Hard time keeping Stainless steel Appliances clean?

pjalstDecember 13, 2004

I after trying to clean my stainless Steel refrigerator with numerous cleaning products, I think I've finally found a winner. A product call "Zep" foaming citrus cleaner & degreaser works the best. After using other products, I found that they still left visable fingerprint smugges and streaks. Zep even cleaned better than a product that was specifically marketed as a stainless steel cleaner. I don't know where they sell it, my wife picked up a can in our neighborhood dollar store. They don't usually carry it.

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I saw "Zep" at Home Depot last night but it wasn't the foaming version - it was in a spray bottle. Wonder if it would work the same? I have all stainless appliances in my kitchen and would like to find something quick and easy like you're describing. Thanks for sharing.


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I don't know if the spray will work as well as the foam. The foam is awesome. If you buy the spray,keep us posted.

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Will do. I was standing in line with my arms full so I didn't buy a bottle, but the next time I go back, I'll look and see if they have the foam. If not, I'll test drive the spray.

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Ok, I bought the spray and wasn't impressed. Wished my Home Depot carried the foam - they have every other Zip product but not the foam. I'll keep looking.

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I had excellent luck with 3M stainless cleaner. You just spray it on and wipe with miracle cloth. Can go in circles, whatever. No streaks

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With the Zep Citrus foam you can rub in circles also and I just used a plain paper towel

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I have tried several SS cleaners and I like Stainless Steel Magic the best. Just spray on and wipe off - no streaking.

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I agree with JoJo Ohio - Stainless Steel Magic is the best. Not only cleans streak-free, but seems to repel future fingerprints, and we have a three-year-old who *loves* to "do it myself."

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Just read a tip in Woman's Day mag, the person said they used club soda to clean the stainless with and polished it with a dry cloth...anyone try this??

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Stainless Steel Magic.

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I just tried the club soda, what a mess. Stick to the SS Magic!

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So far, the best I have found is the SS Magic, although if there were something better, I would sure try it.

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If SS Magic is the same as Kitchen Magic for stainless steel....a word of caution. I used it for awhile and began to notice a brown hue to my sealed sautillo tile floor (yeah, SW Arizon syle home). I tested the cleaner in a hidden part of the floor and, low and behold, it produced a distinct brown stain. I now spread a towel in front of the fridge before I clean it.

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The problem I have with SS Magic and all the other cleaners specifically for SS is that they contain some sort of oil that might repel fingerprints, but applying them requires so much rubbing to make the surface streak free.

I finally switched to SprayWay glass cleaner--no ammonia, no bad smell--and it works perfectly with no streaking and no residue. It's $5.00 a can at Restoration Hardware, but my Sam's Club has it for much less.

SprayWay is great, professional stuff. I discovered it when the guy who installed my shower door used it to clean the glass. He said that glass shops swear by it, and I've found that it has lots of uses in my kitchen, too.

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I use Lemon Oil furniture polish on my stainless steel appliances. It works a treat. Put it on with a paper kitchen towel and wipe off the excess with a clean one.

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Rubbing alcohol will remove fingerprints from stainless and dry streak free.
Linda C

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another spraway fan here.
I have found it at Ace Hardwate too.

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I once worked in a new hospital that had a lot of stainless steel. They used a product from ServiceMaster that smelled like WD-40. So I took a cotton diaper and sprayed it with a bit of WD-40 and tested for polishing a clean metal surface. Then I polished and removed any residue with a clean cotton diaper. There was hardly any residual smell and that dissipated in minutes. I have been doing this for years now. It will also prevent spots on the walls of the shower and the clear parts of shower doors.

Don't get it on the bottem of the shower or tub! You will fall on your butt!

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I have tried everything mentioned here - stainless steel magic, sprayway, but the only thing that really works for me is baby oil. I read somewhere on the web that this is what a lot of housecleaners use so I tried it. You just use a small amount on a soft cloth, rub onto the appliance and rub off excess with a clean cloth. It works great. My son left a handprint on my stainless steel fridge and nothing took it off but baby oil!

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There is a product called Shelia Shine. It is used in professionl kitchens. It is fabulous and indicates it can also be used on fine furniture although I haven't tried it. So easy to use too. Just Google it. You'll get lots of hits.

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Couple of tips on stainless steel cleaning/polishing is that anything "Oil-Based" will give a great shine, BUT will attract dirt and dust quickly. Anything "Water-Based" will clean up the surface nicely, won't shine as much, but will typically stay clean longer.

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I tried Mr Clean Magic Erasers and they are amazing on my ss appliances. Do a small area to test first. All I had to do was wet them, wipe down the appliance then dry with a soft cloth or paper towel. They look polished and best of all no greasy feel. Super easy!!!

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Packaging of Mr. Clean Majic erasers specically says not to use on stainless steel

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I heard that using undiluted vinegar on a cloth and wiping the stainless works? Anyone try this?

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We stay at a condo in Port Aransas on the Texas coast a couple times a year for the past 15 years. Every night, sometime between 11pm and 2am (when I walk my dog) they spray the inside stainless doors of their elevators with WD-40. They spray it on and don't wipe it off. By morning it has evaporated enough to touch the doors without getting messy. Even in the salt air, which is corrosive to stainless when continually exposed, the doors have lasted all this time.

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I tried so many products to clean my stainless steel appliances with only moderate success. I had been using a product called "Dirtex" on windows and cleaning spots on walls so I decided to try it on my frig. It worked, tried it on my wall ovens, it worked, tried it on the backsplash behind the cooktop, it worked.

Dirtex comes in a spray can that I buy at Lowes in the paint department. The can costs $4.95. I just spray it on and wipe it off with a paper towel, done. Some of the stainless steel cleaners I had tried left an oily film on the stainless that even though you would wipe it off left a residue and seemed to attract more dirt.

I tried it on my Kahrs wood flooring in front of the cooktop since I had some grease splashes but I think that was a bad idea, but that's another subject.

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Orange Glo (for wood furniture)is awesome on stainless steel. It's oil based so leaves a nice shine and smells great too.

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please let me know if you would purchase stainless steel appliances again? I am fixing to buy new refrig and stove and some friends have said it would be hard to clean? Need your honest opinion. Thanks.

