Sebo K3 vs Bank

SajeDecember 11, 2011

Our remodel included replacing carpet and tile flooring with acacia hardwood floors. Time to buy a new vacuum. My old upright is beyond ready for retirement or reassignment. We need a vacuum that will handle: carpeting (mostly old but will be replaced in the lifespan of whatever vacuum I buy), hardwood flooring, area oriental carpets, one cat, one dog, two adults and one soon to be off to college last child, lots of dusty air and pine pollen in the spring and summer, snow and ice in winter-which hopefully will never make it from the mudroom to the hardwood-but it's hard to take off snowboots when nature calls.

The two local stores recommended Sebo K3 and the Bank vacuum (by simplicity with German components?).

Anyone with similar household used either of these or some other brand/model? I'd like your assement of how well the one you bought met your needs.

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I believe that you will do fine with either vacuum cleaner. The SEBO K3 is a very durable vacuum. The few things I do not like about it, is the small bags. If you have alot of animal hair,it might be an expensive investment. Personally, I do not care for the attachment configuration for using the upholstery tool(must use crevice tool with the upholstery tool). Also, there are no generic bags, if one wants to save some money.

The Bank is a brand which a vac shop owner decided to create. The one model I think you are referring to was from Daewoo Electronics, and made for Tacony(Simplicity and Riccar). Tacony still uses this line, though slimmed down to one model per each brand.

The only thing German is the power nozzle, from Wessel-Werk. The bags for this vacuum are very easy to obtain, since it is used for different models and brands. You can even find generic bags and filters for this model.

The power nozzle on the Bank vacuum will not be as aggressive on thick carpeting, but should do well if you have quite a bit of oriental rugs.

Check each one out and see which one you would prefer. Also see if you have a Riccar or Simplicity dealer in your area. Their version will have the more deluxe power nozzle.

Here is a link that might be useful: Riccar 1500P

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I have a Sebo (don't remember the #) upright and it is indestructible and powerful yet won't take the fringe of your good rugs.

Also the power wand is very convenient and powerful. Take it out and get all the edges in the room whether it is hardwood or rugs and put back in.

I had a Miele before and this was recommended next by the vacuum shop I always buy from. I have had it at least 8 years and never had a problem nor has it lost power.

Never tried the others. Good luck.

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