CC, Precision or BS with grill, purchase advise

elyashMay 22, 2012

I have no desire to "fan the flames" of the BS/CC wars, but need advice based on my specific circumstances.

Today I installed an electrolux induction range. Because I keep a kosher home, I need two ranges. The electrolux oven will be used to bake cakes and dairy casseroles type food - eggplant parmesan, lasagna etc..(made without meat). I can also use it to cook vegetables and fish.

I will be buying a second range - either a BS, Capital Culinarian, or Capital Precision. I don't use rotisseries so I don't know if I want a manual or self clean oven if I went with capital. The BS or Capital oven's primary use will be to cook meat and poultry. However, I will also use it to cook vegetables and fish.

I love the idea of open burners, but I will have induction so I don't know if the open burners are worth the extra $$ in this circumstance. Not having tried any of the ranges, in theory I think I prefer the BS open burner pattern. Initially I thought I would get a BS because of the different burner BTU's but now that I have induction, this is not really as important to me. That being said, I still like the concept of a simmer burner. I believe Both CC and BS ovens to be equal in quality, although I am not sure about the broilers. I like the fact that the BS oven is so large.

MY MAIN CONCERN IS THE GRILL as I used my old indoor grill at least once a week and often more. I know capital's grill is IR and that is supposed to be the best. The appearance of the capital also fits better with my kitchen. However, the capital also costs more then the BS which has led me to think about the precision line.. From the prices I have been getting it also seems that the CC manual clean is coming in $800-$1000 more then the BS and the manual clean $2,000 more than the BS. Is that other peoples' experience? I would appreciate knowing the prices people are actually paying for these ranges.

My e-mail is available if people prefer not to post prices.

Whatever range I buy will have to fit into an existing kitchen. I will be moving some cabinets to accommodate the range and the granite will be made to fit the new ranges.

Based on all of the above, which range with a grill would you purchase if you were me and why would you make this choice? BTW, I am planning to purchase this stove in blue which is why I didn't consider Wolf. I couldn't find

colors on capital precision, so I am not sure that this line is a possibility. I did

e-mail to find out, but haven't gotten a response yet.

To all you GWers, thank you in advance. You are a very astute group and I

really appreciate your always helpful responses.

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What size gas range are you looking at?

That has direct impact on size and usefullness of the oven.

You get the open burners not only for the power but for the eveness. That is why I would eliminate the Precision.

If you get the Precision I think you will notice the uneveness of the heat relative to your induction cooktop. And relative to other sealed burner pro style gas ranges,the Precision is one of the worse in terms of eveness of the cooktop. The flame pattern is really wide.

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Deeageaux- I am looking at a 36 inch range.
Thank you so much for the information about the Precision.
I would love to know your thoughts on the CC versus the BS in regards to my specific needs. Especially your evaluation of the grills.

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I love my CC grill, but they are not IR- which I am happy about. One of Wolfs problem is their IR grill is non adjustable. The CC grill has full temp control.

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It would be really great if someone could provide just a straightforward comparison of the grills on the CC and the BS.

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The Wolf has an IR grill and has one temp; really hot.

The Bluestar is a flame grill with a 15k btu burner.

The Capital grill is a hybrid. It uses an 18k btu burner to create the heat and ceramic rods to distribute the heat for more eveness.

Have not used the BS. Most describe it as hot enough.Some say it takes a little long to heat up.

The Capital reaches temps upwards of 550 degrees. But temps are variable from low to 550. I don't think there is a real debate about which grill is better in the RNB vs Culinarian just how big is the margin.

Re Oven size.

When I was looking to buy I took my most used pots/bakeware to see if there was a comination I could put in the BS that would not fit in the CC. Could not find one. Another poster in several threads did the math using standard size bakeware and could not find a combination that fits BS but not CC. The 30" oven is a different story.

Re Burner Pattern.

I think the BS is prettier but the CC slightly more effective. Forget his handle, but the only GW member that has owned both a BS and CC agrees.

Re Simmer

It does not seem simmering in the 130-140 degree range unassisted by a simmer plate is that important to you.

Re Looks.

I find the 30" CC ugly. The proportions are wrong and the fill grate on the rangetop looks like an afterthought. 36"-60" I like them both the same. You like the looks of the CC better for your particular kitchen so advantage CC.

Re Quality

I think BS has shrunk the gap recently but not eliminated it. The quality issues for Capital seem of the fit and finish variety.Like the grates fitting a little lose on the rangetop(not on the range). And they fixed that problem rather quickly. The BS problems are of the functionaly variety. Like the hot door or the sticky door of the past that seems resolved now. But it seems it took years and CC competition to get that fixed.

Re Price. That is the only real stickler in my mind. Even at UMRP I still lean CC. When I was looking to buy I was leaning CC but willing to go BS if I found the right deal.

I found a real good deal on a 36" self-clean CC so bought that.IF I would have found a better deal on the BS I would have bought that.

Disclaimer. Above is just my opinion. Trying to honestly help and answer avidchef's question. It is fine if you have different opinion. I have no desire to enter into flame war.

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Thanks so much for your straightforward evaluation. I think your right - at this point, for me, it probably comes down to price. Simmer is important but because I have the induction, it will not be the deal breaker that it could have been. Trevor also said that CC will be coming out with a simmer burner and that CC's can be retrofitted if desired. So, that rendered the issue moot for me. All other issues seem close, and although I like the CC's appearance better for my kitchen, I don't dislike the BS appearance. Any thoughts about the broilers?

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avidchef, I just wanted to supplement what deeageaux wrote about the grill temp on the CC. I tried to measure the surface temp of the grill recently. But I couldn't get a final temp because my thermometer tops out at 600 degrees. The needle went past 600, so I took the thermometer off the surface to avoid damage to it. Maybe another CC owner with a thermometer capable of higher temps can test too. But at this point, I don't think 650-700 degrees is unreasonable. And it wouldn't surprise me if it were higher.

I have a Weber outside but I much prefer using the CC grill indoors for smaller/regular meals. I will only fire up the Weber if I need more grilling space, like for a larger crowd. The ceramic rods really do provide very even heat across the majority of the grilling surface. The coolest parts are the two corners in the back and a small strip along the front.

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deeageaux, what's wrong with the 30" CC oven? I'm considering buying one and I'd love to know what the issue is.

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