Corner tubs

mrspeteMay 19, 2013

We're considering a corner tub: one-person sized, no jets, deep as possible, no shower -- that'll be a separate item. Definitely built into a deck so that it has a bit of a ledge for a drink or a couple candlesticks.

Anything I ought to know about corner tubs? Hints or details to avoid? It's okay to assume I know nothing about this subject . . . 'Cause that's pretty much true.

I suppose I'm asking because so few people have corner tubs, and that makes me wonder if they're tricky in some unseen way.

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It depends on how much room you have. We replaced our dated corner tub with a Japanese style soaker - Neptune Bora. I was limited to 60" and this one worked perfectly. It is quite deep though and had to be framed in.

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I can't quote the size off the top of my head, but the dimensions are perfect for a corner tub, I know my size is good.

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Sophie Wheeler

If you are talking one of those angled corner tubs, they are much harder to get in and out of than a standard tub. It's better to do a "regular" tub at an angle across the corner. You will have the actual corner for a ledge but you won't have the controls in your way in getting in and out.

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Okay, that's a good point . . . No, I'm not thinking of an angled corner tub. I am thinking of a standard tub built into a tiled deck. I had an image in my mind, but I don't think I had actually thought that through.

So that opens up pretty much any tub in the world. Not what I had been thinking.

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