How to Clean Cherry Kitchen Cabinets

daisyntnDecember 28, 2008

Has anyone on this forum used the Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner on cherry kitchen cabinets? I am having a terrible time finding a good cleaning product to work on cabinets where the kitchen really gets a good work-out. Do you have any recommendations? This product works great on Brazilian cherry floors but was wondering if someone has actually tried in on their kitchen cabinets.

Thank you

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It's not the cherry wood you need to consider when cleaning cabinets, or floors for that matter, it's the type of finish on them. Have you tried mild soap and water, then towel dry? That's what is commonly recommended in the cabinet industry.

Hubby is a CKD (Certified Kitchen Designer) and VP of a major cabinet manufacturing company (34 years with the same company - their cabinets have been featured on HGTV and in the homes of many of the "rich and famous") and he always marvels how people insist upon ruining cabinetry finishes with cleaners that are NOT designed to be used with the type of finish on the cabinets. If you are having a lot of problems removing grime with soap and water, you've probably already compromised the finish. You should NOT have to apply some magical cleaner or protective coating of chemicals with today's finishes.


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Seconding what grainlady says - I have Aristokraft cabinets, and they recommend washing with a mild soap and water solution.

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Do you have a brand name or other suggestion of a "mild soap" to use on cabinets? Would hand dishwashing soap qualify -- it certainly would remove kitchen dirt well -- or does something like Simple Green fall under this term? After all we spend on cabinets -- aka furniture for the kitchen -- we certainly don't want to ruin them when cleaning!

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Murphy's Oil Soap is safe and non-toxic. I have used it to clean antique furniture, wood floors and cabinets. It should remove any dirt or built-up grime from your cherry cabinets without damaging the finish. Murphy's is available at most grocery stores or "big box" home improvement centers.

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