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anyone try good old Windex? We always used it on stainless at work at the restaurant. Takes off grease, fingerprints, and no oily residue. let us know what you think

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Jav - I would definitely get stainless appliances again. Have tried most of the products mentioned here, with the exception of Linda's alcohol. Most seem to work well, and the appliances still look quite presentable. I have a brushed stainless countertop beside the stove. Love it! Can set a boiling pot down there and not worry about damage. After the first few scratches, the surface develops a wonderful patina. I might even consider all stainless counters in the kitchen.


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WD-40! Works like magic! Great on glass shower doors too! I've tried other products, but this worked the best.

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This is an old post, but as others are commenting, I thought I would add this. I recently heard Martha Stewart say she uses Windex on SS Appliances. As I don't have SS, I can't attest to its effectiveness, but worth a try I think.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I was talking with a friend just yesterday, and she told me 'again' that she wished she had never bought all SS appliances for her new home, and would never buy another one. Seems to be a really sore spot with her, as she seems to keep everything cleaned and in perfect shape all of the time. I don't know how she does it all.

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I can tell you what to steer clear of for sure: Windex - My appliance salesman friend showed me what it did after a while to one of his fridges - bad iridescent streaks. Orange Fantastik says it's great for SS - don't believe it. Magic Eraser will actually buff out the factory brushed texture. WD-40 and Baby Oil would be good if you can stand the oiliness and strong smells. Pledge SS Wipes are an absolute joke. Weiman SS cleaner (Wal-Mart) is very mediocre. It takes major elbow grease to get it looking good and then streaks show up a few days later in your wipe pattern - go figure. There is a decent one I got a sample of free with my fridge. It's called "Cleaning Polish and Conditioner for SS" It is part #31960804 available at this # 1-800-843-0304. The BEST I've seen is the one mentioned very first in these posts - ZEP. Once you've had Zep, you're spoiled forever. It's non-greasy and cuts grease, wipes away in a flash, resisits smudges, and smells great. Only problem is that I can't find it anymore. Home Depot is where I got it, but they've stocked a different Zep than the one I knew. They are difficult to differentiate. Both aerosols are for stainless steel, but the green-lettered one is the fabulous one. The silver-lettered can is a garage-smelling oily formula that leaves a stubborn overspray on the floor. Anyone who knows where to get green Zep PLEASE post!

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I used silver cream on my stainless steel appliances!! I wet the sponge, then wipe it on in the direction of the grain, wash it off, then dry with a dry paper towel, still wiping in the direction of the grain.
Makes them look bright and new again!!
Hope this helps..........

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I am following this post hoping to come up with something that works. I have tried it all except Zep. Stainless Steel Magic works on my cooktop but my cooktop only. On my refrigerator, hood, dishwasher and oven it leaves greasy streaks that won't even buff out. I am ready to return all of my stainless appliances. I have been in my house two months and work hours on end trying to get them clean and no luck. I have tried washing all down with warm water and starting over but nothing leaves it clean and it is just my husband and myself, no kids.

I am ready to pull my hair out. Anyway, what am I doing wrong. I use clean soft bar towels every time, no paper towels. Windex is closest I have come on refrigerator and dishwasher but still a streaky mess. Let me know if anyone else has ideas.

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I received samples with my Kitchenaid appliances. I like it the best it's creamy. You can order from their web site. This is the second all stainless kitchen for us. I won't ever do it again.

Hope you find something that works for you.

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I received samples with my Dacor oven and warming drawer. I order it by the case from Homeclick. Because Dacor recommended it, it's all I use on my Dacor stainless. I love the results. I have other stainless, with commercial finishes, and I'm less picky. Dacor Elco Stainless Cleaner is the one that works on all my different stainless surfaces. Other brands of stainless cleaner may work on one stainless finish or another, but none that I have tried works on all of them, besides this one. Pledge was awful, the Kitchenaid one works on my KA icemaker, not on the rest of my surfaces. 3M was an aerosol and I try not to use those. It was okay on my big range, not on the Dacor stuff, etc.

Here is a link that might be useful: Elco Stainless Cleaner

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In reply to Jav 2007: Nope. I absolutely would not get stainless appliances again.

Last house had 'em all: fridge, stove, microwave, dishwasher. It seemed like I spent more time trying to keep them looking clean than actually using them! (Probably not true, but it sure felt like it!)

I'd clean and polish, and the first person to use it next would leave marks. To me they never looked really clean after the first week.

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I agree the SS Magic is the best. I got a sample of the creme but now I can only find it in spray or wipes. I am not keen on either of those. Anybody know where I can get the cream? I have looked on-line and only see the other two products.

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Is there a phone number for the manufacturer on one of the containers of SS Magic?

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ok then, how about the new "fingerprintless" stainless?

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I dont have stainless in my house but I clean OP houses part time and I hate their stainless. Does that count. I hate black too.

Personally I prefer something oily like lemon oil or baby oil or wd40 cause its faster. It repels prints for a while too. I leave my customers a piece of old tshirt to wipe off prints in between. They all say this works till the oil is totally gone. Then the prints are back.

Ive used the green Zep too. It works but it takes longer. All wipes are a joke.

The trick to doing stainless is all or nothing. You cant spot wipe stainless. Whatever youre using you have to coat the whole surface at once. Then wipe off the excess and polish with a microfiber cloth or some other lint free soft cloth.

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I Love the Stainless Steel Magic, but I think Micro Fiber Cloths are the best thing to use with any cleaner. You can buy them specifically for ss but they are expensive. I buy a package of 25 at Bj's, Costco, or Sams Club they are made for care detailing but work great for Stainless Steel and Granite Counters.

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Mine is an industrial cleaner. Nassco, Inc. Stainless Steel Polish and Cleaner. Modern Maintenance and Packaging Methods, 5365 S. Mooreland Rd, New Berlin, WI 53151 414-422-9960. Works beautifully, and no ozone depleting chemicals.

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Found on the Zep website:

"To order Zep products contact your Zep Rep or call 1-877 I BUY ZEP." Follow the link below; there you will find a .pdf on this product.

Here is a link that might be useful: ZEP 65 Foaming Citrus Cleaner

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Just tried the WD40 and it works EXCELLENT on SS appliances. How often can it be used on SS? Nothing I have used has come close to the WD40 for results. Thanks so much for the tip!

