a word of advice, LOL

PurplemoonSeptember 15, 2010

Every time I think I'm being so smart, I get walloped upside the head by Reality. So I thought I'd share some advice in case any of you have a problem. LOL.

Problem one...I'm old and forget things.

Problem two...Fibromyalgia causes short term memory loss.

I like excuse #2 better actually.

Last year when I packed away my too-much-Christmas stuff,

I made a list of what I stored where. Because the year before I forgot some stuff that was in under-the-bed bins!

If my Christmas decor could all be in ONE area, I wouldn't have a problem. But its not, and I do. A bonus of buying stuff on sale after the season, is I take pictures to show you guys, and that gives me a record of new purchases during the year. And I find room to put it in one of the Christmas closets... or my reg. closet, and we won't talk about that disaster right now. Tho I may have to get rid of my clothes.

But apparently my 'smartness' stopped at Christmas. I've been going nuts the past few days trying to find some of my Fall decor. Its stored in too many places, but I don't have one big place for it. Still I was sure I knew where it all was. Till I remembered my 3 newest pieces I got several months ago at Hobby Lobby when they put stuff out early for fools like me. I came home, and showed you, this

Then I "lost" it. I've looked high and low for it. Its not small enough to lose, darn it. In desperation I started looking on the pantry shelves where I keep Spring holiday decor. Don't ask why, but it was by the Easter stuff. Along with two acorn bowls I'd bought and totally forgotten all about.

My advice is to not stick stuff any place there's room,

and if you do, write down where you stick it.

Someone please remind me of this next year, when the sales

start!! In fact, remind me NOT to even buy MORE stuff!!

Oh wait, I forgot who I'm talking to here!! Enablers R Us.

hugs from frazzled Karen

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Too funny, Karen. There is an upside to short term memory loss though--when you happen to run across something you've stashed away, it makes you feel excited and happy all over again! ;o)

Those fall items are much too pretty to forget--and acorn bowls, now how could you forget those? ;o)

Can't wait to see your home all decorated for Fall, you always do such a nice job of it and have so many pretty things.


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Funny Karen..
I do have to agree with Luvs tho...
Forgetting where you stashed something, then come across it, when NOT hunting for it..makes it 'New All Over Again'!
Glad you did find them because that becomes so frustrating.
I'm still looking for 'Gold Candles' I bought, to go with two Christmas Angels that I got for my DD, over 10 yrs ago.
I still feel frustrated over never finding them!

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Karen,I can totally relate to everything you just said. A few years ago, on a trip, I bougth aMatchbox" sized pueter (sp) nativity scene to use with my Santa doll house which a dear friend had given me a kit to make. I was so pleased to find it. I brought it home in a small sized bag and statched it in the cornor of my cabinet. Then a few mounths later, when cleaning out the cupbards, I remember tossing a little bag in the trach, only to later (. to late to retrieve it) remember what was in the little bag. Seems like I spend half of my time hunting for things I put up in a "safe"place and a lot of the time I never see them again. Funny though, anything that I would like to lose, sticks like glue.HA Janet

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Oh Janet, that is so sad you tossed the tiny pewter set..
you must've been really upset with yourself. I'd have been
in tears for sure.

I have learned since the Fibro took over, that anything I put in a SAFE place is only safe from ME finding it again!

Right now I don't know whether to cry or laugh, or beg someone to shoot me! After being happy I found the 3 Fall hanging things, it dawned on me I haven't run across a pair of Pheasants that are about a foot long each. I bought them off eBay the first of the year. How do I lose BIG things like that? So the past hour I've been looking everywhere I could think of, and some places twice. To my dismay, I found another BIN of Fall stuff stored up on top a pantry cabinet in the laundry room. I do not need another BIN to unpack or decorate with. This stuff must be multiplying like my bunnies is all I can say! I have GOT to stop buying any more stuff the rest of this year,
and stay away from Jan. sales! Somebody needs to lock me
in my room to insure that!

hugs, krazy ol' Karen

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Oh, Karen, I feel for you! I have the same problem, but mine came from my brain swelling when I went eclamptic when I was 7 months pregnant with Emily. I forget the darnedest things! But, like you, I've found that this forum has helped a lot. I now take pics of every new dec I buy. Although I post most of them eventually here, what's really helped is filing them in my Photobucket albums. I have folders for everything! In fact, just yesterday as I was filing pics of the new Halloween decs I bought, I found a pic of a Fall serving dish that I'd bought last early-December at GW and forgot!
I'm so happy that you finally found your lost decs. What about a (1" or so) ring binder or notebook that you can keep in your kitchen and write down your decs and where they're stored? Or, better yet, start a list on your computer. My family calls me the List Lady . . . and I am. I don't think I could function well with out them! At the very least, I'd embarrass myself even more than I already do ;^D

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Karen, sounds like you fit right in here after reading all the posts and saying to myself, been there, done that.LOL I hope you find your pheasants before long too.

