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creativeangelSeptember 1, 2010

Have you guys ever tried to start a "Tablescape Forum" here at Home Site?

I know that a google search would bring in a lot more lookers and possibly participants.

I have people ask me all the time for tablescape forums.

I happened on here strictly by accident and found you bunch of wonderful enablers.

Just an idea.


(aka wandaredhead)

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Hi Creativeangel...
I remember you as 'wandaredhead'..I think you were here quite a while ago.
I don't know of the 'Tablescape Forum'..sounds interesting.. .. I haven't seen it listed on GW, unless I'm looking in the wrong place.

Thanks for mentioning it.


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I'm not sure I'd like to see our tablescapers leave here,
LOL. Sure keeps this place going during the non-holidays.

hugs, Karen

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I agree with Karen, like it just as it is!

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I agree with Karen and Kathleen. There's something special about our holiday forum.

Wait a couple of weeks to fall, Wanda, and you'll THINK it's a tablescape forum!

- Magpie

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I agree with Karen, too, I like it just the way it is now. But, come and join us here, Wanda! Most of the year we post lots of tablescapes on this forum. I actually like it because many of the holiday decs that we post here are great for using in our tablescapes. This makes for a good source of new ideas for us.
Summer is actually a great time for tablescapes; the ideas are endless! Personally, though, I don't get a lot of Summer tablescapes done because, like Candy, I'm out in my gardens alot then. BUT, these darn ~ wonderful!~ enablers here have already gotten me started buying (more)Halloween decs for future tablescapes . . . in August! My DH thinks I'm nuts to be buying them now and stashing them away in my Tablescape closet . . . which is another thing inspired by these enablers ;^D but I can't help it (LOL!)

The one change that I would make to this forum would be to change the name of it to "Holidays & Tablescaping". IMO, holidays includes Christmas already. But, I'll be here no matter what they call it.

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Hi Wanda,nice to hear from you. There is allot of time between holidays sometimes--well, unless you follow those lists OA and Karen come up with that is! Sharing tablescapes was suggested by Pattycakes as a way to keep things interesting between holidays and we've been sharing them, vignettes, shopping finds, and anything else we think everyone here would enjoy seeing and chatting about. If we took the tablescapes away, I too am afraid this forum would get pretty slow.

When people ask, you can always send them over here or to the Between Naps on the Porch blog where they have lots of tablescapes weekly.


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Good mornin', you bunch of enablers.

I appreciate all your input.

I must not have explained myself very well.
I LOVE this forum.
I visit it regularly whether I post or not.
I have gotten FABULOUS ideas here.

My point, although not very clear, was to start a "Tablescape" Forum. Keep this one as it is...sharing all our wonderful TS finds, etc. Just to start a forum for posting "Tablescapes." That's not to say not to post them here.

I am very active in different gardening clubs, Festival of Flowers, garden tours, etc. People ask me quite often if I know of anywhere on the web where they can find 'tablescapes' for their homes, garden parties, etc.

I am always referring people here. I just felt you would probably get more visitors/lookers if it was easier to find as a 'tablescape' forum.

Sorry for the confusion.


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Wanda, I wish we could be called the Holiday and Tablescape Forum as I think that would be good for all.

And if you send folks here to see tablescapes, then hopefully they discover our Inspiration album full of them.
I try to remember to post reminders now and then about all our albums. Over 1000 pictures of holiday and table stuff.

That blog, Between Naps on the Porch, has so many links to pretty tablesettings every Thurs. I'm not a blogger, but there are some I read regularly and her's is one of them.

Maybe we'll see some newcomers here thru you :o)
hugs, Karen

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