what kind of paint to use on a fiber glass wood grain entry door?

M_N_AApril 7, 2014

I stopped by homedepot and the guy said he's not sure (ha? what?)
Do I just use the exterior paint (for outside of the house), or is there some special type for door?

should it be sprayed, brushed, or rolled?

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A good quality exterior paint, however it is applied should be fine/ In my honest opinion the gut at HD did you a favor as they do not sell such a paint there.

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Check the website of the manufacturer. We have a Masonite door that is fiberglass and the website gives instructions on how to stain it and what type of stain to use. I don't remember what it said about paint.

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I went to Sherwin Williams and the guy there said he doesn't know also (ha? what?)

Happen to go to another Homedepot. This time the guy there said should use pray paint bottle like Rust-Oleum. Really? I am quite confused.

@millworkman, Can't this type be used?

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It could but as I stated in my opinion Behr paint is crap.

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