Cleaned the Dreaded Mini Blinds!

ghoghunterDecember 5, 2010

I've been working on changing a computer room back into a bedroom and today was the day I tried to clean the mini blinds. They were just coated with this black stuff. Anyway First I tried soaking in the bathtub with dishwashing detergent but it didn't seem to work very well. So I rinsed out the tub a refilled and put in a couple of big scoops of Oxi Clean. Wow! What a just soaked maybe 20 minutes and then I swished them off with an old wash cloth...they came out so nice. I did the second set with just the Oxi Clean and it worked like a charm. It is such a dry day with the heater running I just sat them up sideways in the tub and they dried in no time and are hanging back up already. I am now a total fan of the Oxi Clean!!!

Penney's had a big sale. It was Friends and Family Day and I ordered the mattresses and box springs too and bought all the bedding. I can't wait to get the whole room finished. It has to be done by Christmas for my Grandaughters to sleep in!


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I agree-bathtub soaking is the best way to clean dirty plastic mini-blinds. Glad you can recommend OxyClean.

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OxyClean is amazing! My son came home from school and his tennis shoes were horrible. He was embarrassed to wear them anywhere because they smelled so bad. I thought I'd try to wash them before I ran out for new ones. They soaked in the sink for a couple of hours in OxyClean and then I tossed them in the washer and voila! good as new! It's also great for soaking sports uniforms that have spent way too much time in a locker!

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That black stuff on your blinds (and curtains and walls) is carbon and is caused by either burning candles, smoking cigs/cigars, fireplace or furnace that doesn't vent correctly.

Smoking candles cause so much damage that people need to know to use them only sparsely.

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Well no one smokes here and I don't burn candles because of my Dad's asthma so it must be the oil furnace. It is vented to a chimney and we had the furnace and the chimney cleaned so I wonder why it is still black residue there. My sister said laser printers sometimes give off stuff too but I have an ink jet not a laser.

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My recommendation for cleaning metal/plastic blinds is degreaser, a garden hose, a warm, breezy day. Mix up the degreaser in a one of those pump-up type sprayers and spray down the blinds. Hose down to rinse any dirt away. Allow nature to dry.

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Mike..I would have cleaned them outside too except it is 20 degrees here now and the hose is put away until Spring! What is the degreaser you use?

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