washing pants with a bunch of small fishing weights in the pockets.

We decided to take a chance, ordered a pump off the Internet (it was inexpensive so we figured what the heck) and presto it's still washing away.

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Thanks everyone!
Last night I was still reading up on possibilities, and one place said "remove the belt to the pump and see if its still making noise".....just what you said sparky! And sure agitated quietly! (Can't believe we didn't think to do that).
So we'll be ordering a new pump. Funny though......the pump seemed okay when we took it off and turned it on the pully and looked in the drainage hole. Guess it somehow got damaged. I'll sure be checking pockets more thoroughly in the future!
Thanks for your help!

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