Finished remodel pics! Need suggestions for finishing touches.

williamsemMay 17, 2012

First post in Bathrooms, I've been hanging out in Kitchens as that is my next project. But I thought people here would like to see how our bathroom came out, since I found a lot of helpful information here as a lurker. This was a little rushed as I wanted our newly cracked tub OUT and the contractor had some time almost immediately, but I'm happy with it. Thanks for all the great info, this is such a fantastic community!

Still need to paint the door before installing the new knobs and put up some art. My question is what should I do with all the wall space near the ceiling? There's a lot of room up there now, not sure if I should ignore it or if there is something useful I can use it for.

Before: (that is flat hunter green paint, not blue)

And after! Yay!

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Very nice and you'd never know you were rushed. Don't you just love having everything fresh and updated?

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I love the updated changes especially the new vanity and counters as well as the white toilet and tub!

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Thanks, olychick! I had about a week to pick the big stuff so they were all available, so really about three days of actually store time. At least one of our local Lowes guys knows me by site now! Thank goodness after all the initial research I ended up liking all the stuff at Lowes, it would have been a nightmare driving back an forth with tiles and samples. I just had to keep running over a few aisles!

Thanks, lynn2006! Our whole house is a sea of tan/beige - walls, carpet, trim - so I wanted to keep the "permanent" items neutral but not plain beige. It's my favorite room in the house now, and the motivation to keep pushing forward with redoing all the rooms. Luckily after the kitchen it will be mostly flooring and paint, so a lot more affordable.

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Great, updated look.

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Thanks, boschboy!

I guess I should have put in the description "budget" remodel, seems like that is what some are researching. Definitely had a limited budget, but most of it was labor. If we went totally DIY probably would have been about $2k or slightly less including all the accessories from Bed, Bath and
Beyond. It's our only full bath, and I knew I should hire out the tub replacement as plumbing is not among my skills, so for me the additional labor costs were worth the quicker time frame. Would have taken a few months on my crappy work schedule.

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