OT--Jeanne, they arrived!

luvstocraftSeptember 11, 2010

Hi Jeanne, The hollyhock seeds arrived yesterday! Thank you for sharing some with me. I'm soooo hoping they will grow okay here. Think I'll plant half and save half, you said Fall is a good planting time--would the end of September be good or should I wait longer? I'll be sure to share pics WHEN (notice I'm thinking positive thoughts) they bloom in the Spring. Luvs

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Great! Luvs, I would plant them anytime now in the Fall...but give them some water so that hopefully, they will get started...if you plant more in the Spring, they will not bloom that year but will the next yr (at least that's how it works here in IA)...hope they grow for ya...cause I know you're a former mid-west gal who grew up with them at G'ma's house. Thanks for letting me know. Jeanne

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