My Bellwether (New Model) Has Arrived

enduringMay 18, 2012

The delievery truck brought my tub today. My husband had to come in from planting soybeans to take it off of the truck. I sat in it and it fits in the width;) I couldn't check out the back rest because it was in the skimpy crate that Kohler packed it in. It is a shallow tub like the Villager, yet has a smooth apron front. It is also square in shape, so more modern looking.

Here is my husband transporting my tub to the shed for safe keeping to await installation:

Here is a straight down shot of the front, notice that it is pretty straight, like a standard tub. The original Bellwether was very sloped in the front and required an extra long tub spout. This is standard sizing at 8.5" from edge to the drain, like the Villager:

Here is a straight down shot of the back, it slopes somewhat, not real slanted though:

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Very nice! If I had known about the bellwether I probably would have gotten it over the Villager since I like the look better, but our Villager was just delivered. Oh well.

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I like the size of the Villager. But I am very happy that I found this remake of the Bellwether. You'll just have to remodel another bathroom :)

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I'm jealous. Mine is truly horrible. Cheers to you and your new tub.

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twn85, I'm hoping that the back slope will be comfy, as it is not as slanted as my old old Kohler. It is basically the same height as my old tub. The old tub was wonderful for the kids growing up. Easy to put the dog in for a wash too. It is 14" high with a water depth of 9". Not as deep as some like, but will work for me.

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Ah, it's not a remodel but a new I hope to remodel it never!

But it's my son's bathroom so in a few years I'll only see it to clean it. Worse things can happen ;-)

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It looks great! I just had my Bellwether (older model 32" wide) delivered last week and it's sitting in my bathroom waiting to be installed.

Delayed installing b/c we had to relocate the old drain, wihch led to nightmare plumbing issues due to old cast iron in the adjoining bedroom - luckily caught before we closed everything up.

I did end up going with the longer spout - trading in my original Kohler Forte for the Moen Brantford. I like the slanted back but might have gone with the newer model if I'd known of the difference.

We were going to use the Villager but ours is a shower/tub and DH wanted the built-in flange that only came with the Bellwether. Love the straight apron.

Much better than my old steel tub either way!

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Juddgirl2, I hope you enjoy your new tub. I really like the smooth apron too. I didn't know that the Villager doesn't have a tile flange.

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Thank you for sharing your pictures. When is your estimated installation?

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Install, I hope, by the end of June.

I am doing a lot of the work myself with my son's help. I have to get the walls cleaned up and drywalled, of course with my son's help. The electrician has to rewire this tired old BR. Then I can get the tub put in, which the plumber will do.

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