Some New Fun Halloween Decs!

lynninnewmexicoSeptember 16, 2010

First, I have to tell you how much fun I'm having this year, seeing all of your Halloween decs and planning my own tablescapes . . . already!

Over the past couple of weeks ~ which is a bit scary for me, because it's technically still Summer~ I've been searching and planning and hunting for Halloween bargains. DD is loving it, because this is one of her very favorite holidays. DH thinks I've lost my mind . . . once again ;^D

A couple of days ago I found this great raven/crow at HL for 50% off, which made him $4.50, I think.

Inspired by OA's wonderful birdcage last Halloween, I'm trying it in an old, rusted cage I've had out on my front portal. It will need some kind of perch or something for the poor guy to sit on, but what do you think? He's obviously not staged at the moment (LOL!):

BTW, that's not dirt on my (very wrinkled) tablecloth, but flakes of rust.

I also found this cut-out craft haunted house at HL for $3.99. I plan on painting it a sparkly black.

Question: I've seen sparkly purple and green craft paint but is there sparkly black, too?

I also found this great Halloween ribbon, on sale at HL for half off~ only $1/roll. I have plans for the candy corn one, but am hoping to use the purple in something, as I love it.

There's much more, but I'll save those for my tablescape pics . . . which won't be for a while, as I don't even have my Autumn decs up yet ;^D

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I love, love, love the raven and the cage is the perfect home for him. Be sure and let us see some pics when you get everything decorated.

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I'm with 'Frou. The cage is a perfect home for your Halloween raven. If you have any black twisted wrought iron candlesticks, they would be the perfect accompaniment! Or maybe just a few of those stretch cobwebs (I bought a package of these at a rummage sale but haven't tried them yet). I know whatever you do will be great!

- Magpie

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Lynn, that's the same raven I just bought at HL. Mine was 40% off so you got a better buy! I wish I'd looked at the craft section, I like that little house and the PURPLE ribbon! I'll check Michaels if I can get there tomorrow, its close enough for me to drive.

I can't wait to see how you decorate. DHs probably always think we're crazy, no matter what. You're lucky to have a DD to share this stuff with. (mine is 42, so its a bit harder for me. LOL)

hugs, Karen who's still "pheasant hunting"

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Lynn...Love that Birdcage & Raven..they will work
perfectly together..Such a great price for the Raven.
You got lots of good suggestions.
I'm excited to see when you have it set up.
The ribbon is cute...I've used it for Napkin Rings..a cheap but attractive way for different ocassions.
As far as painted the Haunted House (I love it).
They certainly do have 'Glitter Craft Paint' in Black.
Sold in craft stores...Different brands...
Check out below for example...
Also, when I don't have a glitter paint on hand, I do keep ALWAYS, a can of 'Glitter Spray'...(I like it better)
I use it on many projects when I want something 'Sparkly'..

Karen, if you plan on going to Michael's tomorrow (I'm going too), check for their online coupon for Tomorrow ONLY between 12PM - 6PM......15% off you entire purchase (even sale items) or their usual 40%

Here is a link that might be useful: Glitter Paint - All Colors

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OMG, Karen, you still haven't found them? How frustrating! I bought two pheasants myself sometime after Thanksgiving and am anxious to plan a table with them for Autumn. And we have twin ravens . . . how fun! Let me know if you want me to pick you up one of those haunted house cut-outs. I can mail it to you if you can't find one near you.

Frou: thank you! I will show you all pics when I finish them up. First, though, I have to check OA's table setting from last year, so that I don't duplicate hers accidentally. I like inspiration, but would hate to flat-out copy her.

Magpie: I actually have two sets of wrought iron candelabras! Great idea . . . thanks! Here's a pic from last Halloween.Those were the rust finished ones, but I also have black. BTW, Those are black spider rings on the candles.

And, speaking of spiderwebs and cobwebs, I've just now gotten back from Dollar General. It's right around the corner from our local Home Depot, where I had to pick up some spray paint. Anyhoo, I got a package of spiderwebs at DG for $1 . . . and they come with 6 free (baby) spiders (LOL!).

I also picked up a couple of New Mexico-sized tarantulas and a skeleton, too, for $1 each there.

