Halloween Costume Fun :)

moonwolf_gwSeptember 24, 2011

Hi everyone,

For a while now, I've been planning and sketching on what my Halloween costume would look like. At the end of the month is when the magic can finally happen :). I am dressing up as a character (with some elements from other characters) from one of my favorite movies/musicals: The Rocky Horror (Picture) Show. It's a male version of the Usherette (who sings the opening song).

I'm taking an old tux or suit and adding some gold trim to the cuffs and pants. Add a top hat (with added feathers and sequins) and gloves/gauntlets (with sequins or made of some shiny fabric). The refreshment tray is an old box painted white or wrapped with white paper, with the words The Rocky Horror Show on the front and maybe some writing on the side (Tonight, Refreshments, or Welcome are possible ideas). Other items I might add are shoes with rhinestones, a boa, clip-on sunglasses that are rose tinted, a multicolored beaded necklace I made a long time ago, a fake microphone and a wig. I'll have a friend help me with the make up.

Oh and I'll have little bags of candy in my refreshment tray :). It wouldn't be Halloween without candy!!! LOL

I welcome all suggestions and comments. Is it just right? Or too much?

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Didn't you post this last Halloween? Did you get your costume done?

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Thanks Jeanne...I thought I was losing it!
I remember this post from last year too...
Kind of Like 'The Twilight Zone'!!

So Moonwolf...I assume you never finished
your costume from last yr and are attempting it again?


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I remember posting about this before but I think it was back in May or so, not last Halloween. I just thought you all would like to know the progress I've made on it. This is just the blueprints, so to speak, of my costume :). Mainly I wanted to see what everyone's input would be and they would share their costumes or their Halloween projects. Sorry for all the confusion!

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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