BS cooktop or rangetop, range hood?

jadeiteMay 18, 2012

We are considering what to install to replace the GE Monogram 36" cooktop now in the kitchen. I have my heart set on BS. The simplest option is the cooktop since it will drop into the space available. If we go with the rangetop, we will have to cut the counter and cabinetry. The rangetop is also about double the cost of the cooktop. Is it worth the extra $$ and hassle for the rangetop?

Also, we need to replace the range hood. Currently there is a downdraft system with a small vent to the outside. Do we need an outside vent, or can we manage with internal venting? Going up through the cabinets and out the wall is a big deal which I'd like to avoid if possible. The space above the cooktop is limited by the cabinets to 36" wide at most.

Thanks all.

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I only speak from what limited experience I have as we are just starting our kitchen remodel now. I looked at the BS 36" cooktop and rangetop and we have decided on the rangetop for a few reasons. 1. The range top, in my opinion is easier to clean because of the pull out drip tray. The cook top does not have that you have to tilt up the entire cook top. 2. The cook top does not have the same grate configuration as the range/range top, so you don't get all the little extra's a BS range/range top has with removing the grates and turning them for simmering and such. 3. The cook top is thicker than you think I believe it is almost 8 inches deep, and the range top is only slightly thicker than that. You can get the exact specs from the BS web site, but their cook top is deeper than a normal cook top due to the open burners. So you will probably have to cut and change things on your counter/cabinets any ways.

As for price, that is something you will have to decide on, but you get more options to choose from with the range top, like a griddle or grill if you want that the cook top does not offer.

As for the range hood I have been told that a recirculating vent hood for such a powerful range/cook top like the BS is just not a good choice. Safety wise I think it is OK, but it wont' really do what you need it to do when cooking at higher outputs using more than one burner. I think if I was you I would opt to have the range hood put in and vented properly, but that is just my opinion.

Good luck,

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Hi Phil,

Thank you for your response. It's what I was afraid of. The venting issue isn't going to be easy because we have to go through the kitchen cabinets and up through the roof which was just replaced in February.

Now I'm thinking perhaps we should go with induction. We're going to a BS demonstration next week. Perhaps that will help make up my mind.


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Good luck, I wouldn't personally worry to much about the roof just being redone as if it is vented properly and done by good people it won't affect the roofing at all.

As for the cabinets that I can't personally comment on.

In the mean time I would go on the BS web site and check out the specific depths of each of the units just so you know. Then compare those to an induction cook top just for comparison, it will give you a better idea of what you are working with.


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I'm working on a remodel. What I have read over and over is to get a range hood that vents to the outside. We will be venting our range hood horizontally, straight back into the wall and then go stright up the wall (with a 90 degree turn) to the roof. This way we don't have to go through the cabinets. It depends on your wall. We have a single story house so no problem to go up the wall. If you have a 2 story the wall may not go straight up through the second floor. But if your rangehood is on an outside wall you could vent it straight out the back through the wall.
And help me out here what brand does BS stand for?

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BS = Bluestar

Here is a link that might be useful: Bluestar Cooking

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Janet - we vented the range in our previous home as you describe - through the wall and out through the roof. But we have just moved into our present home as of last fall, and we have replaced the old tar-and-gravel roof with membrane roofing. Plus the entire house has been re-stuccoed.

I'm hesitant to make holes in the stucco, especially as we were told that matching the color coat is just about impossible. And I'm not crazy about having the roofers come back to open up a hole for a vent. Everything has to be sealed tight for the membrane to do its job.

Michelle - thanks for explaining my shorthand!


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Hi Jadeite,

I had the same problem. I replaced my GE 36" cooktop with the BS. First, if I had to choose between a cooktop and a range, I would only go for the larger range, 48" or bigger. Going for the larger range would have meant some serious changes in cabinetry and the addition of a range hood so I choose the BS cooktop. I have had my BS cooktop for over a year now and I am very pleased with it. Cleaning this cooktop is easy. Having a pullout would have been great but I have not had to clean mine at all and I cook alot! As for the range hood, I installed a Kitchen Aid 14"/600cfm downdraft. This has worked well though I will admit that an overhead range hood would be better performing. From an asthetic perspective, I love that I dont have to see a range hood. Personally, I don't like them. Either way, you can't go wrong with BS.

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Hi Sconway,

Thanks for posting your experience. You manage with a downdraft? There are many posts on GW which say you must have a range hood with a powerful cooktop. We have a GE Monogram downdraft which is almost useless. The whole house fills up with cooking smells even on the puny GE cooktop.

There's a BS demonstration and promotion in my area next week. I'm planning to go and make a pest of myself.


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Yes, I manage with a downdraft. I even called BS to make sure that I could use the KA downdraft with the cooktop. The Kitchen Aid downdraft that I have, KIRD861, has worked well for me -- but a range hood would definitely perform better if you do lots of wok cooking. However, I also have an over the counter microwave (adjacent to the cooktop, not above it) and when in need, I will also turn the mw vent fan on. I have only done that once. I find that when I use the back and front burners, the KA downdraft does an adequate job. It is when I use a single 22btu burner at high heat (wok cooking) that I think I would greatly benefit from a range hood. So, if I had been planning on a full kitchen reno and money had not been a consideration, then I probably would have done a range hood. Considering my needs,I am pretty happy with the result. And I love the clean look of having a downdraft!

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