what is yuour favorite...

nana2010_gwSeptember 2, 2012

...color m&m??

Recently my friend asked if I ever thought of doing an m&m table. I hadn't.

When she offered me her DH and DGDs m&m collectables I couldn't wait to get started.

Most of what I used were things I had [I love when that happens].

The m&ms were on sale plus a $1.00 off coupon with the purchase of 2 bags. From 2012-09-02 (by Eye-Fi)

The table cloth was a TS purchase, placemats (tea towels) and striped glasses are from Dollar Tree 2 years(?) ago.

Plates are from several different places.

The fuzzy little m&ms are key chains. I took the hooks off because they were top heavy. From 2012-09-02 (by Eye-Fi) From 2012-09-02 (by Eye-Fi) From 2012-09-02 (by Eye-Fi) From 2012-09-02 (by Eye-Fi) From 2012-09-02 (by Eye-Fi)


This was such a fun table to do, I hope you all enjoy it.

I hope everyone is enjoying this Holiday Weekend.

My thought and prayers go out to everyone who was affected by Hurricane Isaac.


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I didn't write that did I? NO,NO,No not fuzzy m&ms!! cloth, plush, soft ANYTHING but that yikes.

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Colorful and fun!

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Marlene Kindred

VERY cute Nana! I love M&M's...period! Love your table and the decorations are perfect. I also love the glasses!

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OK...tell me about the napkin rings! Real ones to munch on? LOL!

So darn cute ...gives me the 'fuzzies!' LOL!

Your colorful plates & flatware sure worked out on this table, too! Cute M&M characters for the centerpc! Oh, now I need some chocolate! TFS, nana! Mmmmm. melts in your mouth, not in your hands!

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I can't resist ANY..I love em all!
This cute table would be so hard to sit at without
munching on them. Such cute M&M characters..they look like they're having a party and having way too much fun!
I'm curious about the napkin rings too..Real or not??
I love the colorful glasses, plates and napkins...as colorful as the M&Ms!! lol
Thanks Nana this was fun to see and I can understand why you enjoyed putting it together.

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Thank you all for you sweet comments.
Yep, the m&ms on the napkin rings are real.
They are glued on, so I think they would be really really crunchy. LOL
I used the brown napkins to represent the yummy chocolate centers.

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Nana, darling M & M table. All your little characters have such cute expressions. Love how you added all the bright colors with them on this table.

DGD gave me some M & M characters to use on a table but I'm not sure where I've stashed them. I'll share when I come across tho. This table would be wonderful for a kids party. No favorite here, them 'em all!


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What a fun table...who doesn't love M&M's. ;o)

I had thought my DD might like a little fun collection of M&M stuff, or at least some Xmas ornaments for one of the little trees she does. I call her 3 daughters the M&Ms and have since #2 was born. (Meagan, Madison, MacKenzie). But it never caught on with her, so I didn't bother to pick up cute stuff that I would have liked to. Darn it.

hugs, Karen

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