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I was very interested to see what some of you have used. I am getting a real education. Within the last year I have replaced all my appliances with stainless and have had trouble finding anything that would clean it well and get rid of the fingerprints and grime. The only thing I have found that works for me is not a stainless cleaner at all. It is called CeramaBryte and is made for glass-ceramic cooktop surfaces. I use it on my cooktop, but was amazed at how well it cleaned my stainless. I had tried so many other stainless products with no success. On a whim I tried this in a little corner of my dishwasher and was amazed at how well it cleaned and how fast it worked. I put some on a paper towel, wipe it over the stainless steel surface, then wipe it again with a damp paper towel, then dry with a dry paper towel. Stainless comes out beautifully! Very impressive. However, I would like to try Sheila Shine as that sounds good to me. It is supposed to repel fingerprints, so I might get some to try it out. Also, quite a few of you have used Zep so maybe I will try that, too. Have done the Windex and other SS cleaners and have not been impressed.

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I just don't see why people love SS so much? To me it looks like a restaurant or a laboratory and sounds like he!! to keep clean. Well, each to his own.

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Well, I couldn't believe it but I tried Lemon Pledge using a good microfiber cloth and it was amazing. It was easy, looks great and cleaned up like nothing I've ever tried. I never would have imagined how nice everything looked when I was done.. so I ran around and did all my faucets and hardware too. It looks great!

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One word: ENDUST!!! Seriously...works better than any stainless steel or kitchen cleaners I've tried. I spray it on and wipe off with a microfiber cloth. No streaks whatsoever. :-)

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Lowes told me they use Lemon Pledge on all their stainless steel. I've been using it ever since and it's great, especially for faucets, etc. - when they get wet and spotted, a dry rag shines them beautifully.

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Has anyone tried the Stainless Steel cleaner from Method that they sell at Target and other stores? Method is marketed as a "green" product, but we don't have stainless steel and I've always wondered if the product is any good.

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Everything in my kitchen that can be stainless steel...is. I love it and would do it again in a minute. It looks "professional" but not cold at all due to the colors of the woodwork, stone, tile, and granite, etc. To each his own, I guess, LOL. The liquid cream cleaner furnished with KA appliances works well, but I prefer the Stainless Steel Magic wipes...they remove all the fingerprints and gunk and if you wipe the whole front, don't leave streaks...you can also use an old dishtowel or a miracle cloth to wipe it down after if you feel a residue. And because they are pop-up wipes, there is no overspray that gets on nearby woodwork or on the floor.

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Have tried so many of the products mentioned here and wasted so much $. Finally found Weiman SS cleaner to be the best and ordered 6 cans from the company because it's not always available in stores.

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Hey folks, go over to the Appliances forum for additional information.

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I had tried many of the above mentioned, but I had a problem with water marks. When the kids use the water on the door they let it drip and dont wipe it dry. I tried everything with no luck, until I tried Barkeepers friend. Its in a powder form, I was afraid it may be abraisive so I dont wipe in circles, just along the grain of the brushed stainless steel. I use it once a month and use stainless steel magic the rest of the time.

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I have only 1 SS in my house and just hate it. It's a bar fridge. I had not the time to have a custom panel made to match the cabinets so I had to opt for the SS. I had SS 30 years ago when it was real SS and you did not have to worry about going with the grain and all of that C. I had brushed SS in my kitchen and it was smooth as glass, You were able to wipe it up or down or left or right. This was not a problem. There was no grain. The SS today is way too soft and you really have to baby it. What is that about?! I don't care what you have paid and whether it is Garland, Wolf, SZ, GE, etc. It is a pain. The quality is not there. I think my cook top was a
Chambers with 6 burners and a grill in the center. This was way before it's time as it used white, ceramic octaginal blocks that would give you the gas grill taste. I used it once and the SS was way too hard to clean so I never used it again. You did not have to baby any of this as this was a much harder SS. I just use Cinch on my bar fridge and use Weiman SS Cleaner before people are due to arrive.

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I use baby oil.

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I use a hand held steamer and a micro fiber cloth. It works wonderful, never smears or looks streaky due to the fact there is no chemical build up. If you do not have a steamer..plain hot water in a spray bottle will work fine too... I also use Shaklee basic H2 organic cleaner on all my stainless and it is also wonderful! It is not hard when you find what really works. In the past, I bought every product I could find. All it did was leave a film and it never really looked clean..now all my stainless looks beautiful and clean.. there was a time I wanted to throw it out the window lol

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We have all SS appliances in our kitchen and had used 3M SS Cleaner and Polish rather successfully for many years. About a year or so ago, we read in an issue of Consumer Reports magazine that Weiman's worked the best. We found it at our local WalMart and have "converted" to it. It is easy to use and does a great job.

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We recently purchased all new stainless steel appliances. The first time I cleaned them I went to this site for ideas. I tried some but without success. That same week I was invited to a Norwex party. They sell cleaning products. I purchased a multipurpose microfiber cloth and a polishing cloth. I came home from the party and tried them on my appliances and they worked wonders! I wet the microfiber cloth with just water; wipe off the appliance, then polish with the polishing cloth. The appliances are beautiful with minimal effort and no chemicals.

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Hello to you~ I also have stainless steel appliances and use the Kitchen Aid Cleaner as well. I went to their website this evening and ordered attitional bottles. Their prices were reasonable, however their shipping charge was 8.99. I will not order on line again. Does anyone know how to purchase this product locally? I live in Upstate New York. And by the way, keep buying those stainless steel appliances, I am a local real estate broker and they sell homes.....you should see the look on a buyers face when they see them in a kitchen.

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I've been using ZEP SS Cleaner and I LOVE it! I only have to clean my appliances once a week or every 10 days now. HD sells it.

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After trying many products I happened to look on my glass cleaner and low and behold it says stainless steel on it. Almost all do. I have been using it on all my stainless aplliances and it works super. No problems whatsoever. Plus it's super cheap.

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"Couple of tips on stainless steel cleaning/polishing is that anything "Oil-Based" will give a great shine, BUT will attract dirt and dust quickly. Anything "Water-Based" will clean up the surface nicely, won't shine as much, but will typically stay clean longer."

I absolutely agree with this. The thing about stainless is that once you put anything oily on it, the oil is a magnet for dust and grime - and doesn't anyone actually cook in these kitchens? Try cooking anything smokey or greasy, and THAT gets added to the mess on SS.

I must have tried absolutely every SS cleaner on the market, and I don't exaggerate. Everything made a worse mess. I went through some household remedies, and what worked for me was plain ammonia - the clear, no-sudsing variety.