I have started reorganizing my decorations and that is going to help me alot. However, after I got home last night I noticed one of my shelves leaning way to far. So I had to unload it and DH came to my rescue and beefed it up. We had some things on those shelves we are no longer using so he hauled them out to the large shop so now I can bring in more. Yipee

Janet, sad story but I bet you look before you toss any little bags again right away.


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Karen, thank you for this! I often have to look back at last years pictures to make sure I'm not imagining that I bought something or had something.

But, there is also that problem, if I DO have it & I'm NOT imagining it, then WHERE is it???

I think we all have the same problem, if we could put all fall things in one place & every other season & holiday too, then we wouldn't lose so many things, but like you, I come home with some new stash & shove it anywhere it will fit.

I need to reorganize my entire basement. I have shelves lining two walls, but now things are not together anymore, mostly because I had an area for fall & xmas, but have outgrown the areas, then we all started other holidays for tablescapes & it's all mixed up good now, like a tossed salad!!! A huge one!LOL

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Well, I'm certainly in good company. We're all lost, huh?
Too funny.
Yacht, I like your "tossed salad" description. Right on!

Each season, I think I'm organizing stuff better when I pack it up...and then last year, I did a very detailed Christmas list. So hopefully this year I'll be in decent shape, in spite of buying a lot since Jan. But what's not in proper Christmas storage areas, is in my poor closet. Nothing 'should' get lost this time. But oh how I wish I'd done same with Fall things. I truly am shocked at just how much I have now!!
Tho I still can't find those two darn pheasants! They are driving me bonkers and I'll probably see them in my dreams. Hey, maybe I'll see WHERE the heck they are then!
Its a very good thing I started decorating a few weeks early this year, maybe I'll find them by the end of the month!

hugs, Karen

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LOL! It's always nice to know that we are NOT alone in this world! Been there, done that ...copper earrings for me, Janet...threw that little sack (I bought on vacation) right in the trash! UGH! Thanks, Purplemoon, we seem to all have reached this stage in life! "Enablers R Us!" ...LOL, PM!

Good idea, Lynn...I do take lots of pics...but then must keep them organized. Now when kids look at my photo albums, I say, "just skip over the flower ones, holiday decor & t'scapes! Family pics are in there somewhere!" LOL! Jeanne S.

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Great idea to put it all in one place.
Right now I can't find the dishes I used for a Halloween tablescape last year :(
Fortunately, I still have a couple of weeks before I need to set that table.

I tell people that I don't have Alzheimers since I just forget parts of things, I have Partsheimers!! LOL


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Karen, have you tried going back and reading the post where you showed us the pheasants? Might be something on it that would jog your memory about where you put them. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

I have a small drawer in my china cabinet where I sort of collect gift items that I find during the year that I think will be just perfect for someone's BD or Christmas. However, sometimes and item is too big for the drawer and has to be stashed elsewhere. Makes me so upset when I run across it later and the occassion has already passed! Guess I need to write myself little notes and stick them in the gift drawer as reminders from now on.

Don't you feel better now Karen, knowing you're not the only one? ;o)

Candy, I'm going to remember that term you created--I'm sure I'll be needing to use it! LOL


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Karen and all,

Well, I can add to the chorus. My HUGE basement storage room is perpetually a "tossed salad," as Yachter so aptly put it, because I keep thinking of a new, final, perfect way to organize my stuff (LOL)! I have DH putting in new wire shelves between the wood ones so I can organize my off-season dishes (Jane, it's no wonder I haven't got my dining room table yet, I keep him busy with storage projects).

I am taking pictures of the shelves as I do them (and reorganize them, over and over) so I'll know how to put my stuff back (this is all theory, I'll let you know if it works). One thing I have been able to do which has been helpful is to put more things out on the shelves as opposed to putting them in bins. Then I don't have to pull so many bins down and dig through them. Plus, it's kind of a hoot seeing all those funkin Jack o'lanterns staring at me as I come in!

Good luck, everyone!

- Magpie

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Well, add me to the enrollment!!! Yikes.....
I have accidentally thrown things away,
broken them,
or lost them completely!
I NOW have a long skinny tablet NAILED to the inside of the hall closet door, that "reminds" me where things are!
It doesn't work all the time, but it is quite a bit better than I was before.
I also keep an ongoing Christmas list on my computer. I add things that I find for certain persons, during the year.
It all helps!
Hugs to all of you, and Karen I hope you find the pheasants soon, you will have us all dreaming about where they might be!

