gas cooktop vs gas rangetop

KS.farms_cooksMay 3, 2012

We are currently in the midst of a major kitchen remodel. I'm wanting to go with double wall ovens, so I'm looking to a 36" gas cook top or a 36" gas range top. Wondering if one is advantageous over another or is it just personal preference. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

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Rangetop gives you more cooking surface and a "pro" look. A cooktop is usually easier to clean due to a more seamless counter-to-appliance interface and knobs are less likely to be bumped by stomachs and fiddled with by toddlers.

So they both have pros and cons. You just have to decide what aspects are important to you.

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You will get more burners typically with rangtop (6) vs cooktop has 5. Also rangetops tend to be more BTUs per burner. Cooktop knobs get dirtier because they are closer to splattering pans. With a cooktop you can get one big burner (with surround area) which i like.

The primary reason i went with a cooktop was because the cooktop i was looking at let me have top drawers underneath while the rangetop wouldnt allow that.

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GW Deegenaux (sorry if name mis-spelled but wish to give credit) pointed out this Ebay buyer some time ago and I bookmarked it.


Here is a link that might be useful: This may help:

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Thank you all for pointing out the pros of each, now to decide.....

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Another issue to consider -- smoke and heat from an oven in a range will be sucked out by your range hood. With a rangetop and separate wall ovens you need to think about the proximity of your wall ovens to your ventilation.

We have a rangetop and love it but we do set off the smoke detector sometimes when using our wall ovens.

Another thing -- a rangetop lets you put lots of drawers underneath to store your heavy pots and pans and keep them accessible for cooking.


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I think as far as looks go, it depends on your kitchen. I have a 36" gas cooktop and although I have always loved the look of the Pro style range tops, I think it would look too beefy for my space. I also I like that I am not leaning onto the knobs when I stand in front of the cooktop. A few years ago, if I had to chose I could have jumped on the range top, but today I would do the opposite. Funny how your tastes/opinions change....

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I chose a cooktop for all the above reasons and don't regret it. I have a 6 burner Bertazzoni which is a pleasure to use and look at. There aren't that many 6 burner cooktops out there, Viking & Bertazzoni make 36", I believe Miele has a 42" and Dacor a 46".

Good Luck!

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Sorry about my previous post -- I misread the question as cooktop (or rangetop) versus range. Just put me on ignore...


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When we remodeled and considered this -Ended up w/range, as I did not want to lose counter space with wall ovens & it would have increased cabinetry costs to house the wall ovens

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