I use it on the fridge going with the grain of the metal and it's simply CLEAN. No grease or mess, so no fingerprints (or at least not the zillions from an oily cleaner or polish.) I use a microfiber cloth to put the ammonia on, and use one to polish dry.

No mess, period. A totally clean SS surface that doesn't attract more of a mess.

The only thing I could recommend for folks who are having trouble with SS is to start with a completely clean slate. Use clear ammonia to clean the SS thoroughly, then try a polish if you want it to do whatever polishes do.

My ammonia-clean SS shines just fine without any help. I'm sure a polish would make it shine more, but no thanks. I'm not going through that torture again! Oily SS, IMHO, is a fingerprint magnet.

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Having recently bought new stainless steel appliances 6 months ago I was resigned to frustration but still trying hard experimenting with different products and techniques to make them look streak free. My frustration was not in cleaning them -that was easy, it was getting rid of the streak marks the products left behind. I tried various products, some of them mentioned in this thread, along with a variety of clothes and wiping techniques. To no avail.

In a final last ditch effort I spent a morning last week doing research on the Internet and I read through the whole thread on this forum very carefully, taking notes and researching the availability of the products recommended. I decided to try the baby oil first, since it was incredibly cheap and readily available.

I could cry. It worked BEAUTIFULLY. Just used paper towel to wipe on, and a dry one to follow up. Used side to side strokes, following the grain on the brushed steel. I almost wept with how easy it was, and how silky clean and streak free the appliances looked afterwards. Finally, an answer. I keep my big 2$ bottle of baby oil beside the fridge now, and once a day I take 2 minutes to go over it. Instead of hating my appliances and what a slave I had become to trying to make them look presentable, I am at last able to enjoy and admire them. I have not had a problem with them attracting dust either, like some had mentioned with baby oil. Perhaps it is because I follow up with a dry paper towel afterwards.

Thank you to this forum and to those who suggested the baby oil!

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Jav 2007 - Count me as another one that would not get stainless appliances again.

I wish I could back in time 2 1/2 years ago when I did my kitchen remodel and get a different finish. I HATE SS! I have used every product out there and it looks nice maybe for a day then back to a streaky look. Or dusty if I use the oil based products.

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aptosca: Have you tried Weiman's SS Cleaner and Polish? We tried every conceivable product on the market over a 10 yr period and also vowed never to get another SS appliance. After another poster mentioned Weiman's, we gave it a try and have found it to do the best job of everything we have tried. (We have nothing at stake with Weiman's; just ordinary homeowners.)

A couple of tips. After spreading the product over the appliance (in effect, cleaning), use a separate, clean cloth to buff (polish). Using the same cloth over and over does not make for good results.

Also, baby oil did not work for us, either.

Anyway, give Weiman's a try. We got it at WalMart. Good luck!

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Clare and all those who have had struggles including myself with Stainless Steel products.

I have tried home remedies as well as store brought items. I recently purchased from Sears "Elco Stainless Steel Cleaner". It was about $7. It works! All your SS woes out the window. Leaves SS looking brand new. No worrying about fingerprints again. Clean with a hand towel. Very simple and the results are amazing. Please pass on to any friend that is looking for a product to clean SS. I have been searching the web for a very long time and I wish I had stumbled on this product much earlier.
Please try it it works.

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When my new kitchen was nearly finished, I started researching on GW how to clean SS and hardwood floors - two things totally new to me. I thankfully discovered "the miracle of microfiber"! I use a damp microfiber cloth to clean all my SS and a dry cloth to buff (if I have time). It is so quick, easy and effective. Minimal cost and no chemicals. The first time I used it to clean the frig I was amazed at how the big greasy handprints from the appl delivery people disappeared. It's not only amazing on SS, but also on glass and mirrors. I buy them by the dozen in the auto dept at Target. Remember to wash them separately and never use bleach or fabric softener.

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I am with Lily - I just use a wet microfiber and then wipe down with a dry microfiber.

I am wondering what kind of appliances are the most difficult. I have all Kitchenaid and they don't have a "grain" that needs to be followed when wiping. I do have the stove and it does get scratched when I put the grates back on. My DD put the grate on backwards and scratched the top.

I am interested in that Zep - will have to look for that.

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A previous cleaning service streaked my frig, and even after cleaning and polishing with several products the streaks are still visible. Not as bad but I can never get them totally out. Does anyone have a solution? Thanks Would be forever grateful

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I've been talking to a guy who does a lot of custom stainless steel work and he highly recommends a product called "Twinkle". I haven't tried it yet but was wondering if anyone here has?


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I had SS before it was the rage. I hated it! When I replaced it I went with black electric, flat glass stove top. I love this stuff, so much easier to keep clean. It works for me.

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Hi - I swear by my SS Magic! I have been cleaning for years and this is the best I have come across. So does brand name "BALL" SS Cleaner works wonders on SS BBQs that is prone to Arizona's dust and dirt (even if covered).

BALL SS Cleaner Product 3U029 (only for commercial/industrial use) The appliance guy left it behind for us to use and it was wonderful - it preserves high luster. The product can be found at the link below "BALL SS Cleaner".

However, the cleaning does require some technique procedures: First wet the microfiber cloth, wipe your SS clean with a bit of elbow grease (it pays off doing that), and keep wiping and flip your cloth. Clean it again and "scrub" the problem area such as fingerprints, etc.

Then use a lint-free cloth, and spray SS Magic or BALL onto the cloth, NOT on the appliance itself, then wipe clean until the luster comes back, then flip the cloth to do a final wipe.

Viola! :)

I hope this tip will help as it works for me.

Also, yes, to preserve lasting effect, just maintain cleaning it once every week with microfiber wet to upkeep the appearance it intended to be. The more you maintain, the easier it is to upkeep without all the grime build up over time. It pays off in the long run for me.

I am curious about Zep foam and will have to try that!

Here is a link that might be useful: BALL SS Cleaner

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The biggest issue I have is there are so many different 'grades' of stainless!

We have a GE stove and dishwasher and teh stainless' are SOOO different that the same product does not clean both equally!

Our stove has developed rust marks (very humid house in the summer) that we got off with salt and vinegar. No cleaning product will get the drawer part clean (the rest I can get but not amazing). The dishwasher I can use a damp paper towel and it works!

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I have been secretly hoping my SS fridge would die so I could go buy one that wasn't SS. It looked awful with water streaks and turning black with spots of the original color showing through and I have cleaned and cleaned and tried everything. All the SS cleaners! None of them worked.