This is fun!!!

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First off, I really used the homemade cage/cloche as a table decoration, but when I used it as a centerpiece, it was probably one of the poopiest tables I've ever done, so you surely won't want to use any of it.

But regardless of all that, I am so pleased if someone uses one of the ideas I have stolen from someone else. Lynn, you know we all like it when someone else likes something we've done well enough to use it themselves. I've started adding painted wine glasses to my glassware stash because of your hand painted sunflower ones.

LOVE the cage! Nevermore (You are going to name him Nevermore, aren't you?) looks very handsome in his new home.

The hand coming out of the pot is wonderfully creepy.
I'm anxious to find out what you do with the ribbon. I love ribbon but I'm always stuck for ideas on how to use it. My friend uses it all the time. She ties it in a knot around something and it really jazzes things up. I tie it in a knot around something and it looks like a knot around something.

I think I bought a couple of those same tarantulas. Are they sort of heavy and rubbery? I used them on a couple of Martha Stewart crafts.

"This is fun!!!"
Yes it is!

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Lynn, looks like you are going to be having alot of fun in the near future with all your goodies. I'm getting excited just thinking about seeing all of it. Love the raven/crow and cage, haunted house will look great all glittered up. Cute cand corn and purple web ribbons.

Enjoyed seeing your last years picture. Your spiders and web will be great to see. I could go outside and get alot this year.LOL I keep having DH spray but they must be prolific this year.


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Hi Lynn, I hear you, I'm not ready for fall either, but I have started fall decorating, mainly because I enjoy decorating!
You could use the purple ribbon to make a pretty bow for the top of the birdcage, tie a bow around some candlesticks, decorate a chandy if you have one, tie it around some apothecary jars, even give Nevermore a bow around the neck!!

Have fun and take lots of pictures.


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You gals are having lots of fun! Love the "raven"...I loved PM's when I saw it, too! And that cage will be perfect...How about some lime green candles on those black iron candlesticks you're talking about! Eeehhhhh!

Looks you've hit the jackpot, Lynn...& looking forward to your decor for Fall & Halloween! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Lynn, you are just being smart. We all know that it you don't buy things early, it will be all picked over or gone by Halloween.

You've sure found some neat Halloween things. That cage is going to be a great home for your new raven! Boy, I learned something new from this post, did not even know about glitter paint! Jane, did you say it comes in a spray paint too? Yipee! So much easier than the "old fashioned" way.

Your cobwebing and your big spiders look just like some I picked up at DT today. Gosh, I sure love the bargains at those stores!

I'll post a few pics of my finds soon too.

Have fun planning and shopping. ;o)


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OA..."I tie it in a knot around something and it looks like a knot around something."...boy can I relate to that one!
And I've tried and tried to learn to make pretty bows and just can't seem to do it. I've watched videos, read printed instructions, etc. Mine never come out pretty tho.
By the way, if Lynn's raven is Nevermore (great name) what the heck should I call his twin I have? And don'say "Edgar".

hugs, Karen

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Lynne, The Raven in the cage is great. I did something similar last year We hung the cage from a hook from one of the beams in our TV room I love those candle holders too. NanaKaren

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Yours could be Nevermore's wayward brother, Always.

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Hmmm, OA, you may be on to something...ALWAYSMORE would certainly fit right in with my house. LOL.
Wayward brother, indeed. Hummpphhhtttt.( But you're right.)

hugs, Karen

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Yes! That's it. Alwaysmore.

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Yes, the Glitter Spray comes in colors..
I used this for many School Projects with my class.
It was great when I made Large Murals for Winter Scenes..or for snowflakes...etc....Also I've used it on Wood Cut outs...and Cards when I want to add a special effect.
I always keep some on hand as well as 'Spray Adhesive'..
Those two items, for me, are a must have.
Check below...


Here is a link that might be useful: Spray Glitter

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Jane, I had tried the spray glitter on something last year and really liked it. But before I used up the whole can,
it got too clogged to spray. How do you keep yours from doing that? I had no luck cleaning the little thingy either.

hugs, Karen

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Jane, thanks for sharing that site. I saved it so if I can't find that around here, I can always order it online now. Luvs

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