orange glo floor coating

dee8002December 11, 2008

I can not figure out what all these folks did wrong to get such negative results....I think maybe they did not use the right applicator or something...but if you follow the directions it should come out good.........i just did my floors (kitchen and dinning room)2 weeks ago and they still look excellent!! i did a coating of polyurethane about 2 years ago and they were starting to look a little dull. But after using orange glo they look like new again,,what a wonderful product!!!I'm glad i used orange glo before I read this forum or I might not have tried it. But like I said they came out just beautiful..and it's been over 2 weeks now and they still look like new..Just my 2 cents worth....DEE.....

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Sorry...I used the Orange glo once.....and mistakenly left it in the cupboard and the cleaning lady used it.....and I ditched it!
It messed up the finish on many pieces of furniture.
Perhaps on a vinyl floor it might be OK....but not on anything with a finish.
I am puzzled? You just registered today with an endorsement of a product?
Historically that speaks of SPAM.
Linda C

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I doubt that Dee is a spammer - unless Billie Mays is going undercover on the internet. But then, her post would be all in CAPS (the way Billie Mays shouts in his commercials).

Just trying to inject some levity. Anyone else here old enough to remember Ron Popiel?

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Do I ever remember Ron popeil! I bought a Vegetamatic back in the 70's. I was amazed to find them now selling at my local Rite Aid store! I agree this is not spam. I ocasionally recommend a product for cleaning (or whatever)like this, but I guess I better stop. I don't want to be accused of spam-ming! And I hate Billy Maze-that voice, the shouting!

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And to think I thought I was the only one who didn't like his voice. Don't you know his mother was always saying to him "use your inside voice!"

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