I read this thread and someone mentioned Barkeepers friend and since I had that on hand, I just went and tried it. It was amazing! Took all the black looking discoloration off and drips marks. It looks brand new and I didn't even break a sweat. Just wiped it on, wiped with a clean damp rag and then dried. It even took off the mark where the label was stuck on when we bought it. I wanted to kill whoever put the sticker on it since it left very visible square.

BarKeepers Friend from now on and I can trash all those other SS cleaners. I hate to think of all the money I have wasted on those things!

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OK...I have just finished reading all the posts...thanks to everyone for their input. I like the stainless look in my kitchen too, like people have already said, everyone has their preference. But those of us who have it, obviously have all come across a similar problem...keeping the darn stuff clean!!

I am fussy. I have a SS KitchenAid side-by-side. I went through a number of cleaners...and like Zep the best of the ones I have tried (SS Magic, the one that came with the fridge and some others). HERE IS MY DILEMMA THOUGH.

I find that if the fridge gets water on it, it leaves marks that I cannot "polish" out even with the Zep. I spray it on and wipe and there they still are...glaring me in the face!! Those nasty flippin water marks!! Now I am afraid to use water on it or to "start from scratch" as some people have mentioned in fear that the whole surface will look bad!!

Has anyone else experienced this? I love my fridge, but there are some water marks on it that I can't seem to get rid of and this just frustrates the he!! out of me, cause, as I said, I am fussy. Fingerprints etc are a breeze with Zep and I don't find that there is a dust issue either. Watermarks are my dilemma!! PLEASE HELP!!

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my dilemma is how should i get rid of the burnt marks worund the burner. I do all the clean up as soon as i spill something(which I hardly do)I am a careful cook. Still with the use the surface around the burners are changing the color. What can i use? I dint want to scratch it thats why I did not use the sponge. But the damm thing wont go
By the way I have the cleaner tht wont leave the streaks...the SS mAGIC . It is working for the clean ups and the streaks but the burnt marks?????
Please help

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busyworkingmom--I'm telling you Barkeepers friend is the cleaner for this. Read my post above yours. I had billions of drip marks that I couldn't get out and that stuff took it right off and made my SS refrig look better than when I bought it. It didn't scratch, and took no scrubbing whatsoever to get it clean. I just wiped it on gently with a damp rag and then wiped over it will a clean damp rag and then dried it. Try it!

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I just read ALL of these posts...decided to try baby oil since I had that and presto...beautiful looking SS fridge. For now I'm sticking with baby oil.

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I tried a number of products. The absolute worst ones were "samples" from the appliance store. I thought I ruined my new stainless appliances, until I tried Easy Off Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish. It's a spray foam and even cleans the gunked-up stainless over the stove and on the hood. I was so relieved when it actually cleaned up the mess I made by using inferior products. I won't use anything else.

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Just read all these postings and the one product I had on hand was Barkeepers Friend. I tried it on my stainless steel microwave and it cleaned up beautifully. I moved onto my dishwasher and oven and they also look great. The big test was our refrigerator. I really didn't believe this would clean up as I've tried numerous products on it. But, guess what? It cleaned up the water streaks and the smudges. It's so easy to use - I just applied it with a wet washcloth then rinsed out the washcloth with warm water and wiped off the product. Then I used a soft dry dish towel to dry the appliance. It couldn't have been easier. Our appliances look great! Save your money and buy this inexpensive cleaner - you won't be disappointed!

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At the ACE where I sling a TON of paint, I make sure that I keep well-stocked...
1) Sprayway window cleaner
2) Sprayway S-S cleaner.
A customer this winter said she can't find this anywhere & gave us a try. We didn't have it...I have since brought it in!!
ACE has all these in most warehouses, so ANY ACE can order them.
(I would be strung-up & Hanged-from-a-tree if we didn't have these two cleaners!!!)
3) the various Kitchen-Magic, Cabinet-Magic, Paneling-Magic, etc. cleaners,
4) a couple Zud cleaners,
5) a couple Bar-Keepers-Friend cleaners...


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Sheesh....can't believe that after all these years (and after reading this old thread a long time ago) it took me so long to try Dirtex. Epiphany! Now I can't say that something else that took off all the old polish and oils and left a streak-free finish couldn't have done the same thing. All I know is that I was in Lowe's, remembered to get a can of Dirtex spray foam and went over my fridge, d/w, ovens, and trash compactor with Dirtex and a clean microfiber cloth (took a couple of times to get all the old oily polish off) and it is spotless, streak free and so far, hubby's fingerprints and doggy nose art at the bottom are not leaving their usual evidence! I can touch it and rub it and it doesn't leave a mark, and when there is one it takes about a tenth of the time it used to, to wipe it down. Looks better than it has for years. Feel like a dummy. DIRTEX rules! ;~)

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Microfibre! Microfibre! Microfibre!!!

Thank you sooooooo much for the invaluable advice flicek and lily313!

We just installed four new stainless steel appliances yesterday. After all was said and done, the exterior of the fridge needed to be cleaned, so I grabbed the bottle of stainless steel cleaner (Cerama Bryte) that I so smugly purchased in advance of the delivery of the appliances. EEEEEK! Streaks everywhere!

I started googling and found this string of suggestions. I tried Windex, which to my chagrin, also left streaks. I was also concerned about the long-term effects of the chemicals on the stainless steel.

I didn't have any of the other mentioned products on hand, but I, like flicek, had also been to a Norwex home party and was aware of the benefits of microfibre. I had a brand new package of microfibre cloths that I had purchased cheaply at Canadian Tire in my linen closet. I saturated one with water, then wrung it out so that it was merely damp. I wiped the fridge in the direction of the grains with the damp cloth, then polished similarly with the dry cloth...it was magic!!!!! Not one single streak remained on the fridge, and I don't have to worry about what the chemicals may do to the stainless steel over time.

I will retain the stainless steel cleaner I purchased to clean buildups/cooking splatters on the surfaces of the appliances, then follow-up with the microfibre cloths for the final polish.

Thanks again flicek and lily313 - you're my heroes!

One final comment: As lily313 noted above, make sure you do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets when washing your microfibre cloths as they will leave a residue that will transfer to the items you're cleaning. Microfibre cloths are also wonderful for cleaning glass and mirrors. Try 'em - you'll love 'em!

