Dangerous? Use Fameless Glass Encloure & Privot Door on Tub

azmomMay 7, 2013

We plan to use frameless glass enclosure for the alcove bath tub in our new bathroom. My friend highly recommanded a local glass company.
I called the company. The sales person said the only glass enclosure we should have is the one with by pass doors.

He strongly discourged to install a glass enclouse with pivot door. He said pivot door enclosure is only suitable for showers, it is dangerous for tub application.

Is what he said true?

I dislike by pass doors, I would like to have a contemporay style, with Pivot door or folded panel.

If you have frameless glass enclosure with your bath tub, could you please share your experience?

Also, I would be very appreicated if you could share photos, and cost of labor and material?

Thank you.

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Never heard of it being "dangerous", the company I work for does and has done it quite often.

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Hello Millworkman,

Appreciate your response.

He said when in the bath tub, pushing the pivot door outward could easily causes slip and accident, yet I have seen photos of frameless glass enclosure with tub everywhere and never heard it is dangerous.

Is it possible if you could post photos and associated prices of the enclosures your company installed? a link to a site works too.
Thank you again.

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I will have to look I know we have done them but I am not certain if we have pictures of jobs or any actually on our website. As far as pricing we do not have a published list everything is done on a job by job basis and were in the NYC/LI market.

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Let's see. Is this type of door more dangerous than say - a plastic shower curtain ? That's nt going to catch you I you slip and fall in the tub either, yet 80% of tubs in America have them.

Thanks for playing big brother.

Those are going to cost you close to $1000 depending on the hinges, handle , finish and glass thickness. BTW - a pivot install is different than a wall hinge and not what I'd recommend for a tub install.

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