How can I clean a selfcleaning oven?

beaglencDecember 21, 2009

I have Kenmore gas range and the controls-start and stop time- are broken and I need to be able to use them in order to clean the oven. The stove is about 22 years old and everything else is fine. Could I use Easy Off to clean it?


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Most self cleaning ovens are manual or self clean. I see no reason that you couldn't clean it with easy off. The inside of a self cleaning oven and manual clean ovens is the same. The difference is in the controls and wiring and you are not touching that. If you have the manual that came with the oven it would tell you for sure.

The main point is that unless you plan on getting it fixed and if you are planning on keeping the oven, what have you got to lose by cleaning it with easy off.

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I don't like to use the "self clean" option on our stove, as it makes the house stink up, no matter how clean or dirty it was in the first place.

I easy off it all the time! But you have to get the easy off that is made for self cleaning ovens.

Spray it on, let it sit for an hour and plop your bottom on the floor with a bunch of rags and wipe it out.

It comes clean so quick!

It works great for the racks as well. I do however suggest that if you spray them, do it outside and put down some newspapers, you WILL kill your grass or make nasty marks on the drive.

Best of luck to you and happy cleaning!!!

P.S. It takes much less time than using the self clean option, where you still wind up having to follow up with more wiping and cleaning out anyway.

: )

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I have a gas oven with self-cleaning setting but I don't like using it. It gets super-hot, makes lots of smoke and once staerted a small fire in a potholder. I now use Easy off cool oven spray on spots as they appear.

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