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I moved into a new house and noticed the SS fridge was dingy - I thought, "oh heck!" I had purchased some Softscrub with Lemon to clean my old place, and noticed it cleaned the SS sink really well.

So I tried it on this fridge and all the "dinginess" came off - it looks like new now. So happy! I used a soft cloth and dampened it, applied the Softscrub and rubbed the dinginess away. Then rinsed with a wet cloth and finally dried it with a fresh clean dry towel. It sounds like a lot of work - and it was, but I only had to do that one time. Now I keep the fridge clean with a damp cloth. But if you have any SS needing serious cleaning, try this.

The Softscrub web site mentions SS as one of the surfaces to use this product on.

I used to use Barkeeper's Friend and that works too, but it's messy so the liquid Softscrub is now my replacement for BF.

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I've tried all the suggestions and nothing has worked to keep or make my refrigerator streak-free. I have to think the problem lies with the manufacturer for those of us who cannot get relief. My Maytag refrigerator is only 18 months old and I am faced with replacing both doors to the tune of $1100. Instead I'd like to hear which SS refrigerators have the fewest problems with streaking. Please give suggestions before I buy another one!

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My Sub Zero is almost three years old. It looks like a lot of folks here use a polish, but oil-based cleaners left a build-up and streaked too easily over time no matter how little was used. I started asking it be cleaned with mild dish soap and warm water (to remove the residue) and a week later it looked awesome. We used a window spray from then which was great. About a month ago, I found a product from Carbona (it's blue like Windex) that's really worked well. They have a polish too but yuck.

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I like our SS refrigerator and stove. Dishwasher is white, it came with the house and I have no desire to "match" it. To me, the importance in life is to enjoy the food we make for ourself and family/friends when they come, not trying to make refrigerator "look perfect". When I cook and my fingers are messy, I just open the fridge door b.c I need to get something. More important aspect in the kitchen is the layout and convenience of counters/storage/equipment. I wipe the SS surface of fridge and stove maybe twice a year, whereas I pay more attention to keeping clean the counters, inside of the fridge, cooking surface of the stove and inside of the oven - that's where the food actually goes/kept in. Who cares for fingerprints except for criminal investigator? Being green and clean is taking so much time and effort of your lives that we forget how to enjoy good quality time.

like scalett said, "to each his own".

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The fridge in my new home is an Amana - it's not a very good fridge - temp zones are iffy (I've frozen veggies and I'm not happy about that), icemaker touchy, etc. My last fridge was a Frigidaire side-by-side counter-depth with a brushed SS finish - this finish never streaked and was easy to clean.

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I clean houses. The BEST for stainless steel appliances is Weiman SS spray. Tried all the others. Highly recommend this product.

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I have all stainless steel appliances and a husband who never met the door handle on a refrigerator. Our fridge is brushed stainless, but don't kid yourself--it can show fingerprints. The sales clerk recommended Weiman's SS Cleaner and Polish. It does make it look nice except for one problem. Water running down the outside of the door from the water dispenser would leave what appeared to be a permanent streak going down the front of the door. Going over the door with the Weiman polish would not remove that streak. I eventually solved the problem by using a cleaner (such as 409) to remove all the polish from the doors. Once I did that, the streak disappeared. I then went over the doors with a glass cleaner, but I have found that plain old water works just as well. I no longer use a stainless cleaner on any of my appliances except for my range top and I have no problem keeping my fridge free of fingerprints and water drip lines.

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I stopped using cleaners also after I found that hot water and a microfiber rag works very well. Save your money. On occassion use a polish every now and then, but for daily cleanups, use the a microfiber towel and water.

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I don't know why everyone is so complimentary about Stainless Steel Magic. I used the wipes on my SS fridge and it left a foggy haze that I could not get off. I thought it was ruined. Finally I resorted to the baby oil, which did work like magic. SS Magic, no magic here just a smoke screen, I want my money back!

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Be suprized how well WD-40 cleans range tops. Imagine works well on refridges too.

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I have searched high and low for a way to remove the streaks, which were progressively getting worse from attempts to remove them,from my SS appliances. I had some Barkeepers Friend in the house and decided to give it a try. WOW!!!! Best streak remover ever and I can't make a fingerprint on the front of my refrig. Finally a solution that will now allow me to just wipe smudges and goo off with a damp cloth and dry with a microfiber cloth. Now I can stop kicking myself for buying SS when I redid my kitchen. Thank you, thank you.

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Very interesting to read all the posts here on the various recommendations, thought I should through in my 2 cents:
I have worked in the pharmaceutical business for 30 years and most likely cleaned more SS in one month then you all will do in your lifetime. I have worked with SS and built clean rooms at grand scales and here are some points that you may (or may not) know:
1- SS comes in a variety of grades, from 200 series, to the 300 series. 301 stainless steel is an austenitic grade, where 304 moves far up the ladder,, to 316 grade which is what I have worked with most my life. You will most likely not find this on any appliances for homes mostly due to the cost, but this leads me to point 2,
2- Be careful what you clean with! Because I was in a clean room operation, you can only imagine the level of cleaning that goes on in here- rotating cleaners!! But two cleaners used all around, bleach and ammonia. Regardless of what you may think about the strength of SS, I have seen 316 SS being torn apart by the cleaners ( and we didn�t even use them at high concentrations, diluted to 3%), and I can assure you that the best SS on your alliance is 304, or most likely 301 (an austenitic grade).
3- Water is not just water, the amount of TDS in your water there at home may have a major affect on your cleaning (streaking). People with water softeners do have an advantage, keeping quality bottled water around for your appliances is a smart move.
4- Pastes or creams, two cleaners given High marks on this site are ZUD, and Bar keepers. Well does anyone even know what�s in this stuff? It is Oxalic acid- http://whatsinproducts.com/search_ingredients_result.php They are really using the same chemical so you can�t be saying that one is doing better than the other. 3,000 time stronger than acetic acid- NICE! You should check out the other cleaners as well.
Stainless Steel Magic- http://www.homaxproducts.com/MSDS/pdf/magic_pdf/msds-ss64.pdf they are using a glycol!!~3%, why not just use baby oil if that�s the case?
ZEP? Their using ethanol alcohol! Go buy your own and save some cash! 10%
5- Oils and WD-40, moments of immediate gratifications to their initial application but more harm in the long run. Look good? Sure they do, but only a mask causing trapped moisture to the SS surface. Not a good thing in the longer picture, more problem to come!
Going to stop here with the band-aids,
So this is what I would recommend (as some already noted):
Daily- GOOD water (HEATED slightly) and a micro cloth, one for application and one for wiping. They are very cheap now and should be tossed (do not wash and reuse!) Trade the drying towel if you must for the application. I realize that the "glow" of the pledge thing may not be there but you will get years off the fine finish w/o pitting or slight discoloration.
If you just have to have the look due to a party or guests, pledge is the ticket,,, simple immediate gratification- but remove it ASAP!
Cleaners- because the finish on all appliances and the metal used are so much different, to say what works on one is just not the same to others. I would recommend Bar keeper�s, mostly due to minimal additives and less corrosiveness to the SS. KEEP in mind that these, or any cleaners should be only used as a supplement- meaning once or twice a month, that�s it- no daily or weekly application. We used these cleaners once every 6 months because we knew what they did to the finish. And don�t do the windex/WD40 thing. Your cleaning and using something you have no knowledge of. Keep it simple

