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marcia59May 1, 2013

The appliances in my house have gotten wind of the coming kitchen renovation and are apparently staging a slow motion suicide pact in protest, with a sympathy gesture from the laundry room. (My only oven died in early April. It's becoming clear that the microwave is not long for this world. And the dryer blew an internal fuse last night.)

So I was talking to my appliance repair guy. He's taken good care of us for the nearly 15 years we've been in the house. I wanted his perspective on brands, pro and con.

Well, to start with, what he has in his kitchen and what he'd recommend to me are:

SZ refrigerator
Bosch DW
Thermador oven and cooktop

He says he's had them for 5 years and hasn't had problems with any of them.

I have a very fancy appliance repair guy.

I said I wasn't in that budget range, didn't want a built-in fridge and, for various reasons, preferred the layout of the racks in a KA dishwasher to the rack in a Bosch.

He provides warranty service for a number of companies, including Thermador, Bosch and GE. He also services pretty much everything else. Except he won't service Samsung. So few people have Samsung appliances around here and getting parts is such an unbelievable hassle, that he just won't do it. He says I'll have trouble finding anyone to service a Samsung appliance. (The closest service center listed on the Samsung website is 33 miles away, in the next state, across the Hudson River. So I see his point.)

So this rather puts a damper on my plans to buy a Samsung refrigerator. If the problem was just getting service during the warranty period, I'd probably be willing to make the bet that I won't need service during that time. But I'm not willing to bet that I'll never need service and if I need an appliance serviced, I want it done by this guy, since I trust him.

If I must have a standard depth refrigerator, he recommends GE for quality, good service and available parts and says LG is ok from a service pov. Hmm. Based on reviews here, I'm still leaning towards an LG if I'm rejecting the Samsung, but I'll look at it all again. He services LG and does warranty service for GE.

He'd still rather see me buy a Bosch DW, but the KA passes muster, but he points out that their warranty service sucks.

He seems reasonably approving of my plans for a Bosch oven and cooktop. I forgot to ask him his opinions on induction and whether he's qualified to work on induction, but he'll be back in a couple of days with the part for my dryer, so I'll ask then.

I hope all this is helpful to someone.

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I disagree with him on the Thermador ovens. Every single one of the ones I've been involved with over the last 5 years has needed a warranty repair with a year ! Some have needed a recall and ALL of the built in microwaves have died.

I'm not talking about hundreds of appliances here, but enough to see a pattern - and all have come at different times from different distributors in different states - so it's not a case of getting a bad batch.

I agree with him that Samsung is not a good bet for fridges either. I'd stick to GE too, IF I were getting a regular type.

NO way , no how would I get a Kitchen Aid anything - especially a dishwasher. First , you have to deal with the bozos at KA and their denial that there is anything wrong with their products. Just google the self cleaning oven fiasco and the dishwasher fires and floods. I understand that issues happen, but denying they exist and doing nothing abiut then for the saps that already paid their money doesn't sit well with me.

Dacor came out with a dishwasher a few years ago and it was pretty much a disaster. Floods, ect...They halted production and ended up buying back a lot of the units ! They didn't blame the customer or their installer or tell everyone "uh, we can't find a problem" and then try to slip in a bandaid fix on the QT.

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I'm with you regarding KA dishwashers. I've bought 2 dishwashers, both KA. First lasted about 15 years. More recent works fine but is made of inferior materials so plastic utensil basket needs replacing after just 3 years and several clips which hold moveable prongs have snapped. They don't make 'em like they used to.

Regarding Samsung: I'm on the hunt for a fridge so doing my homework. Liked the look of the Samsung counter-depth but learned they have a class action suit against them that has carried on for years; people maintain that Samsung knowingly made/sold/shipped fridges for years with a design defect. Think judge dismissed because people did not prove that they knew about the design flaw -- hard to do when manufacturer is the keeper of the complaints -- but it makes me hesitate to do refrigerator business with them. What your repair man reported seemed to be the consensus among dissatisfied customers on the net that I read.

I started looking at LG since Samsung is a concern. Small galley kitchen so would like counter-depth fridge. SZ, unfortunately, is beyond the budget. But much appreciate you posting his thoughts; I'll look at GE, now, and wouldn't have bothered

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