Queen vs engineer brick?

Central79April 18, 2012

Considering using Queen size brick instead of engineer=oversize brick.

Queen is same style,width and height but 1 inch less thick than engineer(oversize);

Queen bricks are less money per brick and use same # of bricks per sq ft of wall.

Would we use less motar with queen?

Would insulation be as good given the queen is less thick so wall would be one inch thinner?

I know when viewed directly face-on you cannot see any difference between the two sizes of brick, but how about around windows or on corners?

Any other issues or pros and cons?

(We are building all brick house in southeast)


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They look a little different at the corners and openings and have a third less bearing at lintels, soldiers and rowlocks. The bricklayers skill will be important. I recommend using adjustable wire ties instead of corrugated ties but I don't recommend corrugated ties for any brick.

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Is insulation not as good on queen given the slightly less thickness compared to oversized?


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