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I have cleaned houses in the past and we would spray with windex and wipe clean. Following this we would put a little bit of baby oil on a rag and wipe it on. Leaves a wonderful shine and a great smell behind.

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After reading the various posts, I bought Sprayway at Sam's Club today. It is the best product I've used. I've tried many of the other products mentioned (SS Magic, Easy Off SS Cleaner, Carbona SS Cleaner) with no success and I am thrilled to have found something that works so instantly and easily. It doesn't matter what direction you wipe, it puts a lovely no streak shine on instantly. I only used a paper towel. It's really a great product. I highly recommend it. The only minus is that it has a rather strong smell, but I can live with that more than the smears, smudges and streaks!

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We bought a floor model Kitchenaid refrigerator. I wasn't going to buy it unless they could get all the fingerprints and smears off the front. The owner of the store used Goo Gone to clean it and it worked like magic.

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Okay. Here's the deal (and I promise this will work because I was a big doubter). I've read this forum for about a year and tried various products. (I've had stainless steel for decades, but only recently have had BIG trouble with Samsung appliances, specifically the refrigerator, dishwasher and range doors.) At Christmas I purchased Cuisinart stainless cookware for a new Samsung induction range. Cuisinart recommended keeping the pots "like new" with a product called BarKeeper's friend. It works like a dream on the cookware, so rereading this thread, a lightbulb clicked on. I dropped what I was doing grabbed the liquid (which specifically states not to use on brushed stainless steel, but frankly nothing could make the refrigerator door look any worse.) Guess what? The appliance looks brand new!

What I discovered was a black tarnish that had interacted with various cleaning products and oxidized with the air. The many products we've tried had "sealed" the tarnish and made it impossible to clean. But a metal cleaner/polish like Barkeeper's Friend made all the streaks, smudges, fingerprints disappear.

The problem with oil-based products is there is a build up. So decades of experience steered me away from that. I have a partner however who wouldn't believe me. Stainless steel is a metal, and it shouldn't "tarnish" but something oxidzed on the face of the fridge. BarKeeper's friend stripped it down to the metal (you could smell it). After applying the liquid and scrubbing with a paper towel, following the grain of the brushed steel, I took a large sham-wow and wiped off the residue, then with a microcloth rubbed until the surface was dry. It looked even better than when it was new. (Thinking, the blue plastic that protected the new appliance may also have contributed to the problem in some way.)

But my advice is forego any oil-based product (you'll have to scrub it off eventually due to build up). And try a fine-grade metal polish. I can't speak more highly of BarKeeper's friend.

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Used the ELCO cleaner that came with our new stainless kenmore appliances and it left a black oil like residue that will not come off. Scared to try the barkeepers friend due to the frisge being a couple weeks old. Will the sprayway remove it?

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I posted on this before, but I have another stainless story.

I was in hospital for three months. Meanwhile, my husband and kids had full run of the house. Needless to say, no one was cleaning the s/s appliances.

You should've SEEN that fridge! Months of spills, drips, fingerprints, dust, and grease from frying (hubby's a big fry fan) made it a disgusting mess.

I'm on a limited schedule, but I couldn't sit there and LOOK at it. I have an aerosol container of Dirtex. I sprayed it, and it foams up. I gave it a good five minutes to work, then wiped it off.

I'm sitting here now, basking in the soft glow of a completely clean and streak-free stainless fridge! It worked, ZERO effort.

I also recommend barkeeper's friend, but for fast and clean, nothing beats Dirtex spray.

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I tried all the above cleaners...just me and husband make water streaks. Decided I had enough never looked at my old white door. Hung up a big hand made cork board on door and now looking at grandchildrens pictures again. Problem is surface is blank and all metals oxidize different qualities worse Kitchenaide worst of my 3 Fisher Paytel and Themador do not streak...nor does my coffee maker with all its steam and drips...I am just washing door now kind of created overall streaky look like my sink but shiny and clean using pinesol or any all surface cleaner. I would not buy them again because function is most important I use my kitchen hard love to cook. Probably the restaurants like it because sanitary and bet commercial grade really good. BTW doubt anyone has commercial grade in home.

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ANyone tried using Perfect Stainless Steel spray?

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My fiend's housekeeper gave me her secret - WD-40! I have been using it since then - much better than the products labeled for stainless. Put small amount of WD-40 on a clean soft rag and rub in the direction of the grain.

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I bought a SS cleaner that did clean, but you really had to buff it too much to have it not streak. Plus it had way too strong of a chemical smell, and left an oily residue. And, if you splatted any water on it at all, the residue it left behind (that's supposed to repel fingerprints) turned this greasy white look. I tried alchol...it cleaned, but was VERY streaky, no matter how much I buffed. Vinegar had the same affect as alcohol, plus smells terrible. I tried 'Pledge', but it also left a little of an oily residue, and wasn't streak free.

Soooo, I said to myself, what about good old fashioned dish soap. I know it will clean it because it's a degreaser, but will it sparkle and be streak free..... YES!!! It cleans, is streak free, and shines (instead of the oily residue most SS cleaners leave). Just make sure not to put too much soap on your sponge or cloth so you won't have to rinse too much. I only had to rinse once because after I rinsed the soap off of the cloth, I kept the cloth pretty wet for wiping the soap off of the 'fridge. Then I dried it with a soft cloth to make sure it wouldn't streak.

So there you have it. But some SS finishes on appliances are different than others. I just know it works on mine.


