Anyone tried Blu Stone tubs?

abacus2May 9, 2012


Has any one tried Blu stone tubs from Blu stone Bathworks? They have their own quartzite/composite material for the tubs. I am specifically looking at the BT0304 tub (Free standing), which is 67*31 at the top, and 45*23 at the bottom. It is a deep soaker tub. Any and all thoughts appreciated!

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I looked at this tub and thought it would be a nice selection but my dh thinks the matte finish looks dingy. I am looking at the acrylic ELSA version instead.

The plumbing supplier indicated they have had some delivery issues with deliveries for BLU parts manufactured in China.

There happens to be acrylic tub inventory so if I choose this one it should be ok.

The plumber suggested considering Victoria Albert tubs.

I would be interested in your final selection.

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I have seen this tub in acrylic at our local showroom. They also had the BT0408 with design in stone and I thought it was beautiful. The matte finish is elegant looking. The stone is supposed to have better heat retention. I have a Caml-Tomlin Merit which is being installed next week. I would have loved a stone one but my budget didn't allow for it.

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Thanks chem79 and SunnyAlberta. I ended up buying the tub and filler (also from Blu Stone Bathworks) It was 67% off , or $2,500, which moved it into my budget, or at least close enough that I took the leap. Unfortunately I won't be able to report on how it works out for a while, as our bathroom renovation won't be for a couple of years (we will store it in the basement). I do really like the Albert and Victoria, but they are outside my budget. The Caml-tomlin also looks beautiful - I hope you enjoy it Sunny Alberta!

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Hi Abacus2

Can I ask where you bought your Blu bathtub - that is a really great deal on pricing!


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