Water spots on glass shower door - the worst EVER!

t-mac-moDecember 26, 2007

We have water spots on our glass shower door that were let go too long. I have tried everything I can think of to get rid of them - can anyone suggest a method to deal with this? We are trying to sell our house, and the rest of the place is cleaned within an inch of its (or my) life, but I can't seem to get rid of these.


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Have you tried vinegar?

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If the doors are clear glass, not textured or etched, I have had great success using Windex spray and a microfiber cloth. You will probably have to clean them a few times to get all the spots off. After they are clean use a squeegee and a microfiber cloth to keep them clean after showers.

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Have you tried using a dryer sheet on the wet glass? Dampen the sheet and rub on glass, rinse good when done.

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Lemon oil, which is a product used to clean furniture, might work. You can also use in on the metal frame of the shower to make it shine. Put some on a rag and wipe it on.

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wet Brillo and hot water to rinse..works great and will not scratch glass... Ree

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Reeree, you should probably clarify that. "Brillo" is just a brand name used with many products. They make the scratchless bathroom cleaning pads but they also make steel wool pads. I don't think anyone would confuse the two and scour glass with steel wool pads, but ya never know........

Here is a link that might be useful: Brillo Pad Scratchless

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bud wi - uhoh, I guess I was one of the that used Brillo (steel wool) pads with oxybleach on my shower doors and that worked super good! Didn't scratch my glass but maybe I was just lucky? I don't know but I used a wet dryer sheet first then followed up with the brillo pads and they look like new now.

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Hmmm. Probably not big damage done using them one time, but the steel wool will make micro scratches in glass that are not visualy apparent. These tiny scratches in the glass will hold onto soap scum faster than smooth glass will, and you will get build up faster. If one keeps using the steel wool to solve the problem over and over, you will certainly damage and dull the glass. I've heard the dryer sheet trick works well for cleaning shower doors but never tried it. I've always hated shower doors and remove them and then replace them when I move. Besides being ugly (IMHO) I think they are a danger. It would be bad enough to slip in a shower or slippery bathroom floor, but I don't want to risk crashing through glass shards if I do.

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If after cleaning with any of the methods suggested, and you find your door appears to have that permanent white etching, you can camoflague it really very well by wiping on olive oil and polishing it off with 4-5 paper towels per door. The door wil not look or feel oily. It will continue looking wet and clear. It will last a few days with daily showering. It is nice to know you can have it look good for when company comes or for a house sale.

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Bar Keepers Friend worked well on our windows that had water spots from the sprinkler system hitting the windows.

Sprinkle some on a damp rag and scrub the glass, rinse well, dry.

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Krissie is spot on. I posted this solution elsewhere. Bar Keepers Friend. I copied/pasted my original response below.

I'd say good luck, but you won't need it...


I've tried everything over the years. Never had much luck with vinegar, fabric sheets, oven cleaner, and all the other suggestions. They kind of work, but not to my satisfaction. Plus, many are toxic. That's not how I'm going to go out.

Then I happened upon a random posting online where a guy methodically tested all these different solutions in a controlled environment -- side by side in his shower. See URL below.

Without a doubt, BARKEEPERS FRIEND is your solution. I've used it for several years since and it works wonders. My wife uses it to clean our kitchen sink and other surfaces. It's cheap and available everywhere. It doesn't scratch. Leaves no film. And isn't toxic like all those products that need "good ventilation." It's got oxilic acide or something like that. No scrubbing. Apply liquid or power (with water) with a sponge, do 3-4 circles, and wipe off. No sweat and instant gratification.

A little car wax after cleaning and you're all set. Trust me. You can thank me later by verifying my suggestion...


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