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Tried apple cider vinegar on a micro-fiber cloth...worked great!I try to use the natural stuff whenever possible. They often work better than those nasty chemicals.

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I bought a Samsung SS fridge and the surface is impossible to keep up ! I never won't ss again !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sprayway makes the absolute best glass cleaner but they also make a SS cleaner that works the best I've used. I buy from Sam's in a three pack. 2 glass and 1 SS

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try this . i asked him how do they keep the interior stainless doors on the elevators so new and smudge free
and he said they use this. it does a great job in cleaning and also it reduces fingerprints.

Here is a link that might be useful: Claire stainless wipes

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Can I in any way get those scratches out? HELP

    Bookmark   August 26, 2011 at 7:32PM
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I was afraid to use anything with an abrasive in it so I tried Old English Almond Oil. A small amount on a soft rag and a buffing with a clean soft rag and all my old streaks and drips came right off! I won't use the SS cleaners anymore they are a waste of time. Plus the kitchen smells really nice from the almond oil!!!

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I just tried the barkeepers friend on my streaked 15 year old Kitchen Aid s/s and it completely removed them. I wet a paper towel and just touched the Bartenders to it. I went over the whole door then wiped with a clean wet towel and dried with a micro cloth. It looks like new!

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I use my daughter's wet wipes and the SS appliances come out clean and remain so for a week or so. It is easy, currently available (as long as she is in dipers) and handy for me.

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Love my stainless! Even more since someone suggested. Microfiber cloth dipped in very hot water. Followed by quick dry with a couple of dry micro fiber clothes. Looks brand new. Plus no buildup of product. When I want to polish I use baby oil. Very light application with micro fiber cloth plus quick buff with separate micriofiber cloth. If interested I have a secret weapon for granite!

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ive never heard of ZEP, but i should try it. i hate the smudge marks on my stainless steel fridge that i have to deal with daily!

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Read Gary Nelson's post above. I do what he says and have been since I got my appliances - all SS. I have the Bosch SS and their manual says to use ONLY mild dish soap and water just as Gary Nelson says. I do the baby oil only on special occasions when I have guests over and then the next day I remove the oil with the mild detergent and water. If I find that I forget to remove the oil, within a few days I see all kinds of dust particles attached to the appliances. Does not look good.

Want to add that I use a washcloth to wash the appliances with the soap and water (7th Generation dishwashing soap), then I wash with plain water only and then dry as the final step. I use a dry t-shirt to wipe dry since it is soft.

Any dish soap will do just use very sparingly as not much is needed.

I use this same approach to clean windows specifically my glass doorwall since my dogs always leave nose prints. First I wash the glass with soap and water, then rinse with plain water then wipe dry with a dry old towel.

Same approach to cleaning granite. Then once a month or two, I use granite cleaner.

Very simple and it works and it is cheap.

Hope this helps.

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I just bought a Samsung refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishwasher in SS. I bought Stainless Steel Magic wipes at Lowes... DISASTER!!!! streaks everywhere. Terrible product. Now looking for something to fix this big mess. Whatever you do, do not buy this product. I followed the instruction to the T.

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Last April my wife and I purchased a home and after remodeling the kitchen, we installed all LG SS Appliances. At first they we beautiul. Then the fingerprints and dog nose marks started to take their tolls on all the SS. I tried most all the recommendations previously listed and basically had little to no success. I was at Home Depot and was chatting with the fellow in the appliance dept and told him that I was very disappointed with the appliances. He recommended a new product called Steel Meister. It costs around $10. for a 9.5 ounce arrosol can. He also told me if I wasn't pleased to bring what ever was left and they would give me my $ back. I figured I had nothing to lose and bought a can. He suggested that I put 2 coats on for the first time and to spray it onto the rag before wiping it on the SS. I did as he suggested, and have not been happier. It's now 2 weeks later and everything still is looking very good. I told him that I couldn't be happier, and he said that everyone who has tried it has been just as satisfied as me. He also told me that the same company makes an excellent product for granite which I will pick soon and try. I highly reccomend this product and if bought at HD, they will give you the $ back if you're not satisfied.

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I just put Murphy Oil Soap on a wet cloth & used on our SS dishwasher, rinsed it with a damp cloth, then dried with a dry cloth. I then rubbed an olive oil soaked cloth over the machine, following the steel grain line, and rubbed dry with a dry towel. It looks great and all streeks and hand prints are gone.

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Best way to keep stainless appliances clean and fingerprint free? A dab of babyoil on a paper towel. Works like magic and smells great!
My old stainless stove came with that cleaning recommendation over 20 years ago and it's still the best advice.

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Linda Giorgi

I use pam cooking spray. Works great!

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I just tried olive oil, wiping with the grain, using paper toweling. It worked great!

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absolutely no doubt that the ZEP Foam Cleaner DOES works to clean the stainless steel Sears Elite refrigerator; sprayed the foam and let stand about a minute & wiped clean with paper towels - looks brand new and removed all blotches; I had used a SOS pad and thought I had ruined the door; Zep foam worked like a miracle! I purchased it at Home Depot for $4.... thank you for sharing this info

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Water + microfiber cloth does an amazing job of cleaning my appliances. Just wet a small part of the cloth with regular tap water. Wipe with the grain of the stainless until all smudges are gone then polish with the dry portion of the microfiber cloth. Like I said it amazing what water will do. But be sure to dry it as water will leave spots and if your water is hard, minerals could deposit.

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I used ZEP Heavy-Duty Citrus Degreaser (spray bottle, orange liquid) and it got tough fingerprints off. However, not streak free so followed up with light mineral oil coating, wiped off excess, and finished with clean, dry microfiber cloth.... looks like new

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While in an appliance store I made purchases from, I asked how they kept their showroom appliances so clean...WD-40 was their answer and I have used ever since with an old white cotton t-shirt. Just takes a little and go with the grain. Will never use anything else.

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Most of my appliances are GE, and I clean them with white vinegar and polish with olive oil, and they look great. But I have a Samsung refrigerator and it seemed like nothing would work, then I read an old post about Magic Erasers. The eraser worked great, and I just dried with paper towels and they look better than new. I tried the Magic Eraser on a small area on my GE dishwasher but it did not work well and made it looked worse. I cleaned it again with vinegar and oil and looks better again.

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That is very nice buddy. Well really it is very difficult to keep a stainless still clean and shine always. Because of this I am daily cleaning it and works too.

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