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I had to come back and read these latter posts . . . because it feels great to know that I'm in good company with my forgetfulness!
So I have to tell you of my latest "Partsheimers" incident (great new term for us,Candy!):

Yesterday afternoon, I picked DD up from school and made a quick trip to Walmart Supercenter. While there, I found a tablecloth I "needed" for my Halloween table. I was hoping to find some very inexpensive charger plates for a project, but theirs were too pricey for what I wanted. So,I come home and go to put my new (cheap/ $1.25/green plastic) tablecloth away in my tablescape cab . . . and there under a pile of fabric on the bottom shelf was a stack of 20+ gold and silver chargers that I'd forgotten I had! So I saved myself some money! Now, I just need to clean out the cab so I can better see what I DO have!

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Oh golly, Karen. This sort of thing happens to me all the time.

Lynn, you actually forgot about TWENTY gold and silver chargers! You may get the prize for that one.
Come to think of it, I'm sure some of you gals on the forum will remember I "found" a large orange tablecloth with matching napkins that, to this day, I still can't remember ever buying. How does one forget about an ORANGE tablecloth, of all colors??

Well, I have to say that although my misplacing and rediscovering of table items continues to go on and on, this forum has helped me in a small way. Since I usually take pictures of some of my Fun Finds and tablescapes to post here, I've gotten in the habit of taking more pictures of my dishes and glasses. At first, I only had pics (and little explanations) of the china that one day would be handed down. But now, I take a picture of everything as soon as I bring it in the house. (If hubby is home, I leave it in the trunk until I can safely take a snap.)

I even have most of them on my mobile phone along with pics of the manufacture's mark on the back, so I can match things when I spot something that might coordinate.

Doing a kitchen remodel also helps, because you have to take everything out and, worst of all, you have to CLEAN everything when you go to put it all back. So, within a week or so, I actually HELD each item in my hand for a minute or two. Now, about remembering where I decided to store them . . .

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"Partsheimers"...that is a hoot, and too true, Candy.

Lynn, you definitely get the prize! TWENTY CHARGERS you forgot? LOL.

OA, I thought Kathleen was the only one who hid stuff in her car trunk. Or maybe I should say 'stores' it there temporarily. ;o)

Gosh, you guys make me feel much better. I think.
Those pheasants didn't even show up in my dreams! Darn birds are making me nuts today too. I HATE losing stuff. Especially when I am sure they have to be in garage cabinet or pantry shelves. Guess they flew the coop!

hugs, Karen

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Love reading everyone's story and how we can relate to
our "Partsheimers" (good one Candy).
I like tho how eveyone (well most of us) have been able to figure out ways to 'remember' too!
So many times, I have to rush in and stash something quickly, that I can't take a picture or jot it down and many times it becomes forgotten.
Lynn ALL those chargers...that's Major!
I've done that with Cards I buy ahead of time. Sometimes I end up buying double, because I stash them away, completely forget I bought them and find them months later...or not at all
Magpie...I can understand why your table is late in coming, but for some reason I think having the storage in place, is a good thing. Now you'll be able to 'See'
where all the 'stuff' for your tablescapes are!

Well, it's nice to know we're not alone in all our 'Madness'.


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I went back and counted them and there's actually 11 gold and 10 silver for a total of 21 . . . that's pitiful, but true! I bought them several years ago for our big Christmas Day dinner, which had a silver & gold theme table. I'm just glad that I found them before I'd actually bought any more!

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ok, here you go, Lynn, you've earned it...LOL

hugs, Karen

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I forget all the time what I have. I do try to keep it together in bins, but I am far from organized.
I do take pics of everything now, as it helps me remember, I think! :)

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When looking for something misplaced, why do I look a second or third time in the same places that I have already looked? Like it is going to magically be there.

I usually find the object the day after I needed it.

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soxxx, welcome to the forum! I can tell you why you look a second or third time--because sometimes we look in there and everything just doesn't "register". Once we know this happens to us, then we start checking again "just in case." What I really hate is if I have looked, then DH looks and there it is! Makes me soooo mad--at myself! LOL


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HA Luvs!
I can relate ..sort of.
Usually, DH looks for something can't find it...I look (in the same place) and 'Bingo'! I usually tell him he looked for it 'A Mans Way of Looking'..he never bends down or moves things around...if he doesn't see it right off..it's not there..no matter where he looks or what he's looking for...like something in the Refrigerator... or Cabinet for the salt!
Now if I misplace something...just like your DH...he finds it!! Go Figure..

Welcome Soxxx.. Nice to see you here, and I'm glad you joined in.


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Hi and Welcome, Soxxxx. You're so right about looking two or three times in the same place. LOL. Tho in my case, it sometimes does 'magically' appear on me. Searching for my pheasant pair, I keep hoping that will happen.

Jane,LOL, I cracked up at to the "Man's Way of Looking".
You are so right in your description of that. Too funny!
My DH is always asking where something is, and often its right in front him.

You guys have made this such a fun thread!! Thanks for all the laughs, empathy, and sharing your stories. Love it.
hugs, Karen

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