Toilet paper safe for septic systens

maimieDecember 20, 2012

Hi all, Not the most exciting topic esp at this time of year but I just moved into a lovely condo but I'm used to town sewerage & this place has a septic system. I have been diligent about not throwing anything into the toilets (except tp) or down the drains but I'm concerned about using safe toilet paper. Does anyone know of toilet papers that are rec or safe for septic systems? Thank you in advance. PS: I have been using Charmin Ultra Soft.

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I live on 8 acres with a septic system. When we built the house 3 yrs ago, the guy who put in the septic system told me never use any tp except Scott regular, not the extra soft. It says right on the package that it's safe for septic systems.

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We use Scott too for our septic tank. There are some others and they will say "safe for septic systems" on the wrapping. I just prefer Scott. They have a soft version as well but I'm satisfied with regular Scott...

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I lived in a house with a septic system for more than a decade. We used all kinds of toilet paper and never had any problems. We mostly used Charmin Ultra. The Charmin website says their TP is safe for septic systems.

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My parent's and grandparents' homes have been on septic systems for 20+ years. They have used all different brands. I can't think of any reason why you would need to use a certain brand of tp.

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I agree -- just read the package label - It says right on the package that it's safe for septic systems. We use Scott regular too, 6 years on septic, no problems at all.

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We prefer Charmin but we've had several septic tank/cesspool backups in our 30 + years in our house. So I've switched to Cottonelle, on the advice of cesspool business owner.

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I have had a septic for 20 years and I use Scotts regular. This is the brand that was recommended by a plumber and my septic guy. It is like using sandpaper on your skin but it doesn't clog the septic. You can see for yourself if you wet the Scotts it immediately falls apart. You can look at other brands and just put some water on them and see how fast they break up or just go with tried, true, rough and cheap Scotts. When my kids complain I just tell them that when they use a puplic restroom they will fell more at home because the paper is usually equally as rough as the Scotts.

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Any tp will be ok but never put paper towels etc or whatch what chemicals cleaning etc like for instance bleach kills the microbes that keep septic running

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"Bleach kills the microbes that keep septic running"??? Oh great! I have been using bleach to clean my toilets. Any suggestions on what to use instead? BTW: I am still using Charmin Ultra Soft w/no problems so far. Thanks for all the responses.

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They key here is not to use too much tp and keep a substantial water flow to your system. The water is key to breaking up solids and keeping the system operating effectively. You should have your holding tank pumped periodically (every couple of years).

I grew up on septic systems; 40 years. All evaporation fields and never had a clog.

You can use bleach just don't use a ton.

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