Oil damaged wood finish on my new table

jemboyschDecember 19, 2008


Kids! And not little kids 21 and 19!!!

After being told many times not to eat on my new furniture, they placed a bag of something greasy or sticky on the table and moved my oil thingy (those stupid bottles with the scented oil and the sticks on top) off the coaster and onto my new table. Came home to this today. AGHHHHH!!!!

So the bag with the sticky stuff in it/on it and the bottle of oil both ate through the finish. The bag left an irregular spot and the oil left 2 small rings. I made them worse by using a rubber scraper in hopes to remove the sticky substances. The substances already did the damage and my scraping put more dent like scratches into the finish.

I'm not going to refinish the whole table, (here's the best part - did I mention they were only purchased in September??) but I'd like to put something on them to make then less noticeable.

Is there a wax I could use? The old english filler is not sufficient. Any advice?

Thank you,

Jemboysch (very very sad and mad)

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I guess if it were my furniture, I would try to remove as much of the greasy/sticky stuff with something like mineral spirits or acetone. Then I would use a repair crayon on it in a matching color. You can buy them in hardware stores where they sell furniture refinishing products.

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Ace hardware has some nice repair kits.

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I'd find a vase or flower arrangement big enough to cover all three spots. Like I have a hand-loop rug my sister made in the family room where the ink spilled on the carpet.

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I operate a furniture repair co. There is no easy DIY solution to this problem. Do not use Acetone, as it will eat through just about any finish in a second.

For large areas, strip and refinish is the solution, particularly if there is any color loss.

You might try getting some lacquer-based touch up markers to color in the area. This will make it less noticeable to "a man on a horse galloping past at 50 feet away." Don't use Minwax that is just "stain in a pen" because it does not have enough binder in it and will rub right off. Lacquer based, such as Mohawk or Guardsman, will bite into the finish and bond with it.

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